The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C37 Beat to death a rune beast
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C37 Beat to death a rune beast
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C37 Beat to death a rune beast

With a furious roar, the black Rune Shadow that was originally wrapped around the Frenzied Fire Rhino's body shot out in all directions like scythes harvesting lives. Its speed was simply too fast, and in an instant, it pierced through a few hunter's body.

The black Rune Shadow was like an irritable wild python, twisting in the air and killing off a few more hunter s in an instant.

In just a single exchange, dozens of corpses lay on the ground. All of them died without a complete corpse, and all of them fell to the ground in a heap. The air was filled with the thick smell of blood.

Someone shouted unhappily, "Watch it, I've already contacted the experts in the Tianjing City. They will be here very soon, we can't let this rune beast escape!"

Long Lan and Lowell had never seen such a bloody scene in their entire lives, so Long Lan immediately turned his head to vomit. Lowell's face was innocent as he pursed his lips, obviously trying his best to resist from feeling uncomfortable.

Cang Yan frowned, his expression grave.

Qiao Yisi had been standing perfectly straight at first, but now that the stench of blood in the air and his stomach was mixed together, his stomach started to churn and his face paled. He turned and ran, "I can't take it anymore, I'll go throw up for a while."

On the other hand, Bai Xiaoli was still sitting cross-legged on the ground with a calm and collected expression, as if he was watching a play.

The Frenzied Fire Rhino looked at the human who was running far away with disdain. Its blood-red eyes, once again locked onto the skinny figure who was not far away.

"Hou ?!"

The Frenzied Fire Rhino let out a roar, and finally rushed towards the fiendish demon that had snatched its Rune Fragments, determined to snatch it back.

Bai Xiaoli jumped up from the ground, laughed and rushed towards the Frenzied Fire Rhino, "small rhinoceros, why are you still so irritable? Your white grandfather is full, and I have the strength to beat you up today. "

The hunter s who were lucky enough to escape were thinking of a way to keep the rune alive when they saw a skinny figure charge towards the rune.

They were all stunned.

"Who is that person? All of us, together, are not a match for this rune, yet he actually rushed up to it alone.

"Since you are rushing to your death, there is no need for us to stop you. It just so happens that you can give us some time to wait for the experts of the Tianjing City to arrive."

"This is a good idea, use your life to fill in the gaps, delay the rune and don't let it escape!"

He did not rashly rush up. He was very clear that the defense of a rune was extremely high, and it was definitely not something that he could break through with his current strength. If he rashly rushed up, not only would he not be able to help with the small fence, but he would also be a burden to him.

If the little fence died, then he would die with him. If the little fence could live, then he would overestimate himself and charge up, and would instead be killed. That way, he would truly harm Bai Xiaoli. What he had to do now was to guard against the hunter's sneak attack on the small fence.

Bai Xiaoli ran all the way as he charged towards the Frenzied Fire Rhino s, and just as he was about to collide with them, Bai Xiaoli's legs stepped on the ground, his entire body leapt high into the air, his two feet struck the air left and right, forming a Zigzag as he jumped high into the air. Everyone who saw this scene opened their mouths wide, they did not dare to believe that this person would actually go up in the sky like this?

After reaching a certain height, Bai Xiaoli punched towards the Frenzied Fire Rhino's head!

The Frenzied Fire Rhino was like a bull trying to crack a horn, with one head sticking out a gigantic single rune. This rune was very illusionary, but if one looked carefully, the Rune Shadow surrounding the Frenzied Fire Rhino's entire body was actually formed by this kind of rune. They wanted to see clearly what shape this rune had, but no matter what, they could not see it clearly. At that moment, the Frenzied Fire Rhino immediately used its head to push out a gigantic rune to block Bai Xiaoli's attack.

Although his jade like fist seemed to easily smash onto the Rune Shadow, it was actually as heavy as a thousand kilograms.

With a loud "boom", the ground where the Frenzied Fire Rhino was standing on cracked into pieces, and its enormous body directly sank into the soil!

Bai Xiaoli somersaulted, and landed steadily on the ground, sliding for a few meters before stopping.

Cang Yan's high and mighty heart was finally relaxed because of this strike. Bai Xiaoli had the strength to fight against this rune.

The hunter s who were waiting to see this fellow be killed by the rune were all so shocked that their jaws were dislocated and their eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets.

The Frenzied Fire Rhino crawled out from the pit with a roar, while the Rune Shadow wrapped around its body shot towards Bai Xiaoli like a bunch of poisonous snakes.

Bai Xiaoli ran like the wind to welcome it, but just as the Rune Shadow was about to penetrate his body, he leapt up lightly and stood on top of the Rune Shadow, then followed the long path laid out by the Rune Shadow to charge towards the Frenzied Fire Rhino!

