The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C39 Save the teenager from getting in the way
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C39 Save the teenager from getting in the way
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C39 Save the teenager from getting in the way

The moment the youth saw someone approaching, he was overjoyed. He was finally saved, however, when he saw a small and thin figure holding up such a huge object, he was shocked.

When the Stinger porcupine saw that familiar figure, all the needles on its body exploded, taking advantage of the youth being caught unawares, it smashed its head into his stomach and sent him flying. The Stinger porcupine could not care less about its prey, it turned around and ran.

"Stop right there!" I'm talking about you, don't run! "

Such fresh and delicious meat, how could Bai Xiaoli let it escape?

He casually threw the Frenzied Fire Rhino's corpse away, and amidst a loud bang, the ground jumped as well, while Bai Xiaoli had already rushed out in a straight line.

The Stinger porcupine that was running away first was actually caught up to by Bai Xiaoli easily and was killed by his fist.

The youth's eyeballs nearly fell out of his sockets.

What kind of expert did he meet?

It had always been the beasts chasing after him. But now, not only did he turn around and run, he was also chasing after him with all his might. Just how much did he like this strange beast! More importantly, this man had easily killed this rank 2 beast that had almost taken his life. He had beaten it to death, dead ?

"Are you all right? Can you stand up? " Long Lan ran over to help. The young man was young, and looked to be about the same age as Long Lan. He was very handsome, with very white skin.

The youth closed his jaw that had almost been dislocated and turned his face around in a daze. He saw a fair and clean boy with a baby face. His round eyes were filled with concern. He looked a little silly and cute.

The young man touched his ribs and smiled, squinting his eyes, "I did manage to survive. However, two of my ribs seem to have been broken."

Long Lan, "..."

You can still smile so well when you have a broken rib? This can't be some weird thing, right?

Long Lan helped the youth stand up, and the youth looked in the other direction.

It turned out that Bai Xiaoli had already grabbed the Stinger porcupine's leg and was running back while dragging it.

The youth was extremely impressed by this fierce man. He smiled as he thanked him. "Thank you for saving me."

Bai Xiaoli stared at him for a while, then suddenly hid the Stinger porcupine behind his back, "Mine."

Youth: "..."

Sure enough, he did not do it to save her, but he did it for the Stinger porcupine? The teenager suddenly had a feeling that he wasn't as important as the Stinger porcupine.

The young man didn't seem to care at all and continued to smile, "Hello, my name is Kaiyin Lin, what are your names?"

"Long Lan, his name is Bai Xiaoli." Long Lan introduced himself, and also introduced himself to Bai Xiaoli.

After saying that, Long Lan finally reacted, "Kaiyin Lin? Are you one of the three people who scored a full score in the first grade of Tianjing Academy's Combat Department, Kaiin Lin? "

Kaiyin was also surprised. "It's me, are you also students of the Tianjing Academy?"

Long Lan laughed: "We are all students of the Tianjing Academy, moreover, Bai Xiaoli is also a student who has a perfect score in actual combat."

Kaiyin looked at Bai Xiaoli again. With this level of strength, it shouldn't be normal for him to get a perfect score on the exam right?

"Ah ~, what luck! We actually met our alumni here, or else we'd be dead for sure." Kaiyin said with a smile.

Long Lan asked doubtfully, "The school has already started a week ago, why did you not go to school and instead stay here?"

Bai Xiaoli and Ma Nan were both in school. Bai Xiaoli had joined the Blue Wolf Team, and Ma Nan had joined the Sunburn Team, but only Kaiyin was still free. The Black God Team went to Kaiyin's class several times a day to look for someone, and no matter what, he had to pull Kaiyin into the Black God Team. Otherwise, Xie Anshen would feel extremely humiliated.

Probably, even in his wildest dreams, Xie Anshen would never have thought that the person they had been waiting for would actually be in the mountain outside the city.

Kaiyin continued to squint, looking very good-natured, "I'm hunting to earn some money, and I haven't collected enough tuition fees, so I'll take a leave of absence from the academy first. I'll go to school after I pay the tuition."

Long Lan, "..."

This answer was truly unexpected.

"Great, we are all lacking in money, why don't you join us? We'll make money together. " Qiao Yisi walked over elegantly with a smile on his handsome face. His entire person was shining, like a peacock in heat, full of flirtatious feelings.

Kaiyin looked at the person who spoke. He did not know if it was because he was shocked by Qiao Yisi's playful temperament, but even his smiling eyes opened a little, and the smile on his face stiffened for a moment.

"You guys also need money?" Kayin asked.

Long Lan said awkwardly: "This month, I can only rely on my meal card to support me, my pocket money does not exceed two digits."

Kaiyin looked at the quiet Bai Xiaoli.

Bai Xiaoli replied, "I don't have money."

Long Lan coughed dryly, "Hmm, a little fence is someone who doesn't even have two digits."

Kaiyin: "..."

Lowell scratched his head and laughed heartily: "My family's condition is not good, and the tuition fees are also the savings accumulated over the years by my parents."

