The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C21 Master bai came when he smelled the fragrance
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C21 Master bai came when he smelled the fragrance
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C21 Master bai came when he smelled the fragrance

The new recruit Senior sister, while wiping saliva off his face, explained, "Our Black God Team is the strongest Team, those who can become Official Member are all seniors of the senior Senior sister, and new recruits will definitely go through a period of time, if their performance is good enough, they can also become the new s, and they will have the chance to go up."

"Oh ?" Long Lan was a little hesitant, but in the end, he still started to fill in the form. Although he felt that his Bai did not need special training, who would not want to enter such a strong team?

When Long Lan finished filling out the form for Bai Xiaoli, he turned around and realised that Bai Xiaoli had disappeared. He was standing behind him just a moment ago.

"Hedge? Bai Xiaoli? " Long Lan started to look for someone.

Bai Xiaoli took a whiff of the fragrance in the air and sought for it.

Xie Anshen was already getting impatient, "Cang Yan, this is the best place for you, since Vivian appreciates you, then go and be the tactics director. Your team's junior sister Annie will belong to my Black God Team.

This was because the Blue Wolf Team's side had suddenly made a strange move. Another two leaders of the top Team s had openly poached him, attracting a lot of attention from the crowd. The area in front of Blue Wolf Team's stalls had been completely blocked off.

Cang Yan had always been patiently waiting for the pulse that came from his soul to become clearer and clearer.

Suddenly, Cang Yan raised his head and looked in a direction.

He saw that the students who were originally surrounding the booth had been violently pushed aside.

"F * * k, why are they squeezing!"

"Damn, who is this? Don't push!"

When Ma Nan heard the voice coming from behind him, he did not look and thought to himself, no matter who it was, he would never give way. With his strength, when standing on the ground, he was like a nail, and no one could move him ?

Before Ma Nan could finish thinking, he was pushed away by a "pa" sound and struck onto a fellow student's body while staggering.

Ma Nan was shocked. He turned his head and saw a Silver Hair.

Ma Nan was so angry that his entire body was trembling. He had not gone to find him to settle the score, but he had provoked him first.

"..." A useless Team still delusional enough to think of recruiting others, I advise you to dissolve it as soon as possible, if not ? "

Before Xie Anshen could finish his bold words, he felt someone's strength coming from his arm, and that person actually wanted to push him away. Xie Anshen's first reaction was to stand still and fight back, and that was to not let him, who the hell was so bold as to let him pass?

Seeing that he could not open it, Bai Xiaoli increased his strength.


Xie Anshen's face was blank, like a turnip pulled out of a pit, his legs left the ground and he smashed onto a member beside him.

Qiao Yisi and Lowell's eyes were wide opened, as if they had seen a ghost.

Xie Anshen, was he sent flying just like that?

The Silver Hair youth, covered in thorns and thorns, finally appeared in front of the stall, seeming to not have noticed the resentment of others. At this moment, he was anxiously looking at the various meat dishes on the table, and his saliva was about to flow out.

Everyone present was silent.

Qiao Yisi and Lowell secretly looked at the people who were pushed away by the silver-haired youth ?

Ma Nan's body shivered, his expression turned sinister, as though he was about to eat someone.

Xie Anshen, with a "Who am I, where am I?" expression, had obviously not recovered from such a huge blow.

Cang Yan looked at the crowd and witnessed the scene. Looking at the silver-haired youth in front of him, he stared unblinkingly at the meat on the table. His greedy expression was written all over his face.

In his eyes, there was only flesh. Nothing in the outside world could distract him at all.

Bai Xiaoli swallowed his saliva, and carefully looked at the person behind the booth: "This is Tianjing Hotel's meat, I can smell it."

At this moment, the throbbing soul became peaceful and serene, as if the soul that had been separated for a long time had finally become one and become one.

Cang Yan was sure that this was his spirit beast, that's right.

Cang Yan replied him with a smile, "It's Tianjing Hotel's meat."

Bai Xiaoli looked at so many portions of meat, then looked at the person that made him feel very comfortable, then looked at the meat, then looked at the owner of the meat. Why didn't you offer to treat him to meat?

"Can I have some?"


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