The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C44 Two people who interact with each other
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C44 Two people who interact with each other
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C44 Two people who interact with each other

Bai Xiaoli thought for a bit, then slowly jumped down from above.

No one had the time to watch. This critical hit was too powerful, allowing them to rest for a bit.

Qiao Yisi asked doubtfully: "Long Lan, didn't I teach you for such a long time, Gu Wu? Can you jump on it? "

Puff ? -

Long Lan was simply about to vomit blood.

"..." "No." Long Lan held his breath.

Kaiyin asked with a smile, "The footwork on the fence is very special. What is that?"

Qiao Yisi followed and said, "I am more interested in the small fence that could ascend into the sky."

Bai Xiaoli said: "This is the Phantom Moon Step."

"Can we learn?" Long Lan immediately followed up with a question, "If everyone in the Team can ascend to the skies in one step, then wouldn't the competition grounds be too strong for us to handle?"

Cang Yan was tall and had long legs, he wore a set of wild clothes, and his handsome face looked blurry under the dim light.

He glanced at Long Lan, but didn't say anything.

With the relationship between Long Lan and the fence, asking this kind of question was indeed not considered excessive.

If Bai Xiaoli was really a descendant of some Gu Wu family, everything he had learned would be related to the family. For the continuation of the family, it would be impossible to impart the knowledge he had learned to others, and since Bai Xiaoli had agreed to be Long Lan's teacher, he could probably impart the knowledge he knew of.

Long Lan's question undoubtedly revealed the thoughts of others. Others might find it difficult to speak, but when they heard about Bai Xiaoli's true identity, they were afraid that it might affect their family's absolute arts, so they did not speak out. However, they could not help but look at Bai Xiaoli with bright and clear eyes.

Bai Xiaoli looked at Cang Yan, then looked at Long Lan, before finally looking at the others, "Can you guys learn it?"

Long Lan quickly nodded his head, "I can learn, I can."

The team members were all excited. Was this guy willing to teach them? If they could all learn this, then it would be too amazing.

Bai Xiaoli unrestrainedly laughed at them on the spot, "You guys won't learn it."

The members of the team: "..." Do you have to be so direct?

Afraid that they wouldn't accept it, Bai Xiaoli added on, "Xiao Lanlan took a year and a half to learn this."

"Pu" Long Lan was shot in the chest, he went crazy, "You never taught me how to learn this, how can I learn it?"

Bai Xiaoli said coldly, "I have, but you have never learned it yourself."

Long Lan was confused, "Have you used it before?"

Bai Xiaoli nodded, "Yes."

Long Lan tried his best to remember, "When?"

Bai Xiaoli said with absolute certainty, "Many times."

Long Lan, "..."

Long Lan was about to collapse from this monster's torture. He covered his head with his hands and wanted to go crazy.

Cang Yan could not bear to continue watching. Putting these two unreliable people together, there was no way he could come up with a conclusion.

He didn't want to force his soul beast, so he asked gently: "Then can the Phantom Moon Step be passed to outsiders?"

Bai Xiaoli answered without hesitation, "Sure, if you want to learn, then watch carefully, I'll do it."

The few of them focused on Bai Xiaoli. After waiting for a while, they saw that Bai Xiaoli was still standing there, not moving at all.

Qiao Yisi asked, "What do you want us to see?"

Bai Xiaoli said: "I'm done."

The members of the team: "..."

What did he do to finish it? What a f * cking joke, is this something a teacher should have? Wake up, Teacher Bai!

Cang Yan thought about Bai Xiaoli who was on the Emptiness World. No matter how fast a person moved, it was impossible for a long string of afterimages to appear in front of him, this was something that everyone knew, illusions would appear. The only thing that happened was that the speed of the afterimages exceeded the limit of the movement in the retina, and the speed was so fast that they deceived the eyes and brain.

"Is it speed?" Cang Yan was deep in thought.

If it wasn't for the fact that Bai Xiaoli was playing a prank on them, then there was only one possibility. Bai Xiaoli had indeed done something, but the speed was so fast that they could not see him, and even his shadow wasn't left behind. This should be the limit of another kind of height, right?

"It's speed." Bai Xiaoli admitted it, "If you want to learn Phantom Moon Step, you all have to be able to do 0 first. "Within 1 second, step on the ground 10 times or more."

All members: "..."

"No way, no way. This is simply not a speed that a human can achieve." Long Lan gave up first.

"Can a man do this?"

Lowell scratched the back of his head, and laughed embarrassedly: "It feels so hard."

Qiao Yisi was already in a daze, "This isn't even in the difficult category, it's simply impossible."

Cang Yan had already expected it to be not simple, he did not expect it to be so difficult, he was helpless, they were amazed and envious of the little fence's ability, but when they truly started to learn, they knew what level of difficulty it was, it was not something that could be learnt overnight.

Just as everyone was digesting the food, Bai Xiaoli suddenly said. "I'm hungry, I want to eat the small rhinoceros's meat."

It was already very late, and with Bai Xiaoli's reminder, everyone else also felt hungry.

