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C34 It was a rune beast

Bai Xiaoli's roar was extremely confident, even the Star Cultivator who were hunting in the mountains could hear it clearly.

"Who is the white grandfather? "Who dares to make a ruckus here?"

A hunting squad was shocked. They were all extra careful when they came in, keeping quiet as much as possible without making any noise, returning the moment they wanted to hunt a few mutated beast s, not even daring to think about the beasts, as the beasts were much more dangerous than the mutated beast s. Even if the mutated beast s were mutated, they were still native to Earth, but the beasts were different.

They couldn't hide in time. Who would have thought that someone would make such a high-profile appearance?

"From the sound of it, he is still outside the mountain. It should be the work of some reckless rookie." Otherwise, hunter who had some experience would not have done such a stupid thing.

The hunting team captain looked around vigilantly, "Have you guys noticed that the surroundings seem to have become quiet all of a sudden?"

A few of the hunter s perked up their ears to listen. As expected, the surroundings became unusually quiet.

Just as the group was puzzled, they suddenly felt the ground beneath their feet shake. It was as if they were standing on a giant drum. Someone was constantly beating the drum, causing them to involuntarily jump up and down as well.

Everyone was shocked. To be able to cause such a huge commotion, just what level of creature was it?!

One of the hunter turned around, and his eyes immediately straightened up, "Team leader, look over there!"

The hunting squad leader immediately looked over and saw a crimson red creature running away with a rumble. What shocked them was that other than the creature's body, there was the black Rune Shadow wrapped around its body.

"That ? That is ?" "Strange beast?"

The captain's eyes became wide open as he mumbled to himself, "No, that is not a beast. It is... The rune! "

"rune beast?!"

Everyone snapped back to reality. A hunter was so excited that his body was trembling. He never thought that there would actually be a legendary rune here! Look at the black rune that is coiled around its body, there must be a Rune Fragments in its body! "

"I'm rich, I'm rich!" As long as we get our hands on the Rune Fragments, we will have everything we want! "


The hunter knew clearly that the rune was even more dangerous and savage than the mutated beasts, but they could not stop the greed in their hearts.

They had already completely forgotten their strength, as they were still only at the stage of killing mutated beast. All they knew was that if they could obtain one, then they would have everything they had imagined.

Even if they couldn't get the Rune Fragments, even if they could get the rune, they could still sell it for an immeasurably high price.

This kind of strength was even more mysterious and powerful than that of the Power of the Stars. Not only was the Federation and the other empires looking for Rune Fragments s, even the alien Blue Kee s were searching for them. It was evident just how precious the Rune Fragments s were.

Such a massive opportunity was right in front of them. They couldn't be willing to miss it.

This rune beast was very high-profile, charging straight towards the outer parts of the mountain. Inside the mountain, regardless of whether it was a mutated beast or a mutated beast, no one dared to appear within a hundred meters of it, so the beasts instinctively feared it and hid far away. However, the human hunter, in order to obtain unimaginable benefits, disregarded life and death, chased after the rune beast and ran frantically.

Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi who were walking in front were also shocked by Bai Xiaoli's shout.

Cang Yan turned his head to look at him, "Have you been here before?"

Bai Xiaoli nodded his head, "The small rhinoceros is right in this mountain, it has been chasing and killing me all this time. I told it that I was here, it should come over very quickly.

Cang Yan had a lot of things he wanted to ask Bai Xiaoli, but now was not the time to do so. He could only endure it and find an opportunity to ask.

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