The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C31 Have Found a Way to Make Money
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C31 Have Found a Way to Make Money
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C31 Have Found a Way to Make Money

Long Lan instantly came back to his senses. "Ok, I'll remember it."

"Now, it all depends on how much Teacher Zhanfeng has found out and how we're going to deal with it."

Cang Yan was a little worried. If Teacher Zhanfeng told them the truth, the institute's higher ups would definitely notice Bai Xiaoli. Cang Yan did not want Bai Xiaoli to be seen by the higher ups, so the only thing they could do now was to wait.

Bai Xiaoli's stomach let out a prolonged "goo" at an inappropriate time.

The three of them looked at Bai Xiaoli at the same time. Bai Xiaoli looked at them with a wronged expression.

Long Lan felt somewhat guilty. He thought that Bai Xiaoli was yelling about wanting to eat meat all day just because of his appetite. He never expected that Bai Xiaoli was really hungry.

It was already noon, it was already lunchtime. Cang Yan sent a message to the Tianjing Hotel, telling them to send it over in a hurry.

In the eyes of outsiders, Bai Xiaoli and Long Lan were still wounded. How could they go out to eat so happily? Wasn't this the same as being suspected by others?

The courier boy was carrying a big boss's food box and two of them were in his hands. There were three food boxes in total, which was enough for 30 people. The courier boy thought it was a dormitory meal. When Qiao Yisi opened the door, the courier guy saw that there were only four people and was still a little stunned.

However, he did not ask any more questions. Very professionally, he took out all the food one by one and then left with the three empty lunch chests.

Bai Xiaoli looked at the two long table lunch boxes. Each of them was filled with very delicious meat, he was extremely happy.

"If you're hungry, then eat first." Since Cang Yan had spoken, Bai Xiaoli naturally wouldn't be polite and had already begun to eat.

Qiao Yisi also called Lowell over. Like this, the five people from Team were also present.

Bai Xiaoli was a pure meat eater. He could eat meat every day, but Cang Yan and the others couldn't. Their stomachs and bodies couldn't take it anymore. They ordered some vegetarian dishes along with rice. The meat was all Bai Xiaoli's.

Long Lan noticed that there was one less person, so he asked without a care, "Where is Annie, the Senior sister? Why didn't you come over? "

Lowell was honest and didn't say much. He was also puzzled in his heart as to why Annie didn't come over. When she saw Long Lan asking about it, she also looked towards Qiao Yisi.

Qiao Yisi smiled sadly and said worriedly, "We broke up and she joined the Black God Team."

Long Lan and Lowell were surprised at first, but after that, they all became silent. The only four star talent in Team had also left, making the atmosphere a little awkward.

In order to alleviate the awkwardness, Long Lan said with a silly smile, "Senior is so handsome, I can definitely find a more beautiful girlfriend. Senior, don't be sad."

Cang Yan said coldly, "This is his 21st time falling out of love."

Long Lan: "..."

He shouldn't have comforted such a person! He had fallen in love from the age of a few, yet he could actually fall in love so many times!

Qiao Yisi laughed, "I haven't found the person who can end my heartbreak, right?"

"Wow, what meat is this? It's so delicious!" Bai Xiaoli suddenly let out an untimely sigh.

Cang Yan glanced at it, "This is the meat of a strange beast. The strange beast comes from a different space and the meat contains a rich amount of Power of the Stars. Eating this kind of meat will help in cultivation, but the beasts are very dangerous and hard to kill."

Bai Xiaoli thought while he was eating and suddenly said, "Xiao Lanlan, the beast meat is so delicious. Let's go hunt a few beasts for ourselves and cook them ourselves." "That way, you won't have to spend money to buy it."

Long Lan nearly vomited a mouthful of rice as he coughed and said, "Didn't senior Cang Yan say that strange beasts are dangerous? Our past is not enough to fill the gaps between our teeth. "

Bai Xiaoli remained unmoved, "Then don't go. I'm going alone, and I have to find the small rhinoceros for revenge. It has been chasing me for half a year and I can't just let it go. Its meat should be good too."

"What small rhinoceros? What half a year of pursuit? Have you been hunted by strange beasts? " Qiao Yisi didn't understand.

Long Lan had mentioned this to Cang Yan before, but Cang Yan was not too clear on the specifics. Bai Xiaoli only said that it was "small rhinoceros," he did not know whether it was a strange beast or a mutated beast, the strange beast came from a different space, and the mutated beast was a native animal of Earth. Due to the influence of the Power of the Stars, a mutation occurred, causing the danger to the strange beast much higher than the mutated beast.

Cang Yan said, "This is a long story, I will explain it to you when I have the chance in the future."

Originally, the others thought that Bai Xiaoli said he would hunt strange beasts and eat them. However, when he said that he would eat them, they would forget about it after a hearty meal. However, they were all wrong. After all the meat was gone, Bai Xiaoli was ready to set off.

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