The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C25 Thank you long lan for your kindness
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C25 Thank you long lan for your kindness
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C25 Thank you long lan for your kindness

The aptitude of a Soul Beast Master could not be predicted, their cultivation was just a hoax. Even if a Soul Beast Master did not cultivate, the stellar force obtained from a Intrinsic Soul Beast could still be shared with them. As a result, all of them were top geniuses even though a Soul Beast Master did not have any talent.

Long Lan had helped Bai Xiaoli, which was also equivalent to helping Cang Yan. The two of them were inseparable.

Seeing Cang Yan give his thanks in such a serious manner, Long Lan anxiously said: "Senior, do not thank me, I should be the one thanking Little fencing. If Little fencing had not taught me how to cultivate, I definitely would not have been able to pass Tianjing Academy, I would have taken care of him. "I was worried that I would lose my memories and be unable to find my family, but I didn't expect that senior would come looking for me on his own. It's really great."

Cang Yan had wanted to ask about the dorm when the comm rang.

Just as he picked up the call, Lowell's trembling voice transmitted over, "Senior, senior, you're back quickly, someone's going to lose his life ?."

Cang Yan's heart jumped as he quickly walked towards the private box.

Seeing Lowell standing outside the door, he asked in an anxious tone, "What happened?"

"Senior, quickly go take a look. The White Junior, he ? he has already eaten 30 plates of roasted meat!" Lowell was so scared that he almost died.

After Cang Yan heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief and could not help but look at Long Lan.

He had heard from Long Lan about his achievements, he ate over a hundred thousand federal coins worth of pure meat in one go.

Long Lan also had a big heart, but he had actually never suspected Bai Xiaoli's identity. Even though he could eat so much, he still firmly believed that was a "person" who lost his memories.

Long Lan laughed and said, "Senior Lowell need not worry, the little fence is famous for being able to eat, it will be fine."

Cang Yan opened the door and went in. Bai Xiaoli, who was eating heartily, suddenly stopped, a pair of Lake Blue's big eyes met with Cang Yan's for a moment, but he did not know why, but he suddenly felt a little guilty. He took back his hand that was extended out, and swallowed the meat that was in his mouth, before obediently lying on the chair, extremely obedient.

Cang Yan glanced at the messy table, and then looked at the obedient Bai Xiaoli, and started to laugh.

Inside Emptiness World's [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat], but people who are fearless against heaven and earth, are so strong that they don't even put lord level in their eyes, I didn't expect that in reality, they would actually be so obedient.

If Long Lan knew what Cang Yan was thinking, he would definitely let out a loud roar. Bai is always Bai, and it can't be obedient!

"No problem, eat." Cang Yan opened his mouth, but Bai Xiaoli did not know what courtesy was, and continued to eat.

When Qiao Yisi and the well-dressed Annie opened the door and entered, they saw at first glance that the dining table was filled with messy empty plates and meat that had yet to be finished.

Annie's red lips slightly opened in surprise, obviously not expecting such a scene inside the room.

Qiao Yisi walked in, and laughed while teasing them, "You guys didn't eat it did you? We're hungry. "

Long Lan stood up and politely greeted them, "Greetings senior, good Senior sister, we have not eaten. Little Hedge was hungry, he ate a little first."

Qiao Yisi looked at the empty plates on the table and laughed, "This is not a small amount, look at the empty plates on the table."

Long Lan was helpless, "I am sorry, the little fence is a place to eat big."

Seeing that everyone's attention was focused on one person, Annie also looked over. After this look, his pupils shrank.


Annie had never seen such a beautiful person before, nor had he ever seen such a beautiful person.

Looking at his silver hair, Annie suddenly thought of the news that was posted on the school website crazily.

"You are Bai Xiaoli, right? The 'flower style' of the combat system? " Annie suddenly said.

"Ugh ?" Senior sister s, the little fence is a boy. " Long Lan helped to explain.

Long Lan also knew about the issue of "flower elements". He felt that it was unpleasant, so he didn't tell Bai Xiaoli. Of course, even if he were to tell him, he wouldn't care about the "flower elements".

Annie took out a tissue and slowly wiped the table in front of him, "If he wears female attire, no one would be able to tell that he is a boy, right?"

That being said, why did it sound so unpleasant to his ears?

"What's a 'flower'?" Bai Xiaoli found the time to ask, and conveniently glanced at Annie.

It was only then that Annie saw that Bai Xiaoli had a pair of extremely beautiful Lake Blue eyes, as if all of the beauty in the world had focused on him alone.

As a beauty, Annie had always been proud of herself. But today, she was actually stomped by a boy on her appearance.

Cang Yan peeled a piece of fruit and placed it on Bai Xiaoli's plate, "Eat one piece, until the oil is greased."

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