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C26 The enmity from aine

Bai Xiaoli didn't even think about it, he grabbed them and stuffed them into his mouth. Although he loved to eat meat the most, he would occasionally eat some fruits and vegetables.

With a single bite, Bai Xiaoli's small face instantly wrinkled, and he reflexively wanted to vomit.

"You're not allowed to vomit. Eat it." Cang Yan immediately stopped him.

Bai Xiaoli pinched his small face, he couldn't swallow or puke, he was so sore that his eyes were watering.

Long Lan quickly explained, "Senior, I am not that bad."

Bai Xiaoli nodded strongly, proving that Long Lan was right.

However, Cang Yan did not loosen his mouth, "Just swallow it down, no need to chew it."

Bai Xiaoli spat on the table with a "pu" sound, causing him to salivate, "I do not eat, Bai only eats meat, I do not eat acid!"

Cang Yan looked at the wide-eyed Bai Xiaoli, and suddenly laughed. This was Bai Xiaoli's true personality, right? He wasn't used to being so obedient all of a sudden.

Annie suffered a huge impact, and when she first saw that Senior Cang Yan, who was distant from others, actually peeled the fruit for Bai Xiaoli, he was very surprised. Then, when he saw Bai Xiaoli actually spit the fruit on the table, she felt extremely disgusted.

When the waiter cleaned up the table and picked up the dishes, most of the dishes on the table were meat, the types of dishes were extremely different and the purpose of ordering the dishes was obvious, it was purely to appease Bai Xiaoli.

Annie was even more unhappy now. Previously, when the four of them were eating together in the Team, they would order dishes according to her taste, but today, she was being completely ignored. From the moment she entered the room, practically no one had seen her before.

This disparity was like a princess suddenly becoming a beggar on the street. How could she keep her balance in her heart?

"Eat some meat, you're too thin." Qiao Yisi picked up a piece of meat and gave it to Annie.

Annie directly pushed that piece of meat to the table, "I don't like to eat meat, I want to maintain my figure."

Bai Xiaoli, who was facing her, looked at her in disbelief. In this world, there was actually someone that didn't like to eat meat?

"I like to eat meat. Don't waste it if you don't." As he said this, he glanced at the meat pieces that were tossed onto the table with a pained expression.

Annie felt like blood was stuck in her throat and she was so angry she almost died. She suddenly asked: "How are the two new Junior in the team?"

The problem with their aptitudes, was definitely because of Blue Wolf Team's injuries. Under normal circumstances, they would not intentionally bring it up.

Long Lan was a little embarrassed, "I ? I am only a piece of 1-Star Qualification, I am a piece of trash.

"Where's Bai Xiaoli's Junior?" Annie continued to ask.

Hearing his name, Bai Xiaoli didn't even know what they were talking about, he only cared about the meat on the table.

Bai Xiaoli: "I ? I am only a piece of 1-Star Qualification, I am a piece of trash.

Everyone: "..."

[Do you dare to be even more unconcerned?]

Qiao Yisi anxiously changed the topic, "Talent is not the absolute thing, our Team does not care about talent at all when it comes to recruiting people."

However, Annie said: "Senior Cang, I feel that since Blue Wolf Team wants to fight, recruitment must be done with aptitude. Only with talent will you be able to go further and improve faster, otherwise, this kind of Team, when saying that you are going to fight, would seem like a joke."

"Annie, say less." Qiao Yisi, who always showed everyone his happiness, was already very unhappy at this moment.

"The reason I said this, is also for the good of Team, why are you being so fierce towards me? Didn't you want to fight a match? Since they decided to fight, why didn't they choose people with good aptitude to join the team? All of them are 1-star, how can they continue fighting? " Annie retorted righteously.

The atmosphere was a little stiff and for a moment, no one spoke. Only Bai Xiaoli was still eating the meat with relish.

Seeing Bai Xiaoli like that, Annie's heart was filled with disgust.

"I'm the captain. I have the final say." This was Cang Yan's answer, without a single superfluous word.

This gathering ended under such a stiff atmosphere.

After Cang Yan paid the bill, he took Bai Xiaoli, Lowell and the Blue Dragon and left a few words for Qiao Yisi, "We'll take a taxi back, you can send her off."

Qiao Yisi drove the car over, Annie got in with a gloomy face, and with a "bang", he closed the car door.

Qiao Yisi drove the car to the side of the road, stopped, and lit up a cigarette, holding it in his mouth, "Tell me, what do you want?"

Annie had already been holding back her anger for a long time, but upon hearing Qiao Yisi's question, he bluntly said, "I want to fight."

Qiao Yisi flicked his ash, "We are just preparing for a match."

"Are you guys playing a match? After recruiting for a few days, in the end, they recruited two people from 1-Star Qualification. The whole team was composed of one star, two stars, and three stars. Are you joking with me? Could a Team like that come out on stage? " Annie's words were extremely sharp.

"A match is not just about talent."

Others might not know, but Qiao Yisi was very clear that even though Cang Yan was only a 1-Star Qualification cultivator, he was still able to dominate the entire Emptiness World. Of course not, he relied on his brain and actual combat experience.

