The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C38 Carry the prey and run
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C38 Carry the prey and run
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C38 Carry the prey and run

"Don't think that you can escape from us just because you can defeat the rune. The rune is a beast after all. It has no brains. It is impossible for you to escape from us."

"Kid, you look young. Have you reached adulthood yet? Why not join our hunting team? You'll get the most benefits, what do you say? "

Bai Xiaoli thought for a while, then asked: "How high is it?"

The hunter: "?"

What was the point of asking such a question? Wasn't it usually to ask what benefits were there? Who would ask how tall? This was simply too out of line.

hunter hesitated for a moment before speaking: "The higher you want to be, the higher you will be."

This kid who came from who knows where, although he looked young, his strength was terrifying. If they could recruit him into their team, it would definitely be a heavenly blessing, and more importantly, this rune would also belong to their hunting team.

Bai Xiaoli: "Gao, Gao Le Gao? I hear it's delicious, do you have it? "

hunter was completely confused. Was this because his intelligence was low or was there a problem with his intelligence? Why did it feel like their conversation was not on the same channel? Who could tell him what the hell was going on?

The surrounding hunter could no longer stand it, and shouted, "Put down the rune!"


Smoke and dust rose in all directions, and the earth trembled. Everyone followed suit and jumped.

All the hunter were stunned. Didn't they say just a moment ago that it would be embarrassing to let it go?

hunter who just shouted out was extremely excited, must have been shocked by his roar? It seemed like his deterrence level was still quite high.

The hunter continued to shout: "Back off! We will accept this rune! "

Bai Xiaoli very obediently retreated, stood firmly behind the Frenzied Fire Rhino's butt, then gave a very enchanting and beautiful smile. Everyone was stunned, their souls flying away from the sudden smile.

Bai Xiaoli grabbed the Frenzied Fire Rhino's tail and swung it, causing the Frenzied Fire Rhino to spin at 360 degrees. All of the hunter surrounding him were like bowling balls, as they were all sent flying, he did not know if they were alive or dead. All he knew was that if someone wanted to steal his food, that person would be his enemy!

With no one left to block the way, Bai Xiaoli carried his Frenzied Fire Rhino and rushed towards Cang Yan and the others.


Bai Xiaoli carried a huge monster on his shoulder and ran quickly on the ground. Cang Yan and the others followed behind and cut off his rear, but no one offered any help. No one could move this gigantic thing! He was simply too embarrassed to say anything!

What made them even more embarrassed was that Bai Xiaoli was carrying a dozen tons of Frenzied Fire Rhino and was running extremely fast. They were even panting from running behind as they ran, they simply did not have the time to see it!

Bai Xiaoli was in the middle of the forest, holding his Frenzied Fire Rhino and sprinting. After passing through a few tree s, he misjudged his location and found that the Frenzied Fire Rhino was stuck between a few stalks of tree.

Cang Yan and the others, "..."

Bai Xiaoli ran back and grabbed onto one of the legs of the Frenzied Fire Rhino and desperately tried to pull it out. Cang Yan and the rest desperately tried to push it forward, causing the few tree s to sway with a creaking sound.

Bai Xiaoli dragged for a long time, but still could not pull out his prey, he was finally angry. Walking over, a tree gave it a punch, and with a few loud bangs, the few tree that trapped the Frenzied Fire Rhino, were all brutally slaughtered, and were snapped at the waist.


When Cang Yan and the others saw this scene, they were so shocked that they were numb. They looked at Bai Xiaoli expressionlessly and carried their Frenzied Fire Rhino, continuing to run forward.

The beast and the man were fighting. From the looks of the battle, the beast had the upper hand, and the teenager who was fighting with it was in a sorry state. His clothes were tattered and there was blood on his body, indicating that he was injured.

Bai Xiaoli carried the Frenzied Fire Rhino and looked left and right. Both sides were in the dense forest, so after entering, they would definitely be stuck here. Only this path would be blocked, so Bai Xiaoli shouted towards his back, "Cang Yan, is this just a strange beast or a mutated beast?"

Cang Yan saw that Bai Xiaoli had stopped and had already walked forward quickly. With just a glance, he could tell who it was.

"Level two beast, Stinger porcupine, its entire body is covered with spikes that are like steel needles. It can shoot out attacks, and its attack is very strong."

Cang Yan thought for a while, then added, "The meat is delicious."

Bai Xiaoli, who was originally indifferent to the situation, disliked that the beast was only level 2. Its level was too low and the meat should not be tasty, but after hearing what Cang Yan said, his eyes immediately lit up and he started salivating.

Upon hearing the conversation, the duo who were fighting at the front turned to look at the source of the commotion.

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