The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C46 Long lan was dragged away by the black shadow
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C46 Long lan was dragged away by the black shadow
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C46 Long lan was dragged away by the black shadow

"Hmm? How did you improve so much? " was surprised. He was the same person, he had only raised the Matho by 5, but Kaiyin's Matho had increased it by 9, how could it still be fair?

Cang Yan said: "It should be a problem with talent. How many stars is Kaiyin's talent?"

"Five stars."

Qiao Yisi instantly deflated. The difference in aptitude was only a hard injury.

Cang Yan laughed: "Looks like in the future, Tianjing Academy will no longer only have two 5-star talent students, let's add on Kaiyin."

Cang Yan looked at the Lowell who had been silent all this while, "What about you? "How much higher?"

Lowell smiled honestly, "From the thirty-six Matho, I levelled up to forty Matho."

Cang Yan nodded, "That's right. The Power of rune is indeed the most mysterious and pure energy out of all of energy. "

After eating a few kebabs of rune beast meat, his stellar force would grow over each other after being refined, and as to how much he would get from absorbing the stellar force s from the Beast Pill, it all depended on his talent.

If he was able to absorb the same level one Mutant Beast Pill with 1-Star Qualification and five star aptitude, then the stellar force he obtained would definitely have more five star aptitudes.

The better the talent, the faster the cultivation. The more Power of the Stars one obtains, the slower it would be.

After feeling happy for a while, Qiao Yisi raised his head and saw a pile of metal straws in front of Bai Xiaoli. His chin almost fell off, "Little fence, how many straws did you eat in the end?! "You can actually withstand so much energy?!"

They had only eaten a few skewers, and that was it for them. Looking at Bai Xiaoli, they started a whole pile after eating, and even now, they had not stopped, they were still eating.

The remaining Power of rune in the body of this rune did not affect Bai Xiaoli much. The Rune Fragments itself was stored in Bai Xiaoli's body, and the Power of rune that was being emitted from the Rune Fragments only returned the energy that should have belonged to Bai Xiaoli into his body.

Just like the Rune Shadow on the Frenzied Fire Rhino, it was also a remnant of the Power of rune. After losing control, he easily returned to Bai Xiaoli's body, causing his stellar force to grow explosively.

As Bai Xiaoli ate the meat skewers, he looked towards Long Lan.

When he looked at it for the third time, Cang Yan could no longer hold it in, "What are you looking at?"

Cang Yan's heart was a little broken down. Long Lan was going to throw the water away, Bai Xiaoli would look at him from time to time, wasn't that a little bad? Could it be that when they were together, they had to look at each other while they went easy on each other?

The more Cang Yan thought about it, the more he felt like he was going to collapse.

"There's someone." Bai Xiaoli said casually.

Cang Yan was startled, "Who is it?"


Just as Cang Yan asked this, he heard a loud shout from Long Lan, and a black shadow had already covered his mouth as he dragged him into the forest.

This turn of events was too sudden. Everyone jumped up and prepared to give chase.

"Qiao Yisi, you guys stay..."

Before Cang Yan could finish his words, Bai Xiaoli finished the last bite of the meat, placed the metal rod on the ground, and with a few leaps, he disappeared into the forest.

"When the Bai came out, I immediately mourned for the attacker. I'm afraid it's going to get cold." As Qiao Yisi ran, he did not forget to express his opinion.

"Lowell, Kaiyin, stay here!" Cang Yan instructed them to leave all their prey here, in case they were lured out of the mountain by someone else.

Long Lan was dragged along as he walked with his mouth being covered by a strange person who wore a black robe and cap on his head and had a black mask on his face. Finally, in the forest, he grabbed onto a tree and tightly held onto it without letting go.

The shadow dragged for a few times, but was unable to drag it, so he could only threaten in a low voice, "Give me the Beast Pill!"

"Wuwuwuwuwuwu-" His mouth was covered, unable to speak.

Shadow: "I let you go, you're not allowed to scream."

Long Lan nodded his head with all his might, ensuring that he wouldn't scream.

The black figure could only let go, and Long Lan immediately forgot to promise as he cried out involuntarily, "Help ? Woo woo ?"

The shadow frowned and covered his mouth again. There was nothing he could do about this dishonest fellow. Time was of the essence, he could not wait any longer, this person's companion would be coming soon, he had followed them all the way, and personally saw the Silver Hair man. If he gave the Beast Pill to this person, it would definitely be on him.

The black figure could only do it herself. She searched Long Lan's body up and down, and when she touched his waist below, her hands were smooth, soft, and even warm ?

Long Lan's entire body froze, his eyes opened wide.

At first, the shadow didn't react. It squeezed twice, then it realized what it was. Lightning pulled back her hand, as if she was in a bad situation.

Right at this moment, a puzzled voice sounded out, "Xiao Lanlan, where are your pants?"

The black figure that was stunned turned his head in an instant. Moonlight shone through the branches and leaves, and the mottled moonlight fell on the clear and beautiful face. It was the Silver Hair youth!

The shadow was shocked. When did he get behind him?!

The black shadow restrained Long Lan, turned around and blocked in front of him, grabbing onto Long Lan's neck as he threatened: "Don't come over here! "Otherwise..."

"Otherwise what?"

With a light voice, he appeared beside the black figure's ear. Bai Xiaoli had already disappeared from his original location.

The black shadow thought this was bad. He didn't even have time to react before he was sent flying.

Bai Xiaoli reached out his hand and pulled Long Lan back to prevent him from being implicated.


Long Lan, who could finally make a sound, called out with his voice.

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