The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C48 Formed dependency psychology
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C48 Formed dependency psychology
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C48 Formed dependency psychology

After eating and drinking their fill and extinguishing the fire, everyone climbed up the rope and went to sleep in the cave upstairs.

The rune storage kit that Bai Xiaoli snatched away had a lot of space, and could fit both Frenzied Fire Rhino s together. This made Cang Yan have to think more about the background of the Black Man, as rune storage kit with such a large storage space were rarely seen.

Everyone could go back to the cave to sleep and retract the rope. Even if someone found this place, it would be difficult to climb up it by hand.

Night outside the city was filled with dangers, especially the mountains where strange beasts and mutated beast gathered. Night was their hunting time, and very few people dared to spend the night inside the mountains, but tonight, there were many people within the mountains. They were all searching for the Silver Hair youth who fled while carrying the rune.

It was not only them, the Tianjing City was not at peace either. The hunter who knew of the news, knew that they could not keep the rune, and immediately passed the news on to the stronger people, hoping to borrow their hands to obtain the rune.

In front of the Tianjing City's gate, there were already a few off-road vehicles waiting in line before dawn.

The appearance of the rune was a huge matter, and every single one of them wanted to get their hands on it. To be exact, they would not spread the news that they had obtained the Rune Fragments, so they all guarded it well.

While they were waiting in line, someone got out of the car, gave the guard a cigarette, and then whispered some information.

"Bro, can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Did any of the Silver Hair youths return to the city last night?"

No, I've never seen such a distinctive person before, but I've heard my colleague mention him, saying that he is very good-looking, his aura of immortality is similar to that of someone who doesn't grow from eating grains and foodstuffs, and the funny thing is, my colleague has seen him twice, and thought that he is a girl. Yesterday, he was reminded that he is a little brat, he thinks that he must have been deceived, he wouldn't be so pretty, haha.

"Many thanks brother, I'll treat you to a drink if I get the chance."

As long as that Silver Hair youth didn't come back, they would have a chance to find him.

The people in the cave slept until the morning of the next day.

They all woke up. Bai Xiaoli was still sleeping and wanted to wake him up. When he turned around, he was immediately shocked.

"Who is this?" Where's our fence? " Qiao Yisi's voice caused the few people who had just woken up to wake up.

Bai Xiaoli woke up from his stupor, opened his eyes and sat up.

Everyone: "..."

Yes, the eyes were still the same, the face was still the same, but the hair had changed. The originally elegant Silver Hair, for some reason, had now become black short hair, neatly trimmed.

A Bai Xiaoli like this, with a bit less immortal energy, and a bit more exquisite and agile, looked very different.

"Little fence, you're finally willing to take off your wig. I'm very pleased, but it's still better to have black hair." Long Lan revealed the smile of an old father.

Bai Xiaoli continued to use the dead fish eyes to look at Long Lan, "That's true."

"Do you think I would believe you? Really? I haven't seen you grow an inch in a year and a half? "Save it, I've already seen through your lies. If you can put a wig on every day, you are also a weirdo." Long Lan obviously did not believe him.

"Ahem," Cang Yan coughed and changed the topic, "Silver Hair s are too eye-catching. Last night, I thought about it for a long time and decided to change the hairstyle of the little fence to deceive people."

Cang Yan knew that Bai Xiaoli had some sort of special ability, and in order to not reveal his special ability, he could only take the blame for this.

He believed that the original color of her hair might actually be Bai Xiaoli's real hair.

"Captain, you're so smart!" This way, the hunter who have seen the small fences wouldn't be able to recognize him. If we keep the rune s, even if we pass in front of them, they wouldn't be able to recognize us. " Long Lan was the first to click Likes.

Changing his hairstyle was just a small trick for Bai Xiaoli. Due to the limitations of his abilities, he was unable to use big techniques, so he could still use small techniques. After all, he had an upgraded version of Matho s that he could use now.

"Now, wash up and clean up. We'll go hunt later."

While others were busy with their work, Cang Yan built up a fire and roasted some meat for Bai Xiaoli. He wrapped it up with a piece of tin paper and placed it into the rune storage kit s, giving it to Bai Xiaoli as snacks.

The others had eaten a lot of meat last night, and had not completely refined the energy yet. Today, they did not want to eat meat anymore, because not everyone had the same kind of appetite as Bai Xiaoli, no matter what kind of meat he ate every day, normal people would not be able to take it.

When Cang Yan finished, the group cleaned up the traces on the ground before leaving.

Kaiyin had always had a doubt in his heart. When he was at the outskirts of the mountain by himself, he would often meet mutated beast s. Ever since he met Bai Xiaoli and his group, he had not seen them again.

Qiao Yisi laughed: "Because those mutated beast and beasts took a detour when they saw us."

