The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C22 Invitation of two great battle teams
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C22 Invitation of two great battle teams
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C22 Invitation of two great battle teams

After getting permission, Bai Xiaoli immediately grabbed onto one of his shoulders, but his hand was struck.

Bai Xiaoli looked at the owner of the meat, resentful, "Didn't you say I could eat it? How can a person not have good faith? "

Cang Yan smiled and handed over a registration form, "As long as you fill out this form and agree to join our Blue Wolf Team, all of this meat will be yours."

A thought flashed through Qiao Yisi's mind, he finally understood why Cang Yan told him to go to the Tianjing Hotel early in the morning and pack so much meat, he never opened her shop, it was Qiao Yisi who held the money and smashed open the door, he also finally understood why Cang Yan was saying "fishing" so early in the morning, what was he fishing for.

Bai Xiaoli held onto the registration form and looked at it for a long time. He couldn't even read a single word.

"Xiao Lanlan, help me to write ? Xiao Lanlan? " Bai Xiaoli then realised, where had Long Lan gone?

Long Lan who was looking for someone in the crowd was on the verge of tears. There were people everywhere, where would he go to look?

Once again, he felt that he had to buy him a comm!

When Qiao Yisi saw that the beauty needed help, he immediately stepped forward to help, "How about, I write it for you?"

Bai Xiaoli looked at him, then passed the registration form to him, "Okay."

"Wait a minute!" Xie Anshen who had crawled out of the deep abyss of the strike had finally realised a problem.

Cang Yan was deliberately playing a trick on this freshman!

He had already personally experienced the power of this new student. Even if it was an official heavy soldier from their Team s, he wouldn't have this kind of power when he was pushed aside. It was evident that this new student was not simple.

Furthermore, Cang Yan, who had always been indifferent to anyone, would actually make such a strange move in order to catch this person. Xie Anshen was not stupid, would it be easy for someone to make Cang Yan do this?

Vice Captain's Fringe City went close to Xie Anshen's ears and whispered: "Captain, this is Bai Xiaoli."

Hearing that, since he was Bai Xiaoli, then even more so, they couldn't let Cang Yan have it.

What Xie Anshen valued was not how strong Bai Xiaoli was, but his reputation. No matter how strong Bai Xiaoli was, he was only a freshman. There were plenty of people in his Team that were higher than Bai Xiaoli in terms of level, so he was not lacking in that category.

The purpose of recruiting these students who had scored a perfect score in actual combat was only to raise Team's prestige. Genius Team, how nice it would be if they could speak of it.

As for Bai Xiaoli, he had just entered the school, yet he was already at Stage F, Scarlet Star Stage Two. And he had even heard that he was the combat department's "department flower"?

Xie Anshen had never seen Bai Xiaoli's appearance before, and even now, he only saw the back of a person. But looking at the popularity of the school website, it should not be bad.

Moreover, at this moment, in front of Cang Yan, this attitude must be fought over.

"Bai Xiaoli, I am the captain of the Black God Team s. I think that the Team that you should pick the most should be our Black God Team."

"Bai Xiaoli? The student who was specifically admitted into Tianjing Academy with a total of 30 points? "

"Are you for real?" His total score of 30 points could be accepted by the Tianjing Academy? When did the threshold of Tianjing Academy become so low? "

"Although their cultural scores are low, their actual combat scores are full, and they entered the academy with Gu Wu's rank as a second stage F star. Their actual combat is based on actual combat, as long as they listen to orders, their scores almost don't matter, they don't need to lead the students into battle."

"We are going with Gu Wu, could it be that he is a genius from some Gu Wu family?"

"Who knows. Even if he's a genius, his standards are still superb."

No matter how famous Bai Xiaoli was, he had only entered the school two days ago. The speed at which the news spread was limited, and many students did not know of his name.

For example, for Vivian, she had long heard of his name and had even heard of his name.

"Bai Xiaoli, I am Vivian, the captain of the Sunburn Team. I sincerely invite you to join my Team, I can assure you that as long as you join our Sunburn Team, there will definitely be a place for you in the competition field."

It was this kind of smile and Official Member's guarantee that moved Ma Nan.

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