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C23 It's mine to eat

The leaders of the two top Team s personally offered an olive branch to Bai Xiaoli, causing the spectating students to be incomparably jealous and envious.

No matter if it's the Sunburn Team or the Black God Team, no matter which one, they would all be stronger than the Blue Wolf Team.

Everyone looked at Bai Xiaoli nervously, waiting for his reply.

Bai Xiaoli sucked in his saliva, "Can I eat first?"

Damn ?!

This was what everyone was thinking.

Cang Yan laughed, "Sure, go ahead and eat."

Bai Xiaoli was ecstatic, he immediately took action and started to eat.

Qiao Yisi helped Bai Xiaoli fill out the form as fast as he could, "Sign it, and this Application Form will take effect."


Bai Xiaoli used his greasy little hands and directly imprinted a handprint on the Application Form.


Everyone: "..."

Wasn't this f * cking a fool? There was indeed a seal, but how could a large, oily seal be counted as a seal?

Qiao Yisi was suddenly in a bad mood, he kept feeling that something was amiss.

Cang Yan quietly took out the imprint and passed it to Bai Xiaoli, "Use this."

Bai Xiaoli used his left hand again, and with a "Pa" sound, he slapped the imprint onto the Application Form, and then with a "Pa" sound, the Application Form started to take effect.

Seeing this, Vivian fell silent.

Xie Anshen also became silent.

Bai Xiaoli said as he ate: "I still need to fill out a form, help Xiao Lanlan fill out one more one."

Cang Yan did not understand, "Who is Xiao Lanlan?"

Bai Xiaoli: "His name is Long Lan, he's coming to take care of the logistics."

Cang Yan muttered: "Where is he?"

Bai Xiaoli shook his head, "I don't know."

Cang Yan, "..."

When Long Lan found this place, he saw the students who were all petrified with shock, and also saw the table full of empty plates. Long Lan felt that the truth was probably not as he had imagined.

Long Lan squeezed his way over, "Little fence, what are you doing here?"

Bai Xiaoli saw Long Lan coming over, "Where did you run off to?"

Long Lan was speechless, "I'm asking you this, the moment I filled out the form, I couldn't even find your shadow, what are you doing here?"

Bai Xiaoli raised his chin and said proudly: "Bai is eating meat here, someone is treating us to food."

Hearing such a familiar "Bai", Cang Yan was sure that this fellow was his soul beast, [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat.]

As for why his soul beast was a human, he would naturally investigate.

Long Lan's jaw almost dropped to the ground from shock. He finally understood what was going on with the expressions on the faces of these people, anyone who saw someone eating over ten plates of meat would probably end up in a mess, right?

"No, I'm sorry, little fawn boy. How much did he eat? I'll give you the money."

Long Lan had a nagging feeling that something was amiss. Who would place a table of meat on the table early in the morning for someone to eat? This was clearly a trap!

Cang Yan could tell with a glance that this person had a close relationship with Bai Xiaoli with just one glance. This caused Cang Yan to involuntarily think of the information he had gathered in the Emptiness World that [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat] had always been with a person called [Tyrannosaurus Rex]. From the moment he appeared in Emptiness World, Bai Xiaoli had always been fighting this [Tyrannosaurus Rex] and he had only fought with [Tyrannosaurus Rex].

In reality, they should know each other.

Could it be this person?

"There's no need to pay. This is the reward for joining our Blue Wolf Team." Cang Yan smiled, but his eyes were deep in thought.

Long Lan was stunned.

Bai Xiaoli said proudly: "Xiao Lanlan, I will also register for you. In the future, you will be the logistics of the Team.

Long Lan was instantly thrown into disarray, and became mad: "Bai Xiaoli! Didn't you apply to join the Black God Team just now? Didn't you hand in the Application Form?

The petrified Xie Anshen, upon hearing this, instantly resurrected from the dead, "Hahaha, so it turns out that Bai Xiaoli is already a member of our Black God Team. Cang Yan, you made so many tricks, and in the end, all of it was for nothing!"

Cang Yan smiled, he was not worried at all, Bai Xiaoli did not even know how to write Application Form here, how could he write there?

Xie Anshen was not complacent for long before he heard him say: "Didn't they want you as a support? Why go there? "

Long Lan was moved. So Bai Xiaoli had only given up on the top Black God Team for him?

? Try to ignore the dozen or so empty plates glittering on the table.

Xie Anshen held his breath, "Who said we don't need the logistics? I want it, I'm the captain, if I want it, I want it."

Bai Xiaoli was finally willing to turn around and take a look at Xie Anshen.

Beautiful, it was so beautiful that it was hard to describe what sort of beauty it was. In short, after seeing it, it was as though all the colors in the world had dimmed. It was a beauty that was filled with charm, a beauty that struck directly into one's heart. No one could resist it.

Bai Xiaoli patted his small stomach, and said angrily: "You want me to vomit out the meat you ate? No way!"

