The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C27 Two Bowls of Meat Are for You
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C27 Two Bowls of Meat Are for You
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C27 Two Bowls of Meat Are for You

In Bai Xiaoli's dorm.

Long Lan began to have beautiful dreams, "Little fence, since you said that our Team is trash, is it possible for me to become a Official Member as well?"

Bai Xiaoli pondered for a moment. "Compared to that, you're the most useless one."

Long Lan: "..."

Heartbreak filled the floor.

Long Lan: "Then who is the strongest one?"

Bai Xiaoli stuffed the jerky in his mouth, "Cang Yan is the strongest."

"Pfft hahaha, you aren't mistaken, right? Captain Cang Yan is a 1-Star Qualification cultivator, the same as me."

Long Lan inexplicably had a sense of pride. He could finally stop feeling inferior to his own 1-Star Qualification. Look at Senior Cang Yan, what happened to his 1-Star Qualification? Will 1-Star Qualification still be the leader?

Bai Xiaoli: "It's 1-Star Qualification, even if you had ten of them, it wouldn't be enough for him to knock you down with a single blow."

Long Lan: "Ho —"

You're going to have a heart attack that's going to scare you out of your wits, okay?

Long Lan: "How did you know?"

Bai Xiaoli: "I saw it with my eyes."

Long Lan: "..."

Bai Xiaoli stretched out his hand to feel around and found that the bag was empty. He picked it up and found that the bag was indeed empty. He ran back to his bedroom to look for a while and suddenly shouted, "My jerky is gone!"

Long Lan was shocked, eh … Recently, he was in a tight spot and forgot to buy jerky for Bai Xiaoli.

"I want to eat meat! I want to eat meat! I want to eat meat …"

"Alright, alright, alright. Stop messing around, stop messing around." Long Lan quickly surrendered, "Little fence, can we have a discussion?"

Bai Xiaoli: "I want to eat meat!"

Long Lan's face immediately darkened. There was no way to talk about this topic, so just one sentence was enough to block his path.

"Little fence, I have to confess, I don't have any pocket money for this month. If you want to eat meat, you can only wait until next month. I only have a little money left in my meal card."

Since it was the start of school, the first month of school would be very expensive, let alone the two of them. Long Lan was out of money.

Bai Xiaoli calculated the time very seriously and then went mad, "This month just started a few days ago, I have to wait until next month. I will starve to death."

Long Lan's face was dark, "We won't starve to death. We save a bit, so we can use the money from the meal card. It should last for a month."

Bai Xiaoli said with dead fish eyes, "You are so poor."

Long Lan instantly went berserk, "Who am I so poor for? My little treasury, my pocket money, you've eaten it all! "

Bai Xiaoli thought for a long time and finally made a decision, "I'm going to earn money."

Long Lan said in disdain, "If you go out here, someone will kidnap and sell you two bowls of meat."

Bai Xiaoli continued to play with the dead fish eyes and silently went back to his room to think about how to get rich beasts.

This question continued until the class started the next day.

On the third day of class, the teacher finally saw the legendary 30 points student recruitment. However, this student, who had just started school a few days ago, had already become the talk of the town, and was now lying flat on the desk like a dead fish.

The teacher pushed his eyes and a sharp light flashed across them.

"Bai Xiaoli, answer this question."

Bai Xiaoli looked up, "What problem?"

The corner of the teacher's eyes twitched as he repeated his question.

It has been 119 years since the last Dark Age. That was the end of humanity, the collision of space, the reconstruction of the continent, the invasion of organisms from other worlds, the pouring of mysterious energy into Earth, the destruction of Earth's original ecological balance, the mutation of plants and animals, under the invasion of so many Variant, mutated beast and other races, humanity was on the verge of destruction.

In the midst of battle, humans discovered the secrets of the rune and gradually grasped the mysterious Power of the Stars. Humans used the Power of the Stars to cultivate, and the rune's power to fight.

"Bai Xiaoli, what is the meaning of the appearance of rune for human development?"

Bai Xiaoli almost drooled when he heard the rune. Even until now, he had only eaten one rune fragment, and that was from the bottom of the small rhinoceros.

Long Lan broke out in a cold sweat as he quickly flipped through the pages, preparing to report back to Bai Xiaoli.

Before he found the content, he heard Bai Xiaoli's reply, "Delicious."

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