The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C41 From now on i will be nurtured by cang yan
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C41 From now on i will be nurtured by cang yan
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C41 From now on i will be nurtured by cang yan

"I don't know, my mother and I don't live in Carter family. We live outside alone, and my mother rarely goes home. Most of the time, Hedge and I are at home." Long Lan didn't like the Carter family, so why would he bring him there?

Only then did Cang Yan relax. He only wanted to fight in a safe and stable manner, and didn't want to create unnecessary troubles.

"No need to specially go back to get the rune storage kit. Even if you bring them all back, it won't be easy to deal with them." Cang Yan tactfully rejected his.

Such a large Frenzied Fire Rhino could not be found in a large city, let alone a small city like the Tianjing City. There was no need to trouble Long Lan to go there alone.

Cang Yan felt that it would be better to discuss it with Bai Xiaoli. They couldn't just bring the entire Frenzied Fire Rhino back, it would be too eye-catching.

"Hedge... "What about the fence?" Cang Yan looked up and saw that Bai Xiaoli had already disappeared.


A deep sound of flesh and blood being ripped could be heard, a few people turned their heads to look, only to see Bai Xiaoli's extremely fierce arm digging into the Frenzied Fire Rhino's body, as though he was digging for something.

The few of them were all shocked, thinking about how Bai Xiaoli would pull out his bloodied arm, and how his stomach, which had just calmed down a moment ago, would once again start to churn. Long Lan, already, did not dare look at the bloody scene.

Cang Yan walked over. He had seen too much bloodshed, and was already accustomed to all of this, "What are you doing?"

Bai Xiaoli pulled out his arm, it was not stained with blood as others had expected. His fair arm was wrapped in a layer of orange light, not stained with any blood at all.

Cang Yan was startled, he did not know what kind of operation Bai Xiaoli was using, how he was able to wrap the stellar force around his arm, such an exquisite manipulation, Cang Yan had never seen it before, but had Bai Xiaoli already mastered the stellar force to this degree?

Under normal circumstances, when making defenses, one would be able to use the star ring on their body, just like a golden bell cover. If it was used on their body, it would be able to accurately use the stellar force at the desired location, what kind of control was this?

"Here you go." Bai Xiaoli gave the thing he grabbed out to Cang Yan.

This Beast Pill was the size of a ping pong ball, its entire body was releasing a yellow glow, proving that this was the Frenzied Fire Rhino's level when it was a beast. It was a level 4 beast, but this Beast Pill was not an ordinary Beast Pill, within the yellow color, there were traces of black moving around. Cang Yan knew that this was the Power of rune, just by holding it in his hand, he could feel the surging power inside the Beast Pill.

"For me?" Cang Yan was a little surprised. Could it be that the little fence did not know the value of Rune Beast Pill?

"Mm, I can't use it." Bai Xiaoli did not care about the value at all. He only knew that he could and couldn't use it.

Cang Yan looked at the Beast Pill and felt some joy in his heart. The reason for his joy was not because of this Level Four Beast Pill, but because Bai Xiaoli had gotten the good stuff and thought of him right away. This made him feel extremely warm.

"Thank you." "I can't take this Beast Pill, you should give it to Long Lan as a gift. He has taken care of you for so long, you should thank him properly.

Bai Xiaoli wrinkled his nose, he was unhappy, "I am not wearing his, my own robes."

Cang Yan, "..."

Is that the point?

Bai Xiaoli was a little unhappy, he pouted and said, "He keeps me, I teach Gu Wu, help him cultivate, and let him take the Tianjing Academy exam.

Cang Yan laughed, his eyes filled with gentleness, "Alright, I got it, a fence is a fence with principles, if you know that it is worth exchanging, then, I will raise you in the future, okay?"

This was what Cang Yan was thinking. After he finished speaking, he was a little uncertain in his heart, unsure if Bai Xiaoli was willing to allow him to raise them.

Of course, he had to raise his own little soul beast.

Bai Xiaoli didn't even think about it and was about to agree. When his words were about to reach his mouth, he said worriedly: "I want to eat a lot and a lot of meat."

Cang Yan laughed, he had already seen through his thoughts, "Alright, you can eat however much you want, but you have to eat behind my back, you can't eat like this in front of others, it will scare others away."

"Alright." Bai Xiaoli nodded without hesitation, "I'll let you raise me from now on."

In Bai Xiaoli's opinion, there was a contract between them, so Cang Yan should have raised him up. Just like how he promised those cultivators to be the guardian beast of the sect and the sect to support him, he should also give the sect protection.

Equivalent exchange.

Bai Xiaoli took the Beast Pill and walked towards Long Lan. Long Lan did not smell the dense smell of blood, so his expression was much better.

"This is for you." Bai Xiaoli handed the Beast Pill over to Long Lan.

Long Lan's face was instantly smashed by happiness, and was in disbelief. He stared at the yellow Beast Pill in Bai Xiaoli's hands, and was moved to tears. When did the little fence become so considerate? Are you sure he's not dreaming?

"True... really give it to me? " He must be dreaming.

"Yes, here you are. I don't need you to raise me from now on, Cang Yan will raise me. " Bai Xiaoli spoke the truth frankly.

"Puff ?"

When Qiao Yisi, Kaiyin and Lowell heard this, they all burst out in laughter.

Wait, is something wrong? It was as if they had heard some strange word that had slipped in?

[What the hell is going on?

Was Bai Xiaoli raised by Long Lan in the past? Right now, he had found the next family and directly switched out the former financial backer. In the future, would he become Cang Yan's package and raise him?!

The three of them looked back and forth between Long Lan, Bai Xiaoli and Cang Yan with strange expressions.

Who would have thought that the story would be so complicated, and the inside story so complicated.

Long Lan looked at their meaningful gaze and immediately exploded, "Don't make people misunderstand your words! You don't have to pay me and you don't have to spend money. I'm just using the money that should be yours to buy meat for your tuition! "

Three people, "..."

So this was the truth?

Was it because they were too dirty or because their IQ was not high enough? They could not understand what Bai Xiaoli meant at all!

Bai Xiaoli calmly replied, "The meaning is the same."

"Where's the difference? It's not the same at all! " Long Lan crumbled.

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