The Stinger porcupine that attacked him previously wanted to kill him very fiercely, but after seeing his group of people, it turned and ran, but in the end, it was still chased by Bai Xiaoli, and was smashed to death with a fist. Was it because of Bai Xiaoli?

No way, this is too ridiculous. Bai Xiaoli is already so ferocious that even the strange beasts and mutated beast in the mountains are afraid of him?

Thinking about that, Kaiyin could not help but turn and look at Bai Xiaoli.

Bai Xiaoli was currently walking at the back with Cang Yan, eating barbecue meat as they walked. Cang Yan was giving him some instructions in a low voice.

"In a while, regardless of whether we encounter strange beasts or mutated beast, you better not take action. Leave it to them to kill. We'll just watch from the sidelines."

They had always wanted Bai Xiaoli to kill them, but it was impossible for him to do so. When they came out to hunt, the only way to earn money was to train their combat ability, and only through experiencing life and death battles could they truly learn how to fight.

Bai Xiaoli nodded his head, he did not allow him to make a move, which was what he wanted, Was his Bai someone that anyone could make a move against?

As Bai Xiaoli was walking at the back of the crowd, the strange beasts that he met that day, who could not see Bai Xiaoli, and who could only see a group of strangers, naturally did not hide. As humans hunted strange beasts and mutated beast, they also hunted humans.

Unfortunately, the first beast they encountered was a sixth level. It was nearly five meters tall and its arms were as hard as steel.

In a single move, the Steel-armed Ape charged towards them. The group of people did not even think and howled out loud before turning around and running!

A level six beast, equivalent to the strength of a human Star rank C green star, it was enough to instantly kill all of them!

In the past, within this mountain range, there was still the rune that was suppressed by it. The Steel-armed Ape was so strong that it had no choice but to avoid it. But now, the Frenzied Fire Rhino had died and no beast could suppress it anymore.

The group of people ran in front with their lives on the line. The Steel-armed Ape chased after them with their lives on the line.

Amongst the six of them, Long Lan was the weakest, but after running for a while, he felt as though his lungs were about to explode from head to toe. Panting, he shouted to Bai Xiaoli who was running at the front, "Little fence! Fast... Think of something... "Resolve it..."

In their hearts, Bai Xiaoli's strength had already become a safeguard for their safety. As long as Bai Xiaoli was with them, they would not be in any danger. This thought had already entered deep into their hearts.

Even if it was dangerous, they did not feel any life or death crisis at all. They were only waiting for Bai Xiaoli to take care of this level 6 beast.

However, Bai Xiaoli ran faster than anyone else, rushing to the front, he was extremely proficient, and spoke in a haughty manner, "We cannot win."

Long Lan shouted loudly, "How can you not win? Didn't you kill the rune? "

Bai Xiaoli gave him a dead fish eye, "If I lost the Rune Fragments, then it wouldn't count as a rune, furthermore, I ambushed him."

If he had not ambushed the Frenzied Fire Rhino from behind, the key point would have been to directly bite off the Frenzied Fire Rhino ? ? The Rune Fragments, he wanted to fight head-on with the rune s. The possibility of him winning was very low.

Cang Yan was a little worried about the team's current situation. "The little fence only has his strength at Level E Orange Star Stage Level 2, he was only able to kill the Frenzied Fire Rhino because he was lucky, then the Frenzied Fire Rhino must have been careless and got ambushed and succeeded. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to be killed so easily after losing the Rune Fragments. "This is only a level six beast, there's no chance of victory. If you don't want to die, you better hurry up and run."

The reason why Cang Yan said this, was partly to hide his power, but also to make them know that Bai Xiaoli was just a little stronger than them, not so strong that he could do anything. They could only rely on themselves.

Bai Xiaoli, who had already been carried to the altar by a few people, finally landed and became a mortal like them, not an omnipotent immortal.

"AHH! Run! Run! Run!" Long Lan screamed as his legs turned into Wind Fire Wheel and he ran away quickly.

The speed of the others also increased drastically, and they were almost running to the point of flying.

The hunter s who were still wandering around the mountain heard the commotion and came over to investigate. When they saw the tall and sturdy black shadow, all of their expressions changed, their speed of escape was even faster than Bai Xiaoli and the rest.

They were chased from the center of the mountain all the way to the periphery, and on the way, they met two groups of hunter who came to investigate. When they saw that it was a Level 6 [Beast] s Steel-armed Ape, they were all scared out of their wits and ran away.

It was just that, wherever that group of hunter s ran to, Bai Xiaoli would follow. The others followed Bai Xiaoli as well.

The hunter s were close to tears, "Don't follow us!"

Bai Xiaoli said with a wooden face, "It's along the way."

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