The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C47 Black shadow was about to go crazy
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C47 Black shadow was about to go crazy
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C47 Black shadow was about to go crazy

Bai Xiaoli's eardrums were at stake as he quickly leaped away, maintaining a distance from Long Lan.

The black figure was sent flying with a kick by Bai Xiaoli and was unable to move for a long while. When he finally coughed and raised up his body, the clothes on his chest had already been grabbed by a hand, the black figure's gaze turned cold, a dagger had already pierced towards Bai Xiaoli's heart, and just as he was about to succeed, his wrist was suddenly grabbed by the other hand.

Bai Xiaoli leaped back, avoiding the black figure's attack, and stood there watching while the black figure used the stellar force.

Around the black shadow's body, the orange nebula appeared in an instant. The upper and lower layers, grade E Orange Star, level 2!

"You are students of the Tianjing Academy, right? Hand over the Beast Pill and I can let you all live! "

When Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi chased over, they saw that the black shadow's body was covered by two layers of orange star ring. In the dark night, it was extremely dazzling, as if two orange stars were wrapping around his body.

Among all the people present, only Bai Xiaoli and Cang Yan could reach the second stage of the E-class Orange Star.

"Who are you? Did you take off Xiao Lanlan's pants? " Bai Xiaoli asked.

Shadow: "?"

Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi: "..."

What did they hear? Take off your pants? Could it be that the scream that Long Lan let out just now was because of this?

"If you rob a Beast Pill, then rob a Beast Pill. What are you stripping off his pants for?" Bai Xiaoli continued to interrogate him.

Black Shadow almost vomited blood. His face turned green from anger as he gnashed his teeth and said, "I didn't take off his pants!"

Bai Xiaoli obviously did not believe him, "Then what about his pants?"

The black shadow clenched its teeth and growled, "How do I know his pants?!"

Bai Xiaoli confirmed: "It was you who took it off!"

The shadow flared up. "It's really not me!"

Bai Xiaoli was filled with curiosity, and returned to the original topic, "Why did you take off his pants?"

The black figure was completely berserk, as he furiously punched towards Bai Xiaoli, while shouting, "I already said, it's not me!"

Bai Xiaoli did not avoid it, and welcomed it with a punch.

The two fists collided as the violent stellar force abruptly increased explosively. Then, like a balloon that had expanded to the limit, it suddenly exploded!

Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi stood in front of Long Lan and used stellar force to block at the same time.

The two layers of star ring around the black figure disintegrated inch by inch. Because of this punch, his entire body spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards, an object floating in the air from his neck.

Bai Xiaoli jumped forward, with a movement as light as a butterfly in a flower, he easily caught up to the black figure that was sent flying backwards. He held onto the clothes on the black figure's chest, and stared at the exposed part for a while, then grabbed onto the thing on his neck.

"Xiao Lanlan, is this your mother's necklace?" What Bai Xiaoli was holding onto, was a necklace, and at the bottom of the necklace, there was a necklace with a chain pendant.

Long Lan who had received a blow suddenly exploded. "My mom's necklace is still at home!"

The black shadow panted with difficulty. "And ?" "Give it to me!"

Bai Xiaoli swung the necklace around, "Is this a rune storage kit?"

"Give it back to me!" The black figure held her breath and reached out to grab the necklace, but was thrown away by Bai Xiaoli.

"I took this as compensation for stealing the Beast Pill." Bai Xiaoli took this rune storage kit as his own.

The black shadow coughed out another mouthful of blood, dripping down along the mask covering its face and forcing itself up. "?" Give me back the necklace! "

Bai Xiaoli gave him a dead fish's eye, "How can you return something that Bai stole? What other good stuff do you have on you? Hand it over, Bai will rob you. "

The black shadow understood that he had met a tough opponent today. Initially, he had thought that a few Tianjing Academy students wouldn't have too strong of a strength.

The black shadow looked at the necklace that had been stolen and knew that it would be difficult to get it today. It gritted its teeth and quickly disappeared into the dark forest.

Bai Xiaoli did not stop him. Compared to focusing on the man, the necklace in his hand was more attractive to him.

Qiao Yisi said in surprise, "You actually let him go, it really surprises me."

Bai Xiaoli didn't even raise his head, "Yes fellow student, I want friendship."

Qiao Yisi was dumbfounded, "What student? Do you know him? "

Bai Xiaoli shook his head, "I don't."

Qiao Yisi was confused, "Then you ?"

Bai Xiaoli: "He's a student of the Tianjing Academy."

Cang Yan walked over, and sized Bai Xiaoli up. Seeing that he was alright, he finally relaxed, "How do you know he is a student of the Tianjing Academy?"

Bai Xiaoli blinked his large eyes of a Lake Blue, "He recognized us as the students of the Tianjing Academy. If he isn't the students of the Tianjing Academy, how would he know that we are the students of the Tianjing Academy? You must have seen us at school. "

No, it's not 'we', but you. You're already so famous after just entering school, and you even have such unique features, it would be difficult for me not to recognize you.

Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi were both immersed in their thoughts.

Qiao Yisi asked Cang Yan, "Who do you think it is? If they were really Tianjing Academy's students, then they would not be some nameless person. A genius like Vivian or Xie Anshen only have the strength of a Level E Orange Star.

Cang Yan couldn't figure it out for a while, "During the school period, every student whose stellar force could reach the level E Orange Star, are all well-known geniuses. It seems that none of the people we know about are people like him."

"Could it be that the fence is wrong?" "He actually saw us somewhere else?" Qiao Yisi guessed.

Cang Yan was more inclined to believe Bai Xiaoli's judgement. No matter what his reason was, there should always be a reason ? Probably.

"Let's go back first."

When the three of them returned to the foot of the mountain, Long Lan had already found his pants and was wearing it.

When Bai Xiaoli saw him, he was still curious about the problem with his pants, "Xiao Lanlan, you found your pants again?"

Long Lan, who was depressed to death from this matter, instantly exploded, "Don't even lift your pants! I'll fight with my life on the line if anyone dares to lift my pants! "

Cang Yan's expression was also a little strange, he softly coughed and said, "It's getting late, come and eat a little, then go back to the cave and sleep. Tomorrow, we might be a little busy."

The matter of his pants being "taken off" had completely become Long Lan's dark history.

Everyone listened to the captain's words.

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