Bai Xiaoli was not a beast that could not eat good things, he had long been impatient to taste the taste of the rune's meat.

Everyone started to work together, picking up branches and bonfire, handling food, cleaning tools, working together, and working very quickly. Bai Xiaoli, who was completely ignorant of everything, tied the ropes Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi brought to the rocks in the cave.

Since they couldn't jump onto the mountain like Bai Xiaoli, they could only climb up using ropes. However, they would only climb up using the rope when they needed to rest.

The several people in a circle in front of the bonfire were roasting meat. When they came out, they had already prepared as much as they could. At the very least, they had to bring the seasonings of the roasted meat, especially since there was a typical foodie in their team.

Bai Xiaoli sat obediently next to Cang Yan, holding a plate in his hands, he looked at the meat skewers roasting on the fire, only smelling the meat, and his saliva was about to come out. On the fifth time Bai Xiaoli wiped his saliva, the first batch of meat was finally cooked.

Cang Yan placed a handful of kebabs on Bai Xiaoli's plate, "Be careful, it's hot."

Then, he picked up a metal rod and continued to roast meat. With Bai Xiaoli's appetite, this was not enough for him to see.

Bai Xiaoli grabbed a piece and threw it into his mouth. He was scalded to the point of blowing on the air, but he was still unable to stop him from eating the meat with all his might. He only took a bite, and Bai Xiaoli never stopped eating.

Cang Yan smiled at him, and couldn't help but rub his head, "Eat slower, these are all yours, don't burn them."

Qiao Yisi looked at his slightly roasted meat skewers and closed his eyes to swallow them. He had not eaten the fragrance of the meat, but instead, his mouth was filled with bitterness and envy as he looked at Bai Xiaoli's plate, and resentfully said: "Brother, I know that your cooking skills are good. In the past, when we were hunting together, I could still taste your cooking skills, but now, you can't forget about me just because you have a beauty."

"Nope!" Bai Xiaoli who was enjoying himself immediately felt like he was facing a great enemy. If he had a small ear on his head, he would have been on guard by now and rejected very decisively without mercy.

Qiao Yisi's heart was broken to death.

Cang Yan raised his eyebrows, "Did you hear that? The fence is the one who makes the decisions. "

Qiao Yisi, "..."

Can you not be so cruel to a dog? This bowl of steaming hot dog food, he refused to eat it!

He had just become single and was about to be forced into a corner. Being single would definitely lead to him being abused, and he would even have to take off his status as a single person.

Qiao Yisi looked around, Long Lan was also a good-for-nothing, and luckily Lowell had some ability, the meat was roasted pretty well, at least on the surface, Long Lan was able to support it.

Qiao Yisi went over and took one, the taste was not as good as Cang Yan's cooking.

Qiao Yisi looked at the silent Kaiyin, who was enjoying eating while roasting, and immediately went over to eat.

"Junior, eating alone is so boring. Let me accompany you to eat, okay?" As Qiao Yisi said this, he already very consciously picked up a piece of roasted meat, and began to eat by himself.

"You don't have to accompany me."

Qiao Yisi immediately ignored his words, "Oh, your cooking skills are not bad, it's delicious."

Although his cooking skills were a little worse than Cang Yan's, they were much better.

The meat of the rune contained a dense amount of Power of rune, it had sufficient energy. Everyone here could not even eat ten skewers, and the feeling of being full made them feel uncomfortable, it was not that they were really full, but that the energy was too much, and they could not bear it any longer.

Thus, the four of them started cultivating with their eyes closed, refining the Power of rune in their flesh.

Cang Yan only ate two skewers of meat to satisfy his hunger, not more, he still wanted to roast some meat for Bai Xiaoli, who knew how many skewers Bai Xiaoli had already eaten, he was like a bottomless pit, he did not have a problem eating at all.

"So mysterious!" I feel like my stellar force has grown! " Long Lan said happily.

"My stellar force has also increased." Lowell scratched his head honestly.

Kaiyin smiled merrily: "The meat of a rune is indeed extraordinary."

Qiao Yisi looked at the Frenzied Fire Rhino at his side, and the more he looked, the more unwilling he became to part with it.

The four calmed their hearts and continued refining the energy in the meat.

In this way, it was as if the Power of the Stars had been eaten by them, and compared to the Power of the Stars that was being absorbed into their bodies, their cultivation speed would be many times faster. As long as they could eat it and successfully refine it, then these Power of the Stars would all be theirs.

The four of them were busy refining the energy, while Cang Yan and Bai Xiaoli roasted meat and chatted.

"When did you start cultivating the Power of the Stars?" From start to finish, Cang Yan had some doubts in his heart, especially regarding his own stellar force, which he was unable to share with Bai Xiaoli.

"A year and a half ago." Bai Xiaoli's mouth did not stop open, he still had time to reply.

Cang Yan's heart trembled. Sure enough, his cultivation was directly linked to Bai Xiaoli's.

When he was sixteen, Cang Yan seemed to have failed in summoning the Intrinsic Soul Beast. In the following two years, his body became extremely weak.

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