The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C24 I'm the closest person to the fence
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C24 I'm the closest person to the fence
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C24 I'm the closest person to the fence

Qiao Yisi coughed dryly, he could not help but think of things crooked, especially when he said the word "comfortable" from Bai Xiaoli's mouth.

Cang Yan cast a sidelong glance at Qiao Yisi. They had known each other for so many years, and he had already seen through what Qiao Yisi was thinking with a single glance.

"Ugh ?" Ha ha, there are new members joining Team today. How about we go to Tianjing Hotel to celebrate tonight? " Qiao Yisi changed the topic.

When Bai Xiaoli heard that he had to go to Tianjing Hotel to eat, he immediately thought of the delicious roast meat there. A pair of Lake Blue eyes looked at Cang Yan with sparkling eyes, that gaze of anticipation was like a small beast waiting for its owner to feed it.

Cang Yan, "..."

If you refuse, I can't even say it out loud, okay?

In Long Lan's words, his pocket money had to bear the expenses of two people. was also a greedy person, not only was every meal free, there was also no lack of snacks, and if he wanted to raise Bai Xiaoli, the cost was not small. Wasn't it, the "Young Master Long Lan" from before had become a pauper who needed to save money just because he raised Bai Xiaoli?

At night in the Tianjing Hotel's private room.

Qiao Yisi drove the car first to send Cang Yan, Lowell, Bai Xiaoli and Long Lan to the private box, then he drove to pick Annie up. She was accompanying her friends shopping in the city center and had not come back yet.

The four of them waited for the two inside the private box. Cang Yan had been observing the interaction between Bai Xiaoli and Long Lan the entire time, and had always taken care of Bai Xiaoli like he was taking care of a child. When Long Lan said that he wanted to go to the washroom, Cang Yan also followed him out.

The moment Long Lan came out of the water, he saw Cang Yan standing by the washbasin. He asked suspiciously, "Senior, were you waiting for me?"

"Yes." Cang Yan answered, "There's something I want to ask you about."

Long Lan became even more doubtful, "Senior, did you know about the fence in the past? "How else would you know that the fence loves meat?"

was his soul beast, so he said that he knew her, but this was the first time they had officially met today.

"I guess so. Can you tell me how you knew him?"

Long Lan laughed, "Speaking of which, it's coincidental that I met him here."

Therefore, Long Lan told everything that had happened to him when he met Bai Xiaoli, how he guessed that Bai Xiaoli had "lost his memories", and how he had been raised as his son for the past year and a half. He told everything to Cang Yan and kept everything to himself.

Cang Yan had been silently listening and felt somewhat guilty in his heart. Everything that Bai Xiaoli had displayed, was not because of his amnesia, but because he simply did not know how to establish himself in a human society. He had summoned Bai Xiaoli and yet he had not been able to take good care of him.

Long Lan had met him a year and a half ago, and that did not match with his time to summon him. Then, two and a half years before Long Lan met Bai Xiaoli, where did Bai Xiaoli go? And how did he get through it? Could it be that he had stayed in the forest outside of the city for so long?

"Since you know each other, do you know where Hedge's house is? Does he still have a family? Did they look for a fence? The status that Little Hedge has right now, is all I can ask my mom to help me with. I don't know what identity he had before, so I can only do this. "

"I should be the closest person to the fence. I've been looking for him, but I didn't expect him to be with you. Long Lan, thank you for taking care of the little fence for so long, I, Cang Yan, will remember this favor. " Cang Yan thanked him sincerely.

Intrinsic Soul Beast, one life and two bodies.

Through cultivation, humans would obtain the stellar sea, and the appearance of the Soul Sea was entirely dependent on the will of heaven, unable to be cultivated.

Only those who possessed the Soul Sea could become the Soul Beast Master, refine the Soul Sea, and summon the Intrinsic Soul Beast. There was only one Soul Sea, and the Soul Beast Master could only summon the Intrinsic Soul Beast once in his life.

The summoning was successful. The souls of the Soul Beast Master and the Intrinsic Soul Beast were fused, the stellar force was shared, and the two bodies were one. As long as the contract was successful, no matter if it was the death of the Soul Beast Master or the death of the Intrinsic Soul Beast, they would inflict irreparable damage to the other party. Under normal circumstances, one would die together with the other party.

Soul beasts possessed all sorts of abilities, and their cultivation speed was even faster than humans. The stellar force was shared among humans and beasts, and Intrinsic Soul Beast were also known as the "Soul Beast Master's stellar force Reserve". When Soul Beast Master and Intrinsic Soul Beast fought, they were called the "strongest".

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