The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C4 I want to eat meat here
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C4 I want to eat meat here
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C4 I want to eat meat here

As Bai Xiaoli stood on the busy streets of the great city, he had long ago become speechless from the shock of what he saw. He looked at the colorful new world with his mouth agape, his small face full of excitement and joy.

He liked it here. There were so many people. It was so lively!

Bai Xiaoli excitedly opened his arms wide, just as he was about to shout out, he announced, "I, Bai Xiaoli ?"

"Di ?"

"Beep, beep ~ ~"

"Beep, beep, beep ~ ~"

"Are you f * cking looking to die!?" Are you tired of standing in the middle of the road?! " The chauffeur, who had narrowly avoided being hit by the steering wheel, angrily stuck his head out and roared.

"Di ? ? Zhi ? ? Peng!" "Boom!"

Just as the car in front dodged the man standing in the driveway, the car behind sped over and crashed into the man before it could react.

The driver felt as if he had hit a stone block. The person who was hit was still standing, only taking a few steps back, but the car that had hit him flipped over his head with a whistling sound. It flipped twice in the air before finally crashing into the road with a "boom".

Bai Xiaoli looked at the thing that struck him strangely, then looked at the thing that rolled over his head and smashed down at the same time. Bai Xiaoli suspected that there was something that could push him back a few steps, it was really powerful.

Many passersby saw this scene, but in their eyes, it was a speeding car. When it was about to collide with someone, it was too fast and the inertia was too great, it directly flipped over that person's head and did not collide with him. Otherwise, why would the person who was hit not fly, but instead the car?

Only the driver knew that he had really run into someone, that the person who was hit was fine, yet his car had flown away. This incident was too strange, causing the driver, who survived by luck, to have a deep psychological trauma from now on, unable to drive anymore.

If the car didn't crash into anyone, then the car's front end would be completely deflected in. What kind of impact force was needed to cause such an effect?

Before the traffic police arrived, a wretched man rushed into the driveway, taking advantage of the chaos to drag the 'frightened' person onto the sidewalk. "Come, come, Uncle will take you to buy some good food."

Ever since Bai Xiaoli entered the city, the vulgar man had been following behind Bai Xiaoli the whole way. He was finally able to confirm one thing ? ? This little beauty was really stupid.

The vulgar man felt that he had a chance to earn money. It was because the little beauty was too outstanding. She was young, yet she was alone. That was why he had such ill intentions.

Seeing that the little beauty was walking right in the middle of the road, he knew that "her" brain wasn't very bright. But it didn't matter, as long as her face and figure were good enough to sell for a good price, her intelligence wasn't important.

Who would want a plaything with a brain?

It had to be said that this little beauty was truly lucky. She did not get hit by the car, but had the car fly over her head.

Hearing "yummy", Bai Xiaoli's eyes immediately lit up. He had been starving for too long, so how could he endure it after hearing "eat".

"I want to eat meat."

The wretched man nodded his head in satisfaction. Although his brain was bad, his mouth was sharp and his voice was pleasant to hear. If he were to scream, he would definitely be enchanting.

"Good, good, good. Eat the meat, eat the meat. Uncle will take you to 'eat the meat'."

The vulgar man pulled Bai Xiaoli along as they hurried along the way. Not far ahead was the Heroes' Club, and selling "her" as a young miss was of such quality. There was no way that he could escape with 100 thousand federal coins.

He was almost there. The Heroes' Club was just one more street away.

Bai Xiaoli stopped in his tracks and did not move. No matter how the vulgar man pulled him, he did not leave.

The vulgar man was surprised. Aiyo, this little beauty looked extremely weak and had quite a bit of strength, but he was actually unable to pull her away.

"Why aren't you leaving? We'll be there soon. " The vulgar man was a little anxious, looking around with a guilty conscience.

Bai Xiaoli extended his pure white hand and pointed, "I want to eat meat here."

They were currently standing at the entrance of the Tianjing Hotel. This was one of the top hotels in the Tianjing City, and the food inside was extremely expensive, ordinary people wouldn't even be able to enter if they wanted to.

"Then ?" Let's go to another place to eat. The meat here is not tasty. " The vulgar man felt his voice tremble.

Bai Xiaoli stubbornly said: "No, I want to eat here. I smell it, it's very delicious."

You really f * cking know how to pick a place. How can the food here not be tasty? All they eat is money.

The vulgar man only wanted to go crazy.

No matter how much the perverted man tried to coax him, Bai Xiaoli just refused to leave. He couldn't drag him away, and when he saw such a good guy, he couldn't bear to give him up. After thinking about it again and again, he gritted his teeth and decided to just treat it as an investment.

If one wanted to enter this kind of hotel, one must first dress properly, like Bai Xiaoli who was like a beggar, who could not enter at all.

As a result, the perverted man gritted his teeth and bought a set of decent clothes for Bai Xiaoli. He looked completely new, from inside to outside, causing the perverted man to gulp down his saliva, thinking that the investment was worth it.

But... Wasn't his chest a little too flat? This was a good excuse to deduct money.

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