The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C42 The white fence is a fierce man
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C42 The white fence is a fierce man
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C42 The white fence is a fierce man

Qiao Yisi couldn't help but burst out laughing, hanging onto Bai Xiaoli's body like a coward, teasing him, "Little fencing, I can raise you too, can you give this Beast Pill to me as a gift? I'll definitely buy you a lot of meat to eat in the future, okay? "

"Not good, you're too poor to buy meat." Bai Xiaoli rejected decisively.

Qiao Yisi staggered and almost fell down. When did his image of a poor guy become so popular? He really wanted to cry.

"How can you tell that I'm poor?" Qiao Yisi struggled to resist.

Bai Xiaoli asked him with dead fish eyes, "It was Cang Yan who paid for the meal in Tianjing Hotel, and also Cang Yan who paid for the take-out food in the dorm. You also said earlier, you are very poor, how can you raise me?"

Qiao Yisi, "..."

Heh heh, I suddenly feel like... So awkward.

The others had long since been unable to hold back their laughter. Qiao Yisi's skin was not ordinary thick, and facing this kind of laughter, it was completely neither painful nor itchy. It was just that he was a little heartbroken, not coaxing Bai Xiaoli's Rune Beast Pill.

Cang Yan unceremoniously kicked him away, his eyebrows were raised in a smile, and his mouth curved into a smile, "Don't tease him when there's nothing else."

This was a level 4 Beast Pill, if it was sold, Bai Xiaoli's expenses for following him, were simply nothing. Not only would he not lose money, he would even earn a huge sum of money. Of course, the key problem was not money, but Beast Pill s were hard to come by.

This kind of level four beast, Beast Pill, required a D-star or above strength to kill, this was only relative to a level four beast. For the Frenzied Fire Rhino that was affected by the Rune Fragments, its strength was stronger, and its value was higher, just from the Beast Pill, one could tell that the black Power of rune was worth a lot, and the value of this Beast Pill was very high!

"You, you, you really want to give it to me? Have you thought about it? If you give it to me, you aren't allowed to take it back? " Long Lan asked nervously, emotionally, and uncertainly.

This was a rune from a rune!

"Take it. This is what the fence wants." Cang Yan said, he was afraid that Long Lan would say the following sentence, "This Beast Pill can be exchanged for a lot of delicious meat". There was no need to doubt, as long as Long Lan said it like that, Bai Xiaoli would definitely not give the Beast Pill to him again.

After Long Lan confirmed it thrice, he carefully kept the Beast Pill, as if it was a treasure. He covered it for a long time, afraid that he would lose it, then he would die from crying.

No one objected. This Frenzied Fire Rhino was hunted by Bai Xiaoli alone. Whoever the Rune Beast Pill gave to was Bai Xiaoli's freedom.

Qiao Yisi was just joking around. Now that the Rune Beast Pill had an owner, it was about time to see the true appearance of the Rune Fragments.

"Since the Beast Pill has been taken out, then what about the Rune Fragments? Did you find it? That is the core of a rune. "

A few of them looked towards Bai Xiaoli with excited expressions.

In the 30 years since they were young, they have heard all kinds of heroic stories. The Dark Age, in their generation after generation, has produced many heroes who could shake the region, and almost all of these heroes have obtained Rune Fragments s, resulting in their rise in power. They had wished for these rune s for a long time, but had never found them.

Just when everyone was filled with anticipation, Bai Xiaoli shook his head. "There's no Rune Fragments."

How could there be no Rune Fragments? That is a rune beast!

The few of them were all shocked. If there were no Rune Fragments, then what kind of rune beast was it?!

Cang Yan did not understand the hidden meaning behind Bai Xiaoli's words. He did not think that it was true, "Did you look carefully?"

Bai Xiaoli continued to shake his head, "No, definitely not."

Qiao Yisi did not believe him, "How can you be so sure that there isn't any?"

The dead fish looked at Bai Xiaoli, "Because I ate him two years ago."

Everyone: "?"

His head was filled with questions, but none of them came up.

However, Cang Yan instantly understood how Bai Xiaoli could so easily kill this rune.

The true rune s were far more powerful than this. Even if one encountered a soul beast, and its level was not high enough, it would still be suppressed by the rune, not to mention, Bai Xiaoli only had the strength of 60 Matho.

So it was like this, this was a fake rune that had lost its Rune Fragments!

Everyone believed that rune beasts were the strongest, followed by soul beasts, then by mutated beasts, and finally by mutated beast s.

Of course, the rune here, was truly a beast that had merged with a Rune Fragments and obtained all the Power of rune. Its strength was terrifying to the point of being terrifying.

Qiao Yisi reacted and could not believe what he had heard, "Bai Xiaoli, don't tell me the reason why this Frenzied Fire Rhino hates you so much is because you stole its Rune Fragments?!"

The honest Bai Xiaoli nodded seriously, "Yes."

Everyone was stunned. What kind of terrifying little monster did they encounter? If you can even eat Rune Fragments, what else can you not eat?

No, that's not the main point, it's... Is the Rune Fragments edible?!

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