The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C45 I need to eat some rune fragments to make up for it
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C45 I need to eat some rune fragments to make up for it
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C45 I need to eat some rune fragments to make up for it

If he was successful in summoning the Intrinsic Soul Beast, the Soul Beast Master would be able to recuperate through sharing the stellar force with soul beasts and recover very quickly. However, if he failed, his body would weaken and become a complete cripple. If he was able to recover from the loss of the Soul Sea, the stellar sea could be considered strong as well, and he might be able to walk the path of the Star Cultivator.

Two years later, Cang Yan came to the Tianjing Academy alone to study.

However, his cultivation of the stellar force was still extremely slow. He had stepped into the Tianjing Academy on the line, and in order to enter the cultivation school, he had put in ten times of effort, and had only managed to cultivate the Matho ten times in two years.

After entering the academy and cultivating for half a year, he had only managed to produce three Matho s. No matter how many times he took first in the cultural exams, his stellar force only had thirteen Matho, and became the target of ridicule for many. He had been beaten to death in the Emptiness World and had never won.

During the second half of his first year, Cang Yan suddenly felt that his cultivation speed had suddenly increased, and it was even a bit terrifying.

In the first half of the year, he only managed to cultivate up to 3 Matho, but in the next year and a half, he directly rose from 13 Matho to 130 Matho. This was much faster than sitting on a rocket.

Now that he was finally confirmed, it really did have something to do with Bai Xiaoli.

It was true that Bai Xiaoli obtained the Rune Fragments two years ago, but he was chased by the rune for half a year and had no time to cultivate at all. It was only after he had gone to the Tianjing City and met Long Lan that he could cultivate in peace.

"Where were you during your first two years? What did you encounter? " Since Bai Xiaoli was so powerful, there were very few people or beasts that could injure him. Then, what did the city gate guards mean when they said that he was returned covered in blood?

Before I came here, I was injured by three old things together. After I came here, I looked for the cave above and wanted to heal, but I couldn't. I couldn't take out all my things, so I was both painful and hungry.

Hearing this, Cang Yan could not help but feel his heart ache. He did not dare to imagine what kind of attack Bai Xiaoli had received to be able to injure him to such an extent.

"If my external injuries are healed, what about my internal injuries?" Cang Yan was worried, internal injuries were the hardest things to heal.

"The internal injuries are still there." Bai Xiaoli didn't mind at all.

Cang Yan panicked, "Is your internal injury serious? How can I treat your internal injuries? "

Bai Xiaoli's eyes immediately lit up like stars, his little brain working, "I want to eat more meat, my internal injuries will be healed."

Cang Yan, "..."

Don't you blush from this lie?

"Tell me the truth." Cang Yan was helpless.

"As long as I recover my strength, I'll be able to heal my wounds." Bai Xiaoli, who wanted to cheat some meat out of food, instantly withered in the blink of an eye.

"What happened to your strength?" Cang Yan was hesitating, in his view, Bai Xiaoli was already very powerful, could it be that Bai Xiaoli's current strength is still the fighting strength that comes after being injured?

Bai Xiaoli was very angry as he spoke of this, "This world is bullying too many beasts. After I came over, all my strength had been suppressed.

Cang Yan, "..."

Cang Yan hesitated for a moment, then asked: "How much stronger are you compared to before?"

"There's too much of a difference!" The difference between ants and mountains! "

Cang Yan, "..."

What kind of metaphor is ants and mountains? Shouldn't it be a comparison between an ant and a giant elephant, between a rock and sand and a mountain? To be able to compare species with such confidence, he was truly angered to the point of laughing.

Cang Yan patiently asked: "Then, did you find a way to unlock its strength?"

"I found it. As long as I eat more Rune Fragments, my strength will return." Bai Xiaoli thought for a while, then added, "I still need to eat more meat."

Cang Yan, "..."

The method to unlock strength was extravagant, Rune Fragments were not so easy to obtain!

Just watch, the appearance of the rune outside the Tianjing City is sure to cause a storm.

The various large clans, organizations and nations had gone all out to search for the Rune Fragments, every single place that it was possible for it to appear had been searched countless times. Forget about the fish that had escaped the net, even the shrimp that had escaped would not be left behind.

It was already a huge fortune for Bai Xiaoli to be able to unexpectedly obtain a piece of Rune Fragments.

However, since Bai Xiaoli needed more Rune Fragments, he would have to work hard to gather more for him.

"It won't be lacking your meat, hurry up and eat it." Cang Yan was a little helpless.

Just as Cang Yan finished speaking, the four people who were cultivating slowly woke up, so Cang Yan could only stay silent.

Long Lan jumped up from the ground and ran towards the forest not far away excitedly, "I'm going to get some water."

"I've finally broken through the 100 mark!" Qiao Yisi shouted excitedly.

Hearing that, Cang Yan was also happy: How much have you guys improved?

Qiao Yisi was the first to speak, "From the 96 Matho, I instantly raised my profound strength to 101 Matho."

Kaiyin said with a smile, "I increased my Matho from 30 to 39."

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