The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C43 All Beauties Are Able to Cuddle
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C43 All Beauties Are Able to Cuddle
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C43 All Beauties Are Able to Cuddle

To be able to snatch the rune's fragment from the hands of a real rune two years ago and to live to this day even after being pursued and killed by a furious rune for half a year, just what kind of vitality was this? This was too scary!

Wait! Bai Xiaoli's entrance stellar force test is 60 Matho, then two years ago, what was Bai Xiaoli's stellar force? Does he still have more stellar force?

They were about to kneel for white grandfather. Wasn't this too awesome? It was simply not something a human could do!

It was precisely because Bai Xiaoli said so that the others present "suddenly realized" that there was a reason why Bai Xiaoli was such a monster — since he had eaten a piece of the rune, how could he not be a monster?

— But, can rune fragments really be eaten? Was this a new posture after unlocking the rune fragments?

"I think in the future, we shouldn't call ourselves Team Ash Wolf, just directly call us Team rune. In the entire Tianjing City, which member could possibly possess a fragment of a rune? Only we have them! "Hahaha …"

Qiao Yisi was very proud of this. As a team member, he had a lot of face as Vice Captain.

After Bai Xiaoli said such explosive news, Cang Yan had been silently observing everyone's reactions. His Team would definitely not hold back on vicious and narrow-minded people.

Cang Yan was quite satisfied with the observation. Everyone's reaction was straightforward and they didn't have any strange thoughts.

"Even so, the rune is still a rune and the power of the rune had long permeated into the flesh and blood of the Frenzied Fire Rhino. Eating the meat of the rune will be of great help to everyone."

Cang Yan looked at the sky, "It's getting dark, we have to find a place to hide. The mountains at night will be very dangerous."

It was already very dangerous during the day, let alone during the night. Being so brazen in the middle of the mountain, wouldn't that make him the target of the beasts' hunting?

Cang Yan tilted his head and looked at Bai Xiaoli, saying warmly, "You're familiar with the mountains, do you know where we can hide safely?"

"I know, follow me."

As Bai Xiaoli said this, he carried the Frenzied Fire Rhino's corpse which was constantly oozing blood and ran back the way he came.

The Stinger porcupine was carried away by Lowell. The Stinger porcupine was a lot smaller than the Frenzied Fire Rhino, and as a heavy soldier, Lowell was completely capable of taking care of it.

The group of people followed Bai Xiaoli and ran deeper into the mountain.

At the beginning, Kaiyin could still barely keep up. After running for a short distance, his speed became slower and slower. His face became paler and paler. Every step he took, his broken ribs would hurt.

"Are you all right? Can you still persevere? " Long Lan ran beside Kaiyin and was very worried about his injuries.

Kaiyin's forehead was covered in sweat, but he was still smiling. "It's fine, I can persevere."

"You have to rely on your teammates at a time like this. Why are you still holding on? If you're injured, just obediently ask for help." Qiao Yisi, who was running in front, suddenly turned around and squatted down with his back facing Kaiyin, "Come on, I'll carry you."

Long Lan did not hesitate to give a thumbs up, "Senior, you really are a good person. I also want to carry Kaiyin on my back, but I can't."

Qiao Yisi sneered, "With your small body, it's already good enough that you don't want people to carry you. You still want people to carry you?"

Kaiyin was surprised. He didn't expect Qiao Yisi to suddenly come back to carry him. His expression was complicated, "No need, I'll go by myself."

Qiao Yisi did not waste any time with him. He stood up and directly carried the person in his arms. Then, he started to run forward. If he continued to delay any longer, they would fall behind.

Kaiyin had changed from surprise to shock, "Senior Qiao Yisi, let me down, I can walk by myself."

Qiao Yisi was unmoved, "You might like it more if I hug you. After all, those girls who want me to hug them, can already form a long line."

Kaiyin: "..."

Kayin: "I'm a boy. Thank you."

Qiao Yisi laughed and said, "It doesn't matter if you're male or female. As long as you're a beauty, I can carry you."

Kaiyin: "..."

You're way too brazen, you don't even have the chance to see it anymore.

Long Lan felt that he no longer had any ears to listen to. He increased his speed and ran in front of them.

Bai Xiaoli brought them back to where they used to live. Back then, even the Frenzied Fire Rhino could not do anything to Bai Xiaoli in the mountain cave which was located on top of the cliff.

After running down the cliff, Bai Xiaoli threw the Frenzied Fire Rhino on the ground. Then, he nimbly jumped down the cliff and quickly jumped into the cave.

The others who had landed on the ground were panting heavily. "…"

Looking up at the steep cliff, everyone felt tired. Compared to Bai Xiaoli, they were truly trash.

Bai Xiaoli stayed in the cave for a while. Seeing that no one followed him, he stuck his head out and looked down, "Come up."

Everyone: "..."

Long Lan was on the verge of collapse, "We actually want to go up, but how do we do that?"

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