What was going on? Does this have anything to do with meat? Aren't you talking about logistics? I already agreed to let you bring the logistics into the team, so why are you talking to me about it now? Meat? What meat? Do you have anything in your eyes other than meat?

Cang Yan burst out laughing, his originally handsome face was enough to cause anyone's heart to tremble.

Others might not understand, but he understood what Bai Xiaoli meant.

He agreed to join the Blue Wolf Team, so he ate the meat. Letting him leave the Blue Wolf Team right now, wouldn't that be equivalent to letting him spit out the meat he ate?

Xie Anshen clenched his teeth, "First come first served, you filled in the Black God Team's Application Form first, even if this matter were to reach the Principal, it would be us who would get to know of it."

Long Lan weakly raised up his hand. "About that, allow me to interject, I was the one who filled in the Black God Team's Application Form. Before Bai Xiaoli can sign his name, I can't find anyone else."

"?" Xie Anshen took a deep breath, and almost fainted from anger.

"Pfft ? ? Hahahaha ?" "I'm dying of laughter, hahahaha ?" Qiao Yisi couldn't hold it in and immediately laughed out loud.

Xie Anshen's face was so dark that ink could drip out of it.

It could be said that he had lost a lot of face today, and Xie Anshen had blamed all his hatred on Blue Wolf Team.

"Blue Wolf Team, just you all wait. If you all can pass, then I, Xie Anshen's name will be written upside down!"

"Let's go!" With that said, Xie Anshen turned and left with the people from Black God Team.

Vivian saw that there was no hope and also wanted to leave, but then she saw Ma Nan walking towards Bai Xiaoli.

"Bai Xiaoli, I want to issue a challenge to you."

Bai Xiaoli ate the jerky that he brought along with him as he looked at the person challenging him.

"If you want to challenge me, then I, Bai, will lose face."

Ma Nan was furious, "If you don't dare to accept the challenge, then admit that you're a trash in front of everyone!"

Bai Xiaoli leisurely chewed on the jerky, "Now is the morning."

Ma Nan's head was filled with questions. Was there any connection between the challenge and this morning?

Long Lan kindly explained, "He told you not to daydream anymore."

The veins on Ma Nan's forehead throbbed as he gritted his teeth and said, "Do you dare to accept my challenge or not!?"

"I don't dare." Bai Xiaoli answered without even thinking.

I am a peace-loving beast. Who dares to fight with you?

Ma Nan was stunned.

Why the f * ck didn't he use his trump card? Under normal circumstances, wouldn't it be a hot-blooded roar, "Let's fight, I'm not afraid of you", when people challenged me like this? Why was Bai Xiaoli's answer so weird? Then what should he do next? He suddenly felt that this situation was extremely awkward. What should he do ?

Qiao Yisi was simply about to burst out laughing, he had never seen such an interesting person before.

Bai Xiaoli's mouth continued moving, he looked at Qiao Yisi who was laughing strangely, "What are you laughing at?"

Qiao Yisi could not stop from laughing, "It's really too funny."

"How funny?"

"Ugh ?" Qiao Yisi was stuck.

How funny? How did he know how funny it was? Don't know how funny it is, then what are you laughing at?

Qiao Yisi instantly fell into the cycle of death.

Ma Nan, who was choked to the point that he didn't know how to continue, saw that Qiao Yisi was also choked.

Ma Nan could only say in the end, "Let's wait and see."

"I'm walking." Bai Xiaoli replied lightly.

Ma Nan tripped, and almost fell flat on the ground.

Can this f * cking be cured!?

Are all Chinese spoken like this? Do you know how to use it, illiterate student!

It had only been a little more than a hundred years since the Dark Age had rebuilt their home. As for how many countries there had been previously, there were already many different languages. Later on, in order to unify their languages, the Federation listed the types of languages that were common to the region based on the number of survivors.

In addition, English was also one of the most popular languages in the federation. It had to be said that the popularization of English over a hundred years ago still had a great impact on future generations.

Of course, even if he didn't know English, he could still travel in Chinese without any problems.

The Tianjing City was a Chinese language city, and fortunately, this was the case, which was why Bai Xiaoli did not have to say anything.

After the two Team s left, Cang Yan suddenly remembered, "I just heard from you that I only ate a little, why is the plate so empty?"

Bai Xiaoli, who was eating a jerky, instantly froze.

He thought that after eating all the meat in the chaos, this person would never be able to remember to ask about it. He never expected that he would keep it in mind all along!

Bai Xiaoli was a little guilty, "Xiao Lanlan, compensate me with money."

"Alright." Long Lan immediately took out his bank card and handed it over to Cang Yan.

Cang Yan squinted his eyes, and did not receive the card, "No need."

Looks like the relationship between this Long Lan and Bai Xiaoli was even better than what he had imagined.

"Don't you feel bad eating so much meat at once?" Cang Yan had never seen Bai Xiaoli eat more than a hundred thousand federal coins in one go, so he naturally could not imagine just how big his appetite was.

Bai Xiaoli shook his head, "It's not uncomfortable, it's very comfortable."

Everyone: "..."

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