Qiao Yisi spread his hands out, "Cang Yan and I are the same. All of our expenses, we earned by ourselves.

Long Lan was shocked, "Senior, you're so powerful, did you earn enough money to buy both cars?"

Qiao Yisi, "..."

Brother, can you not be so honest at this time? Comrades must have a comrade-in-arms, right? You aren't just trying to undermine me, you're just looking for trouble, brother!

"The SUV is mine." Cang Yan spoke up to save his.

"One is traveling in the city while the other is out hunting. These two cars have to be bought even if they sell kidneys. We can't go hunting on foot anyway. All our savings for the past two years were basically spent on the vehicles." Qiao Yisi said.

Kaiyin smiled and said, "Since everyone is so short on money, let's all go together."

Qiao Yisi took the opportunity to say: "We have also created a Team, and are preparing to participate in the competition. I think there should be people who do not know what level of competition this is, so I think that you want to participate?"

After Qiao Yisi finished speaking, he suddenly saw Bai Xiaoli who was standing at the side. He immediately felt that his teeth had started to ache again. There was actually someone who didn't know about it?

Cang Yan obviously noticed this problem as he asked, "Do you know what the World Symbol Battlefield Competition is?"

Bai Xiaoli shook his head, "I don't know."

Qiao Yisi, "..."

Could he slap his face a little more promptly?

Cang Yan looked at Long Lan, "You didn't tell him?"

Long Lan also shook his head. The problem was, even if he did say it, it would be meaningless, so who could really reach that height? Being able to represent the Tianjing Academy was already considered as the best result, right?

Then why did you all join the Team? Cang Yan was a little speechless.

Long Lan said honestly: "I am a little short of money, I plan to take the Academy's bonus."

Cang Yan, "..."

Bai Xiaoli added, "Use your bonus to buy meat to eat."

Cang Yan, "..."

Cang Yan coughed dryly. His family's soul beast was really cute, its purpose was so simple.

"Little Hedge, let me explain to you, 'World Symbol Battlefield Competition' is a world-class competition, which is held once every 30 years with a lot of restrictions. The biggest limitations are the age of the participants and the number of people participating, all of the participants must be at least 22 years old, and the maximum number of participants in the competition is eight people in Team, five Official Member s, and three Substitute s. The first place would be chosen by the various nations, then the nation would fight with the nation, and the final victor would be chosen. The nation that wins, will have the chance to rule over the Holy City in the Sky for 30 years.

Cang Yan briefly explained the tournament they were participating in. He did not go into details, and with Bai Xiaoli's personality, he did not want to hear any details about the tournament, even the basic information about the tournament was not what he wanted to hear.

Bai Xiaoli became suspicious, "What is a Holy City in the Sky?"

Just from the name, it seemed very lofty?

Cang Yan said: "It is a very mysterious place, only those who win the competition can enter. I heard that it is a place supported by many rune, it is filled with mysterious Power of rune s."

Bai Xiaoli's eyes immediately lit up, "Are there a lot of rune there?"

"Maybe." Cang Yan could tell that Bai Xiaoli was interested in the rune the moment he saw Bai Xiaoli's bright eyes.

"I want to go to Holy City in the Sky!" Bai Xiaoli decisively decided.

Cang Yan, "..."

So that's how you want the rune? In this world, other than meat, are rune the only ones that attract you the most?

When Kaiyin saw this, he smiled and said, "Since even such an expert is in your Team, what else do I have to be picky about? Count me in, I'll join, I'll also go play in Symbol Battlefield Competition. "

"Welcome to Blue Wolf Team, I am the team leader, Cang Yan."

"I am Vice Captain Qiao Yisi."

Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi shook hands with Kaiyin separately, and then Qiao Yisi introduced the other people from the Team to Kaiyin, the atmosphere was very harmonious.

After getting to know the others in Team, Kaiyin finally looked at the gigantic creature that was completely red.

"Did you kill that? Looking at its size, it should be of quite a high level, right? "

Qiao Yisi was rather proud, "That's a rune beast, it was killed by a small fencing by one person. A group of hunter wanted to snatch it away, so we were just running away."

Since Kaiyin was already one of his people, Qiao Yisi could simply tell him everything, and let him know clearly that their Team had experts guarding it.

As expected, when Kaiyin heard that it was a rune, he couldn't help but widen his smiling eyes. He looked at Bai Xiaoli in disbelief, "You're really a first grade Tianjing Academy freshman?"

"Yes." Bai Xiaoli nodded.

"Just what kind of strength do you have to be able to kill a rune by yourself?"

Kaiyin felt like he was going crazy. What they learned at school, were they all fake? A group of experts besieging the rune, would they suffer heavy losses? Where were the losses? Bai Xiaoli had beaten him to death by himself ? was that good? Was Bai Xiaoli too strong, or was he exaggerating?

"E Class Orange Star Stage Two." Bai Xiaoli answered honestly.

"E-E?!" Kaiyin was shocked.

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