The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C28 Hunger related tragedy
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C28 Hunger related tragedy
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C28 Hunger related tragedy

The teacher asked, "What is delicious?" Was the rune something to eat? Was he dreaming?

A student who scored 9 points in the history of human development, his brain circuit is really not something that ordinary people can understand!

When it came to combat lessons, Practical teacher saw the specially recruited student who already had a bit of a reputation in Tianjing Academy with a single glance.

The male to female ratio of the combat type was severely out of kilter. Being able to have a beautiful face like Bai Xiaoli as a classmate caused many male to be very excited. Many male and female students who had thoughts towards Bai Xiaoli wanted to show off in front of him.

Even the well-built Practical teacher Zhan Feng paid special attention to Bai Xiaoli. It was not only him who was good-looking, more importantly, his battle results must be noticed by the Practical teacher.

Teacher Zhan Feng could not be considered old, and was not much older than this group of students. He had the aura of a tough man with iron blood, but his face was full of stubble.

"Next, let's invite, who has a perfect score in actual combat, to come up and spar with me. Fellow students, please watch carefully, fighting techniques have skills, do not use your strengths against your enemies, as long as you grasp the techniques, even if you face opponents with a higher stellar force than you, you can still win."

After Teacher Zhan Feng's speech, Bai Xiaoli who was called out did not make a single move. Everyone looked at him and saw that Bai Xiaoli was like a dried up dead fish, prostrated on the ground.

The students: "?"

Long Lan covered his face, he was extremely embarrassed, he did not want to know this kind of retarded person.

The two figures passing by the window suddenly stopped and looked into the classroom.

Teacher Zhan Feng arrogantly stood in the middle, "Stand up, there's no need to perform such a big gesture, come up and demonstrate."

Bai Xiaoli weakly turned his body around and laid down, "I can't demonstrate."

Teacher Zhan Feng walked over and kicked Bai Xiaoli's legs, and shouted with energy in his voice: "Stand up immediately, demonstrate your strength to me, let us see how strong you are."

Bai Xiaoli laid there like a dead fish, determined not to move, "If I can't stand up, I'll starve to death."

Everyone was stunned, wasn't this a little too hungry? This state was even worse than not eating for a week.

Zhan Feng laughed, "You haven't had breakfast this morning?"

Bai Xiaoli: "Eat it."

Zhan Feng stared blankly, "You can get this hungry after eating?"

Bai Xiaoli: "I didn't eat meat."

Zhan Feng, "..."

You've seen anyone who eats big fish and big meat so early in the morning. Even if it was given to you, don't you think that it's too greasy?

One of the two men standing outside the window was laughing so hard he couldn't stand up straight.

These two people were precisely Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi. They did not have any classes to attend next, so they planned to return. The reason why Cang Yan took a detour around here was to look for Bai Xiaoli.

Qiao Yisi hung from Cang Yan's shoulder, and simply wanted to slap them out of laughter. "This Bai Xiaoli ? "Hahaha, this is too cola! He's simply a living gem hahaha ?"

Zhan Feng felt that he had lost a lot of face, so he coughed and said: "Come, let's practice a little, I'll treat you to meat at noon."

Bai Xiaoli who was lying on the ground and poking out large cakes, suddenly sat up, his eyes gleaming: "Really?"

Zhan Feng raised the corner of his mouth and revealed a roguish smile, "As long as you can win against me, I'll treat you to a month's worth of meat."

Long Lan, "..."

He looked at his teacher with incomparable sympathy, and prayed for Bai Xiaoli to lose. Otherwise, with Bai Xiaoli's appetite, he wouldn't be able to eat for more than a month.

Bai Xiaoli crawled up from the ground and revived with his blood flowing, "This is what you said, you can't go back on your words."

Zhan Feng patted his firm chest, and said haughtily: "A prince's words are hard to follow. "Come!"

Bai Xiaoli's front paws fiercely stepped on the ground, causing him to shoot out like an arrow, his leg struck down straight at Zhan Feng.

None of the students could see how Bai Xiaoli had disappeared from his original position, and even Zhan Feng's face revealed his shock, as a strong sense of danger enveloped his heart. This kind of feeling was similar to when he was facing a level 6 mutated beast back then.

Three layers of the orange colored nebula, and the upper, middle and lower halos surrounded Zhan Feng as the stellar force around his body directly soared to the 241 Matho.

With a huge "boom," the floor Zhan Feng was standing on cracked under his two feet, and the orange colored nebula surrounding him scattered like waves in all directions.

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