The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C33 Grandpa bai is back again
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C33 Grandpa bai is back again
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C33 Grandpa bai is back again

Along the way, it was basically Long Lan and Qiao Yisi who were chatting all the way.

Cang Yan was originally a bit cold, and wouldn't fight to open his mouth when he could not.

Bai Xiaoli was only focused on looking out of the window, his little mind thinking of something. He only felt that this world was very new and novel.

Long Lan was generous, he would make mistakes from time to time. He had only heard about the dangers outside the city, but he had no idea what the perils were.

Lowell, on the other hand, was the most nervous of them all.

When the car arrived at the city gate, there were guards who inspected it routinely.

The guard looked inside and said to Qiao Yisi: "Are you going to spend the night in the wilderness after leaving the city?"

Qiao Yisi laughed: "If we're fast, we might be back before it gets dark."

The guard nodded and reminded kindly, "Take it easy. Recently, there are quite a few hunting parties that have left the city, and quite a few groups have been annihilated. Oh, you're going out of the city again? "You look young, why do you keep running out of the city?"

When the guard saw Bai Xiaoli in the back row, he couldn't help but be impressed by his elegant and refined appearance, as well as his long silvery-white hair.

Bai Xiaoli looked at him without an expression, let alone responding to his words.

The guard was immediately embarrassed, Qiao Yisi anxiously asked, "Big brother knows him?"

The guard smiled: "That day when 'she' came back I was on guard duty. 'She' came back on foot from the wilderness. Her clothes were covered in blood and it seems that her injury was not light. A little girl could survive from the wilderness."

The other people in the carriage were all very surprised, especially Cang Yan. His eyes were dark and cold, and his heart felt as if it had been smashed by a heavy hammer.

He felt that even though he had summoned Bai Xiaoli, he could not take good care of him and only now did he find him. They had missed a whole four years and all he knew now was that Bai Xiaoli had only lived for a year and a half after meeting Long Lan.

The atmosphere in the carriage was a little oppressive. Cang Yan was blaming himself, and Qiao Yisi was shocked that Bai Xiaoli had actually received such a heavy injury.

"I'm a boy."

Just when everyone was feeling displeased over the situation, a melodious and clear voice suddenly sounded, pulling the few of them back to their senses.

Now it was the guard's turn to be surprised. "Male, male?"

Bai Xiaoli looked at him, "Do you want to take off your clothes?"

Cang Yan turned to look at Bai Xiaoli, puzzled.

"Cough, cough ?" "No, no need." The guard choked on his own saliva.

How would he dare to look? After seeing a monster like this, he would definitely not be able to hold himself back. Even so, the guard couldn't help but imagine the naked appearance of a beauty.

He could not imagine that a nosebleed would appear!

The guard hastily covered his nose and waved for them to leave.

When the SUV was a distance away from the city, Cang Yan finally opened his mouth and expressionlessly said, "In the future, don't say what you want to say."

"What do you mean?" Bai Xiaoli did not understand.

Cang Yan's face darkened, "If you want to take off your clothes for others to see, you will make them misunderstand that you are just teasing."

There were even more question marks on Bai Xiaoli's head now, "What's the teasing?"

"Pfft, hahahahaha ?" Qiao Yisi really could not hold back anymore and laughed out loud, "Little fence, you're too fierce, your suggestion is simply uncontrollable."

Bai Xiaoli had already been knocked unconscious by the question mark, but he actually could not understand a single word they were saying. He really needed to study Upwards Ho! properly, if not he would not even understand human speech.

Qiao Yisi saw that Bai Xiaoli was still confused and was even shocked when he looked at him in the inner mirror. "Little Hedge, do you really not understand?"

Bai Xiaoli answered honestly, "I don't understand."

"Drive well." Cang Yan said coldly, interrupting Qiao Yisi's following explanation.

The SUV sped through the wilderness. Not far away, there were a few thatched cottages that were built in a very simple manner. Some of the people were dressed in rags, while others were looking at the cars from afar.

Long Lan looked out of the window, his face a little green. Not far away, he saw a Variant, with green and black skin, fangs baring, and a sinister face. He had six arms and a long tail.

These Variant s all changed into this kind of human and ghost shape under the influence of the Power of the Stars. Some of these Variant s had lost their minds and became very aggressive.

In the 30 years that the Dark Age had lived, the humans that survived had to face all sorts of strange beasts, foreign races, mutated beast, mutated plants, and even natural disasters. Among them, the one that posed the greatest threat was the Variant.

