The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C32 Get ready to go hunting
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C32 Get ready to go hunting
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C32 Get ready to go hunting

"Wait, are you really going?" Long Lan was shocked.

"Of course I'm going. I want to earn money to buy meat to eat." Bai Xiaoli said as if it was a matter of course, then turned his head to ask Cang Yan, "Can I sell this kind of beast? If it's possible, I'll catch a few more and bring them back. "

The four of them were stupefied. They really wanted to ask, are you serious?

After Cang Yan found out that Bai Xiaoli was his soul beast, he was already very proud of his result of thirty points.

Soul beasts only listen to their master's commands and fight. Their family's soul beasts know everything, even though their score isn't high, that's still the result of their own soul beast's test. You let someone else's soul beast take the test? He probably wouldn't even take a pen, right? Can you talk? Can you read? Impossible.

"Strange beasts are extremely dangerous to hunt, but their bodies are covered with treasures."

"The materials on the body can be used to make weapons and armor, and the meat can be eaten. The mutated beast meat is the most expensive of all the meat products. The higher the level, the more expensive it is."

"The most precious thing from a mutated beast's body is the Beast Pill. All of the Power of the Stars that the mutated beast absorbed are gathered inside the Beast Pill. When humans obtain the Beast Pill, they can directly absorb the stellar force for their own use." Cang Yan was Bai Xiaoli's nemesis.

Bai Xiaoli thought about it, this Beast Pill should be about the same as the demon cores in his original world. It could be used to cultivate, refine medicine, refine and so on.

"Since you can sell it for money, then I'll go kill a few more and bring them back." Bai Xiaoli said as he prepared to leave.

Long Lan anxiously stopped him, "It's very dangerous outside the city, people could die at any time, do not go out casually, this month you have to let senior take care of it, once I have money, you can continue eating, and do not take risks."

Bai Xiaoli's eyes were firm, "Don't stop me from earning money."

Long Lan was about to cry. Was this a matter of earning money? If he lost his life, how could he earn money? What meat?

Since Long Lan could not stop him, Cang Yan was worried about letting him leave the city by himself.

If Cang Yan wanted to follow, Qiao Yisi would definitely follow. Since Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi had gone, Lowell naturally wanted to follow as well. In the end, Long Lan hesitantly followed as well, but was rejected by Cang Yan.

"Your injuries aren't fully healed yet, so don't follow me."

It's a weekend tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. It's meaningless for me to stay in school by myself, I've never been out of the city, and I've always heard people say that it's dangerous outside the city, but I've never seen it. You guys can all go, how can I stay in the academy by myself?

Long Lan grew up in Tianjing City, so he had a wealthy family. He did not need to travel to survive as everyone knew that it was dangerous outside the city, so naturally, he would not send himself to his death outside the city.

Since it was like this, Cang Yan no longer hesitated. He let them go back to pack their things, change their clothes at the same time, and then gather at the school gate.

Cang Yan had already told them in advance what they would like to take with them and what they would need to prepare for themselves.

Long Lan and Lowell were both obedient and carried the things that Cang Yan wanted them to carry. The two of them wore field uniforms and carried their backpacks to the school gate. Only Bai Xiaoli was left empty-handed and only changed into a set of clothes.

Cang Yan looked at them. He didn't say anything to Bai Xiaoli, who was empty-handed.

They did not have to wait long when Qiao Yisi drove the SUV over.

The SUV was completely black and had been modified to look like a giant steel beast. It looked extremely impressive.

Bai Xiaoli and Lowell did not know what products a car was. Bai Xiaoli only knew what cars were after he met Long Lan.

On the other hand, because of Lowell's family background, it restricted his vision.

Long Lan who was the only one who knew what was good for himself touched the car body in surprise, "It's too cool! This car was specially prepared to leave the city, right? "

Otherwise, who would drive such a large modified SUV in the city?

"That's right, get in." Cang Yan threw his backpack onto the front passenger seat and sat on it himself. The back row was reserved for the three of them.

Long Lan was very excited. After getting on the car, he touched every nook and cranny, "Senior, did you guys go out of the city often in the past?"

Qiao Yisi drove, and laughed: "Of course, if not we would not have bought such a car."

Long Lan exclaimed, "So powerful! Even seniors can leave the city as they please? "

Qiao Yisi said while beaming, "There are indeed many dangers outside the city, and at the same time, there are also many opportunities that accompany us.

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