Everyone watching: "?"

How could a person on the Rune Shadow stand? Are you kidding me?!

When the Frenzied Fire Rhino saw that Bai Xiaoli still had such a method, the flying Rune Shadow rolled back, wanting to strangle Bai Xiaoli to death.

Bai Xiaoli's body was as light as a butterfly, shuttling back and forth in the Rune Shadow, allowing the Rune Shadow to follow behind him. When Bai Xiaoli finally came out from the Rune Shadow's encirclement, everyone was shocked to find that the life threatening scythes of the Rune Shadow s had actually formed a dead knot!

He wanted to pull back, but he realized that he couldn't move at all. Not waiting for the Frenzied Fire Rhino to escape, Bai Xiaoli grabbed hold of the Rune Shadow that was tied into a knot and pulled it out forcefully, pulling the other side of the Rune Shadow out, then with a "boom", he smashed it onto the ground, and continued to pull, continuing to slap.

As a result, 'boom' sounds never stopped. The earth trembled as cracks as thick as thighs spread out in all directions.

Everyone looked at this scene numbly. This scene was simply a joke. It was as if a child was pulling a huge cloth doll and throwing it on the ground.

But this was not a cloth doll, but a genuine rune beast! There was such a contrast in size! Where did this monster come from, how could it have such terrifying power?!

Originally, Bai Xiaoli wanted to throw the small rhinoceros to death just like that, so he could drag it home to eat meat. But the hand he used was empty, and the Rune Shadow that was tied up into a knot directly crumbled into energy powder.

Bai Xiaoli was shocked. He did not feel any discomfort and decided to not bother with it for the time being.

Once the Frenzied Fire Rhino lost its Rune Shadow, it roared towards the sky in irritation. It was fine if it took away the Rune Fragments, but it even wanted to take away the last bit of Power of rune left behind.

Bai Xiaoli jumped back and the Frenzied Fire Rhino's head hit the ground. Bai Xiaoli took this opportunity to jump onto the Frenzied Fire Rhino's head and raised his little fist.

Although it looked like it was lightly punching, the feeling that the Frenzied Fire Rhino felt was completely different. It frantically shook its head and wanted to throw Bai Xiaoli off, but Bai Xiaoli held onto its horn and stood steadily, just not coming down.

Without the protection of the Rune Shadow, it was not a match for Bai Xiaoli at all. After a long period of struggling, the Frenzied Fire Rhino finally fell to the ground with a boom, dead on all fours.

Everyone: "..."

Just like that, a rune was given away by this fellow ? Beat him to death?!

Mom, where did this monster come from?!

Bai Xiaoli kicked the Frenzied Fire Rhino and seeing that it was truly dead, he grabbed onto a leg and threw it into the air. As if he was the champion of weights, he supported himself with both arms above his head and carried the Frenzied Fire Rhino down, running towards Cang Yan and the others like a little ant, carrying food that was countless times bigger than him, it was extremely funny.

"Got it, got it, we can go back and eat meat!" Bai Xiaoli was extremely happy and shouted as he ran.

Cang Yan was already dizzy from the shock. He finally understood the true strength of his family's soul beast.

"Stop!" Put down the rune! " The shocked hunter saw that the little monster was actually going to carry the rune away, how could he endure this?

When the rune was still alive, they were afraid of the rune because it was too strong and did not dare to fight. Now that the rune was dead, what was there to be afraid of? He was definitely going to snatch it.

Although they did not understand why the Rune Shadow suddenly disappeared in the end, since it was a rune, then the Rune Fragments must still be inside the rune's body.

How could they have known that the Rune Fragments was not here anymore? Otherwise, it would not have been killed so easily.

They had never met a real rune before, and could not even differentiate between the two. They only knew the characteristics, and furthermore, this Frenzied Fire Rhino was indeed a rune before.

When Cang Yan saw that the hunter wanted to snatch the rune, he raised his two guns.

Qiao Yisi and Long Lan also stopped vomiting, they all picked up their weapons, Lowell's bare fists, all his muscles tensed up, ready to strike.

When facing the rune, they were not its opponent, but also had a heart of fear. Now that they were facing the hunter, they wanted to snatch Bai Xiaoli's things, they could not tolerate that!

The hunter s were obviously not prepared to let Bai Xiaoli go. Cang Yan and the rest were still quite a distance away from Bai Xiaoli.

Bai Xiaoli looked at them and coldly snorted: "If you guys just let me go, then wouldn't that mean that I, the Bai, will lose a lot of face?"

Even if the hunter were not the same small team, they would still be facing the same enemy at the moment, so they would definitely let the rune stay.

"Brat, if you don't want to die, then put down the rune. We can let you go."

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