"But without talent, I can't do it." Annie insisted.

Qiao Yisi silently smoked a few mouthfuls of smoke, "This is not the reason for you to be angry."

"You want to know why I'm angry?" Annie stared at Qiao Yisi.

Qiao Yisi did not look at her, "Speak."

"I can't stand Cang Yan's attitude towards me, and since Team can't recruit anyone, I kindly offered to help him recruit someone, but he rejected me instantly. Looking at his attitude tonight, he took good care of Bai Xiaoli, and I think that the reason he recruited people is not to compete, but to look for opponents instead, right? "

Qiao Yisi frowned, "What does this have to do with you? Even if Cang Yan wanted to pursue Bai Xiaoli, what does that have to do with you? "

Annie was immediately rendered speechless by the question, and in the end, she could only speak bitterly, "I cannot stay in this kind of team, if I want to leave, will you follow me?"

Qiao Yisi chuckled, "With my talent, which Team do you think would want me?"

Qiao Yisi's appearance was outstanding, his hair was slightly curled, he had the bearing of a noble young master, his outline was slender, somewhat feminine, seemingly light and unsteady. Just by looking at his face, one could tell that he looked like a pervert, but who knew that Girl would like this kind of boy?

Seeing this face, Annie's voice became gentle, "As long as they want me to join, they will have to accept you. You don't have to worry that no Team wants you."

Qiao Yisi said with a smile, "Which Team? Black God Team? "

Annie was silent for a moment, "Black God Team promised me that as long as I join them, they would give me a seat of two Official Member."

Qiao Yisi said nonchalantly, and without further ado, he started up the car and headed towards the Academy.

Annie became anxious, "Qiao Yisi, join the Black God Team with me. Looking at the entire Tianjing Academy, the only Team that can represent the Tianjing Academy in the competition with the other universities is the Black God Team.

Qiao Yisi said: "If you leave, and I leave, then what about Cang Yan?"

"He's simply not suited for battles at all, only people who don't fight in theory. All arguments are empty, and since Vivian wanted to invite him, that would be the best place for him. Unfortunately, he refused." Annie's emotions were a little complicated.

Qiao Yisi held onto the cigarette in his mouth and did not speak again, only giving his answer after he drove the car into the Academy.

"If you want to go, go. I won't. Since Cang Yan wants to fight, then I will fight with him, no matter if it's a joke or a fight, as long as it's something he wants to do, I will help him. "

Annie looked at Qiao Yisi in disbelief, "You mean, you want to give up on me for Cang Yan?"

"Yes." Qiao Yisi replied with certainty.

Annie immediately went crazy, "Cang Yan is just your friend, I am your girlfriend! Are you crazy to give up on me for a friend?!"

"Hush, hush, hush, this is not ladylike at all." Qiao Yisi slowly said.

The few great clans of Tianjing City have not made their move yet, so don't say it so early. Whether the Black God Team is the strongest or not, we will only know at the very end. "

"I wish you success."

After locking the car, Qiao Yisi left without looking back.

Only Annie would believe Xie Anshen's lies, he wished that the Blue Wolf Team would immediately dissolve and give him back his seat of Official Member, unless Xie Anshen had a brain attack one day, to make such a decision, just by looking at it, it was obvious that he was deceiving Annie.

When Qiao Yisi returned to the dorm, he was surprised to find that Cang Yan did not enter the OR System Cabin. Instead, he sat on the sofa and searched for information.

"How was the discussion?" Cang Yan asked without turning his head back.

Qiao Yisi laid on the sofa and weakly replied, "I'm out of love again."

Cang Yan did not have any sympathy for him, "Congratulations."

Qiao Yisi was dazed for a moment, then suddenly said: "Why do you think girls are so annoying? I don't even know what they think every day. "

Cang Yan stared at the information, and said: "If you dislike girls, then go find boys."

Qiao Yisi rolled over and sat up, and said somewhat excitedly: "What do you think of Bai Xiaoli? If I were to look for a boy, I think I can only accept someone like Bai Xiaoli, who is so beautiful that it makes my wolf blood boil. "

Cang Yan stopped what he was doing, turned around to look at him, and warned him: "Don't provoke Bai Xiaoli, or else, I'll cut off your life."

Qiao Yisi's body trembled, and immediately felt a cold wind blowing under his crotch.

"Wow, do you have to be so fierce?" After saying this, he came back to himself, "Holy shit, are you serious?" You want to woo Bai Xiaoli? "

"It's not what you think, shut off those dirty thoughts of yours!" Cang Yan was too lazy to bother with him.

"If it's not what I thought, then what is it?" Qiao Yisi asked.

Cang Yan stood up, holding onto the equipment as he walked towards his own bedroom. "You only need to remember one thing, the fence is mine, no one is allowed to have any ideas about him."

Qiao Yisi rubbed his chin and thought, he did not know that the pure and unambitious Cang Yan would instantly turn into a tyrannical CEO upon meeting someone he liked.

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