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C6 I love meat the most

Beauty Attendant quickly explained what had happened to the manager. Without hesitation, he said directly: "I can't afford it, if you want to eat for free, you can only go to jail. Take him away."

"Police station" Bai Xiaoli did not understand, but he understood that "prison" was the place where criminals were imprisoned. After entering, they would be sealed with Spiritual Energy, without food or drink, it was possible to be starved for thousands or tens of thousands of years. The moment she thought that she would starve to death, Bai Xiaoli was scared out of her wits.

"I'm not going to prison!"

Bai Xiaoli shouted loudly and jumped up. His body moved, avoiding the hand that the security guard grabbed, he turned to run, but he was blocked by another security guard, and the steel claws suddenly grabbed onto Bai Xiaoli's shoulder, with such a speed, he obviously had trained in it before. However, Bai Xiaoli's footsteps made a mistake, as the security guard's hands caught onto thin air, it wasn't too far away, just a little more.

The trained security obviously could not believe that he actually failed to do it. Bai Xiaoli took another wrong step and still could not catch him.

The capable security guards refused to believe it and clawed forward.

Bai Xiaoli, dodge.

The security guard didn't touch a corner of his clothes. Every time he dodged, the range was very small, making the security guard feel like he could grab him with his next move. However, after grabbing him for more than ten times, he was still caught empty-handed.

The commotion had already attracted the attention of the other guests. From the moment this elegant and ethereal young man had eaten so much barbecue, they had looked in his direction, whether intentionally or not. Because of their status, they had observed him very covertly.

Now that the situation had developed to the point where he could directly take action, all the customers curiously looked around. Some people even directly clapped and applauded the beautiful young man's skills. Those who had discerning eyes could tell that this young man definitely had extraordinary skills.

"How much money does he owe? I paid for him. " A youth's arrogant voice suddenly sounded.

The steel-faced manager calmed himself down, raised his head and saw the person who spoke, he immediately said respectfully: "Does Young Master Long Lan recognize him?"

The young man was fair and clean, with a childish face, round eyes, and a cute look. He looked to be about the same age as Bai Xiaoli, and was currently staring at Bai Xiaoli with shining eyes.

"Of course, he's my friend."

The manager immediately revealed a fawning smile, "I was rude just now, if I knew that you were Young Master Long Lan's friend, I could have forgiven you."

The baby-faced teenager took out a VIP card and handed it over, "No need, pay up."

The manager took the VIP card with both hands and went to pay the bill.

Long Lan looked at the manager's attitude with satisfaction, thinking that with how handsome he was, he would definitely be enchanted by this powerful fellow. He turned his head to look, and his eyes almost fell to the ground.

Long Lan, "..."

He silently sat opposite of Bai Xiaoli, and silently watched him finish the rest of the roasted meat.

Long Lan hesitated for a moment, then asked, "You ? Are you full? "

Bai Xiaoli looked at the teenager in front of him.

He shook his head.

Long Lan looked at the fifty empty plates, and his heart trembled a little. Do you still want to eat more? "

Bai Xiaoli's eyes lit up, and then dimmed down: I don't want to go to prison.

Long Lan didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "It's okay, you can eat whatever you want to. I'll pay for it, I won't go to prison."

Bai Xiaoli was finally relieved and shouted loudly, "Give me another hundred plates of roasted meat!"




The sound of people falling was heard.

Just how much did he love barbecue so much that he could eat so much in one go? Even a super big stomach king would admit defeat?

Long Lan was speechless, "You have been eating barbecue, aren't you tired?"

Bai Xiaoli: "The barbecue is delicious."

Long Lan, "... No matter how delicious the food is, you'll still get tired of it after eating so much at once, right? "

Bai Xiaoli shook his head, "No, I like eating meat the most."

Long Lan finally understood that this guy did not like barbecue but meat.

Thus, he called for the waiters to order all the meat dishes in the Tianjing Hotel.

Looking at the table that was filled with meat, Bai Xiaoli felt as if he was dreaming, and happily swept a table by himself.

Long Lan watched him eat in a daze throughout.

When Bai Xiaoli was finally satisfied, the two of them left Tianjing Hotel side by side, leaving behind a hall full of dumbstruck guests.

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