The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C5 100 more plates of roast meat
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C5 100 more plates of roast meat
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C5 100 more plates of roast meat

The waitress blushed and suggested in a small voice, "Do you two want to take a look at the men's clothing store over there?"

Although she was extremely beautiful, a woman's intuition told her that this beauty was definitely a youth, not a young girl!

Then, a thought struck him. That's right, a beautiful young man is worth more than a beautiful young lady right now. Putting this little beauty together as a beautiful young man, he would definitely be able to sell her for a better price.

Thus, the vulgar man unhesitatingly brought the little beauty and chose a set of light and fresh male attire. No matter if it was male or female, as long as it was worn on Bai Xiaoli, it would all be of the same kind of beauty.

The vulgar man finally brought Bai Xiaoli to the Tianjing Hotel and ordered the cheapest roast meat for Bai Xiaoli to eat first, while he went to the washroom to bargain with the Society of Heroes. It was not his first time doing this, he was extremely familiar with the market price.

When the vulgar man finally returned, he saw a dining car parked beside the dining table. Under the dining car were piles of empty plates, and on top of the cart were piles of freshly cooked meat. Looking at the table, there were also plates that were empty.

Beauty Attendant, who was sitting beside the dining table, was at a loss.

The vulgar man felt as if a thunderbolt had struck his head. He rushed over and looked at the empty plates on the table that was filled with carts in disbelief.

"This, this, this, this ?" Where did all these empty plates come from? "

Beauty Attendant was graceful with his gaze sweeping over the vulgar man. His beautiful face was filled with suspicion, obviously doubting whether he could afford to pay for the meal, "It was this little brother who ordered it, he said that you would come and pay."

The vulgar man's legs went soft and he almost kneeled down. "I-I-I-I only ordered one plate. I didn't need that much!"

When Beauty Attendant saw the vulgar man's clothes, he knew that he was a pauper. Her elegance instantly turned into indifference, "This is not something that we need to worry about, you just need to pay the bill honestly."

The wretched man glanced at the empty plate underneath the dining car with trepidation. He thought to himself, "These should all be the food of this fellow. It's impossible for such a small fellow to be able to eat so much."

"She, she, she, she ?" How many plates did you eat? " the man asked expectantly.

"I ordered a total of 50 plates, but I've already eaten 32 plates."


The man's legs went soft and he kneeled on the ground.

"55555... Fifty plates?! " The man's eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

One plate for 998 federation coins, how much is 50 plates?

Bai Xiaoli's mouth was filled with oil, "It's really delicious, this is the first time in my life I've eaten such delicious meat, it's really good here! "Uncle, give me another fifty plates, these won't be enough for me to eat."

Beauty Attendant looked at the young man lovingly. He was good-looking, but he easily got a good impression of him.

The vulgar man's eyes almost rolled over as he fainted on the spot. What kind of monster did he encounter? Even at such a small size, 50 plates of roasted meat were still not enough. This was pure meat! Could it really be eaten?

"Uncle, I'm almost done eating. I still need to eat another 50 ?" "No, give me another 100 plates, it's too small." Bai Xiaoli puffed his cheeks and said.

The vulgar man's expression changed several times. Finally, he gritted his teeth and stood up. "I don't know 'her'. 'her' eats by herself. Let 'her' pay for herself."

"He would rather lose one or two thousand than to lose another hundred thousand!" Her ? her ? his entire person's price was only one hundred thousand, then how much would he lose out on!?

"You are my uncle, why don't you know him? You don't know me? You came here from the city gate? " Bai Xiaoli said as he ate.

He had been following them secretly and had actually been discovered. Now, not only was he deceived, but he was also going to pay for this. He was not stupid, how could he be willing?

The surrounding customers all shot unfriendly gazes at him. With just that young man's looks, how could a vulgar man be his uncle? The genes did not match at all, and when he followed them from the city gate, he was clearly a trafficker!

Before anyone else moved, the vulgar man would flee with his tail between his legs.

When Beauty Attendant saw that the vulgar man had ran away, no matter how sacred the maternal glory was, he did not want to lose his job.

"Little brother, do you have the money to pay?"

Bai Xiaoli shook his head while holding the meat in his mouth.

Beauty Attendant took a deep breath, "What about your master?"

Bai Xiaoli continued to shake his head, "There is no lord."

Lord doesn't have it, but Diremonsters do.

The Beauty Attendant sighed, "If you can't take out the money, we can only send you to the Police station."

Bai Xiaoli was puzzled. "Where is the Police station? Can we go there and eat meat? "

Beauty Attendant: "..."

How can you not know what the Police station is? Are you an alien? No, the aliens knew about the Police station too! Beauty Attendant felt that this little brother was playing dumb.

"What happened?" The lobby manager walked over with a few security guards. Clearly, they had been paying attention to this matter since a long time ago.

As a youth, it was difficult for others to not pay attention to him after he had eaten dozens of plates of roasted meat.

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