The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C29 Master bai who was seriously injured to the point of vomiting blood
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C29 Master bai who was seriously injured to the point of vomiting blood
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C29 Master bai who was seriously injured to the point of vomiting blood

Zhan Feng's eyeballs almost fell out, what the f * ck was this operation? How could a student who walked the path of Gu Wu, who was level F, and had stellar force of 60, have such power? ~ This is not Gu Wu's route, but a strength type route, right?

All of the surrounding students were only at the first stage of [F] class [Scarlet Star]. Suddenly, they were hit by an energy attack that was five levels higher than their own, causing all of them to be knocked down. People with weaker stellar force were even hit with their blood, such as Long Lan.

Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi who were standing in the corridor, completely did not expect such a thing to happen. With a flash of orange light, "Hua la", all the glass in the classroom shattered, and pieces of it shot out in all directions like bullets.

Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi suffered from an unexpected calamity and immediately used stellar force to protect themselves from being shot by the glass fragments. Then looking at Bai Xiaoli who was in the classroom, with one kick, he was actually sent flying by the powerful stellar force.

Bai Xiaoli's body was so strong, that even if it was bounced off, it would not be harmed in the slightest. He did not know how strong his opponent was, so he did not dare to use his full strength, and only used his legs to try. Seeing that his opponent could withstand it, he immediately jumped up in excitement.

Seeing Bai Xiaoli's actions, Cang Yan immediately knew that it was not good, "Bai Xiaoli!"

Bai Xiaoli, who was rushing out, stopped in his tracks and turned his head to look outside. He saw Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi standing in the corridor, and then he saw the fallen students, his face full of doubt. It was obvious that he did not understand why these students, who were sitting well a moment ago, were all lying down now.

Cang Yan flipped through the window, shocked to the point that his jaw was dislocated, before manually closing his dislocated jaw. Looking back and forth, he noticed that the teachers and students close to the classroom had already run over, and a group of security guards were downstairs rushing up the stairs.

This disturbance was a bit big, as if the enemy was attacking.

"How are you? Are you hurt? "

Cang Yan looked up and down at Bai Xiaoli. He had just personally seen Bai Xiaoli being sent flying backwards, the possibility of him being injured from the fall wasn't high, but the probability of him being injured by the stellar force was too high. After all, Bai Xiaoli was the person closest to the Orange star ring.

Bai Xiaoli had a face full of doubt. Just when he wanted to say that he was alright, all was well.

Cang Yan took a step forward to support Bai Xiaoli. Using the noise in the corridor as a cover, he quickly whispered, "Pretend to be injured and I'll buy you Tianjing Hotel's meat to eat."

Bai Xiaoli's eyes lit up, his face paled, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His body went limp, and he collapsed onto the ground.

Cang Yan, "..."

He anxiously hugged onto him, he was a little flustered, he did not know if Bai Xiaoli was pretending to be injured, or really was injured. Where did he get the blood from?

Zhan Feng was already stupefied by all of this. He panted intensely, and looked at the mess in front of him, unable to recover his wits.

Wasn't it just an exercise? Why did it become like this?

"Teacher Zhan, what happened?" What's going on here? " The teacher from the next class came over to ask.

Zhan Feng was just about to say, no worries, we were practicing, but when he turned his gaze, he caught sight of Bai Xiaoli, who had just swung his leg down with the momentum of splitting mountains and filling seas, with his eyes tightly shut and his face pale white. His mouth was filled with fresh blood, lying in the arms of a person.

Zhan Feng, "?"

Was the plot wrong? Wasn't it the one who had caused all this? Why did he pass out from the severe injury? Could he have been injured by my stellar force? Did he have to bear the consequences all by himself? It can't be like this, why don't you share some of it with me?

Zhan Feng was a little resentful.

The teacher saw that Zhan Feng was staring at Bai Xiaoli the entire time, so Cang Yan carried the "unconscious" Bai Xiaoli, looking anxious: "Teacher, I will first bring him to therapist, his injuries are too heavy, he can't wait any longer."

Zhan Feng's mind was still a little slow, "Alright, quickly go. If you have anything to say, contact me immediately."

"Qiao Yisi, take Long Lan away as well. He's also heavily injured." Cang Yan explained.

Qiao Yisi came in and helped Long Lan who was paralyzed on the ground up. One person and one person, they squeezed through the crowd and quickly left the scene.

Amongst the surrounding classmates, Ma Nan looked at Bai Xiaoli who was carried away, and the corner of his mouth curled into a cold smile.

Cang Yan carried Bai Xiaoli and directly returned to his own dorm. Qiao Yisi followed closely behind while supporting Long Lan.

Bai Xiaoli was just placed on the sofa and immediately jumped up: I want to eat Tianjing Hotel's barbecue!

Qiao Yisi was so scared that he almost threw Long Lan to the ground, "You, you, you, aren't you hurt? You're still so energetic? "

"Who said I'm injured? I'm not hurt. " Bai Xiaoli blinked his large eyes of the Lake Blue, looking very innocent.