With the arrival of the Dark Age, under the influence of external energy, they underwent large-scale mutations. They massacred all living things and fed on fresh flesh and blood, thus, humans naturally became their food.

When humans fought against all foreign species, they also had to fight against monsters that mutated from their own kind. During those 30 years, humans were on the verge of extinction, and in history, they were known as "Dark Age".

The Variant s were also separated into "intelligence type Variant" and "killing variant". intelligence type Variant s would retain some of the original human memories and intelligence, they would just mutate from the human body and had a relatively mild temperament;

Humans could leave a path of survival for intelligent Variant, they could survive, but they could not enter human territory. Humans would never be able to tolerate the existence of killing variant, they were too dangerous, they would kill anyone they saw.

If it weren't for the people who frequently went out of the city, these students would never have had the chance to see the Variant with their own eyes. All of their knowledge came from their textbooks.

Bai Xiaoli instantly felt nothing, but Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi had seen it too many times, and had already gotten used to it.

Senior, that Variant just now, is he a killing variant? Long Lan was so scared that his tongue was tied.

Qiao Yisi replied nonchalantly, "If that is really the killing variant, it is impossible for the Tianjing City to ignore it. This place is still very close to the Tianjing City."

"But, that Variant's eyes are too scary." Long Lan still had some lingering fear in his heart.

Qiao Yisi laughed: "It's probably hungry, and wants to use us as food."

Long Lan's face turned even more green, and Lowell's face immediately turned white.

Qiao Yisi continued to speak: "The fence is still the best, walking directly from the wild to the Tianjing City, and didn't run into him on the way?"

"They did. They wanted to chase me, but they were unable to." Bai Xiaoli replied.

If not for the fact that he was driving, Qiao Yisi would have given him a big thumbs up.

To think that even the Variant could not catch up to him! How fast was his running speed?

Qiao Yisi did not know what kind of terrifying speed Bai Xiaoli had when he ran, but the speed of this off-road car was not even close to what he needed to look for. Otherwise, he would not have taken the Frenzied Fire Rhino and slipped away for half a year.

Under normal circumstances, the hunting squads that came out of the Tianjing City would usually hunt in these mountains. They did not dare to go too far away from the city, as the farther they go, the more danger they would face. No one would think their lives were too long, and run to their deaths.

Inside the mountain was a dense forest. If a car could not enter, it would have to park outside, and other than their car, there were also other cars from the hunter. Since they could not see anyone, they should have already entered the mountain.

After the car stopped, everyone got off and took their backpacks with them as they headed into the mountains.

Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi lead the way ahead, while Bai Xiaoli, Long Lan and Lowell followed behind them. Bai Xiaoli and Lowell both fought with bare hands, which was unnecessary for Bai Xiaoli. In the Team, Lowell was a heavily armed position, which was equivalent to the meat shield.

On the other hand, Long Lan was carrying a backpack with longsword in his hands. He looked around fearfully, afraid that something terrifying would suddenly appear in the dense forest.

Bai Xiaoli looked at him strangely, "Are you afraid?"

"No, not afraid. An inch long, an inch strong, with a longsword in my hands, the world is mine! I have the longsword in my possession, what am I afraid of? " Long Lan couldn't even speak swiftly, and still didn't admit the truth of his heart.

Bai Xiaoli looked at him weirdly, "Don't be afraid, this is my territory."

Long Lan, "..."

I admit it.

Bai Xiaoli thought for a while, took a deep breath and suddenly bellowed, "Children! Your white grandfather is back! "

That roar echoed out endlessly throughout the mountains.

Deep inside the mountain, strange beasts were fighting for food and killing each other. Hearing this roar, they quivered and looked at each other.

A strange beast was suspicious. Why did the voice sound so much like that fiend?

The other one was suspicious, too. Yes, I think so too.

The first beast bared its fangs, revealing a single sharp fang, but the other one disappeared. Do you see that, my tooth was broken by that devil!

The other beast was on the verge of tears. It raised its lame leg for its enemy to see. See, my leg was shattered into pieces by that evil spirit. Until now, it was still lame.

The two beasts looked at each other with tears in their eyes. Didn't the Evil Demon say that they were going to live a good life in the human world? Why is he back?

Mother, it's better to run, the evil fiend is back!

The two beasts didn't even need food, just sashaying deeper into the mountains with incredible speed.

In the depths of the mountain, in a spacious cave, a strange beast, whose entire body was covered in red, suddenly opened its eyes as it was sleeping soundly. Its originally bright and clear eyes instantly turned blood-red.

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