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C40 Silent leveling up

Long Lan was also in a mess, "Wait, that fence, did you remember wrongly? When you started school, wasn't it an F Class Crimson Star Second Phase student? Above the second phase, there were still three more segments. Only after the peak of the third phase would one be able to step into the E Class Orange Star phase. Furthermore, crossing the F Class and E Class natural moat wasn't something one could do just by crossing it. Your highest peak value is 60 Matho s and you are at the second phase F grade Red Star.

Bai Xiaoli answered calmly, "Oh, I think my stellar force increased a little just now. Right now it's 200 Matho, isn't it E Class Orange Star Level Two?"

Actually, it was the Power of rune on the Frenzied Fire Rhino's body. After it entered Bai Xiaoli's body, the stellar force in his body was immediately unsealed to the 200 Matho.

Everyone: "..."

Would it be okay? What did he mean by "it seems to have improved"? Are your leveling so easy and quiet?

If he wasn't careful, he would level up? Was it a jump upgrade? He jumped directly from the F grade Red Star Second Phase to the E grade Orange Star Second Phase? Span 140 Matho, isn't this jump a bit too big, brother? This is like a joke, big brother?

Cang Yan's heart skipped a beat and he checked his own stellar force. Unexpectedly, he discovered that his stellar force had also increased, from the previous [E] Class Orange Star Level One hundred and thirty Matho, it had instantly increased to two hundred Matho, equal to Bai Xiaoli's stellar force.

If this was a simple cultivation, a 70 Matho stellar force stellar force, even if it was someone with good talent, it would take at least a year and a half to cultivate. But, he had suddenly jumped from 130 Matho to 200 Matho, this was the meaning of sharing the with the soul beast?

What Cang Yan did not understand was that since the stellar force was shared, he could share the soul beast's stellar force, and the soul beast could also share his stellar force.

However, before this, Bai Xiaoli was an F Class Level Two Scarlet Star, and he only had 60 Matho s. Yet, Cang Yan had an E Class Orange Star Level One, and the stellar force of 130 Matho, so why couldn't he share his own stellar force with Bai Xiaoli?

That's not right.

The sharing of stellar force should be shared equally between Soul Beast Master and soul beast.

In other words, Bai Xiaoli had increased his Matho from 60 to 200, increasing it by a total of 140 Matho s. According to the stellar force Sharing System, he should have increased his Matho by 140 Matho s from the original level. Where did the other seventy Matho go?

Could it be ? A leak?

Or ? Which segment had been used up?

The meaning behind sharing the stellar force, was that the Soul Beast Master and the soul beast's stellar force s were of the same level, so it had nothing to do with increasing the number of Matho s, as long as the value of the stellar force was the same.

What was it?

Cang Yan did not understand.

Soul Beast Master was rarer than Awakened ones and Talisman Cultivators, and there were fewer cases to learn from. Moreover, different Soul Beast Master s had different habits and soul beasts that could summon different kinds of soul beasts.

He was born with the Soul Sea and the dual seas being together. His clan had focused on raising him in the direction of the Soul Beast Master, but the things that he knew about the Soul Beast Master in his clan, were completely unable to be applied to himself and Bai Xiaoli.

Their path seemed to have been deviated from their path from the start. Otherwise, they wouldn't have lost the control of their soul beasts and survived in this world for four years.

Cang Yan sighed, he still knew too little.

Kaiyin wanted to say, even if you're an E-class Orange Star Level Two, you still wouldn't be able to kill a rune by yourself, Big Brother!

Qiao Yisi then wrapped his arm around Bai Xiaoli's neck and shook him: "You brat, you just entered the school and already have 200 Matho, where are we seniors going to put our faces?"

Bai Xiaoli was expressionless, he could not move at all, it was extremely funny.

Cang Yan said: "Alright, it's almost dark, we should be rushing back to the city now, maybe it's too late, we already have the matter of the rune and it should have already been spread to the Tianjing City, we cannot brazenly bring the Frenzied Fire Rhino back to the city, it's too eye-catching, furthermore, our car can't take away such a big prey."

Qiao Yisi was very unwilling, "This is a rune, every piece of meat contains a dense Power of rune, every bite of it can increase one's own stellar force, but I can't bring it back. I'm really not willing to accept this, I just wish we didn't have a single rune storage kit, if not we wouldn't have to carry it like this."

rune storage kit were shockingly expensive, and normal rich people couldn't afford them at all. Furthermore, it was very difficult to buy them, and poor bastards like them didn't even have the qualifications to touch them.

Long Lan hesitated and said, "How about, I go back for a while? My mother has a necklace, so the necklace is like a rune storage kit.

"Your family even has rune storage kit, are you a fuerdai?" Qiao Yisi said in an exaggerated manner.

Long Lan scratched his head and said embarrassedly: "That is my mother's things. Grandfather gave it to me.

Cang Yan was a little surprised, "Which family is your maternal grandfather from?"

Long Lan was a little hesitant, he did not want to bring up his grandfather's home, but still replied, "Carter family."

Qiao Yisi immediately looked at Cang Yan, but Cang Yan remained silent.

How could this be considered a condition? The Carter family of one of the three big families in Tianjing City, could be considered a top family in the entire Tianjing City? She really did not expect that in their Team, there would be another hidden rich second generation?

Long Lan was afraid that they would misunderstand and explained: "I don't have any relationship with the Carter family, and you guys don't need to mention any rich second generations, I don't think any rich second generations like me are so poor that they can only rely on their meal cards to survive?"

The question that Cang Yan was most concerned about was not whether or not Long Lan was a part of the Carter family, but rather, whether or not he was a part of it.

"Long Lan, do the Carter family know about the fence?" Bai Xiaoli was so special, if he was targeted by a large clan, it would definitely not be a joke.

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