"You just vomited blood." Qiao Yisi was in a bad mood.

"Oh, I forced him to do that. To act more like it." Bai Xiaoli said as a matter of fact.

Cang Yan, "..."

Qiao Yisi, "..."

The real injured person, spoke out with a faint aura, "You all ? Why don't you just take care of me? I'm the real casualty. "

"Qiao Yisi, go get the medicine." Cang Yan instructed.

"What medicine?" Under normal circumstances, they would usually be provided with some common medicine, but they had so many varieties of medicine that they didn't know what medicine to use right now.

"The medicine to treat internal injuries." Long Lan was injured by the powerful stellar force, his internal organs were definitely injured, if not he would not have vomited blood.

After Long Lan consumed the medicine and relaxed for a moment, he asked: "What's going on?"

Long Lan almost burst into tears, "Senior, I can't afford to raise the small fences anymore. This month's expenses are too great, my living expenses are limited.

"My jerky is also gone." Bai Xiaoli added.

When Qiao Yisi saw their miserable appearances, no matter how he looked at them, he felt a sense of joy.

Cang Yan was quiet for a long time, then said: "Little Hedge, come with me, let's talk."

Cang Yan turned and returned to his own bedroom.

Cang Yan closed the door and locked it, then pointed to the sofa on the other side of the bed and said, "Sit."

Bai Xiaoli obediently sat down on the sofa, while Cang Yan himself sat on the bed.

"Hedge, there's something I have to tell you." After thinking for a long time, Cang Yan still decided to tell Bai Xiaoli about their relationship.

Bai Xiaoli looked at him, waiting for his next words.

"Little Hedge, I summoned you. Half of our souls were fused together. I can sense you, but you can also sense me. I know your identity. At the same time, you should know my identity as well, right?"

There was no reason why he could sense Bai Xiaoli, but he could not sense him.

Bai Xiaoli looked at him angrily, "Do you want to fight with me in reality? Let me tell you, you can shoot me in the Emptiness World, but you can't do it in the real world.

Cang Yan, "..."

He was still thinking about shooting him?

"Little fence, are you a human or a beast?" This was the thing that Cang Yan was the most suspicious of. Although he firmly believed that Bai Xiaoli was the soul beast that he had summoned, he did not rule out that it was possible for him to summon them.

Bai Xiaoli was at a loss as to whether he should speak the truth. With his soul sensing, this person was trustworthy, but ?

"Tell me the truth." Cang Yan saw his hesitation.

"Will you send me to the section?" Bai Xiaoli asked suspiciously.

"Slice research?" Cang Yan couldn't react for a moment.

"Long Lan said that if I show any signs of being human, I will be caught and cut into pieces for research. As such, I cannot eat too much meat, I must become a qualified 'human'." Bai Xiaoli always remembered Long Lan's words.

Cang Yan rejoiced, luckily Long Lan had scared him like this, if not, with Bai Xiaoli's fearless personality, he would probably cause countless of troubles. Before he found the fence, wouldn't he have already been captured and investigated it?

Cang Yan said seriously: "You can lie to others because other people might betray you, so you can hold back and hide what you say. For me, you don't have to be on guard, our souls are fused together, our lives are connected, if any one of us is in trouble, it will directly affect the other."

"I am the closest person to you in this world. I will never betray you, so you can trust me one hundred percent."

Bai Xiaoli sensed that the other party was not lying.

Cang Yan continued: Now, tell me, are you a human or a beast?

Bai Xiaoli: "Beast."

His heart, which had been hanging in the air, finally relaxed.

Cang Yan continued to ask: "Since you are a beast, how can you turn into a human?"

Bai Xiaoli did not understand, "Since my cultivation is here, I can naturally turn into a human."

Cang Yan's heart skipped a beat, "What cultivation level?"

Bai Xiaoli: "Right now, I do not have the ability to use my cultivation. After arriving in this world, my cultivation has been sealed and I can only use the 60 Matho s."

Cang Yan felt that the summoned spirit beasts were very special. True Intrinsic Soul Beast s did not have to stay by their master's side, they would only come here when their master calls them, and at any other time, they would return to the starry sky of the Intrinsic Soul Beast.

But his soul beast had always been in the human world.

"Show me your beast form." Cang Yan was extremely curious about his original body.

Bai Xiaoli looked up, "Why should I show you a beast's body? I think it's good to be a man. "

Cang Yan decisively said: "30 portions of Tianjing Hotel's barbecue."

"Deal." Bai Xiaoli instantly disappeared from the room.

Cang Yan opened his eyes wide, and on the sofa at that moment, there was a snow-white beast sitting in a crouch. On the little guy's furry head, there was a pair of big round Lake Blue eyes, exactly the same as Bai Xiaoli's human form. It was looking at Cang Yan arrogantly, with its little eyes, as if a king overlooking the world. If it wasn't for the fact that it was too small in size, it would have been quite impressive.

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