The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C7 Lowest score in history
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C7 Lowest score in history
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C7 Lowest score in history

After walking for a long distance, Long Lan's soul had finally left his body.

Bai Xiaoli patted his stomach in satisfaction, "You are a good person. The meat is so delicious. "

Long Lan, "..."

People who give you meat are good people?

Long Lan considered his words and spoke: "Look, I've treated you to so much meat, shouldn't you repay me?"

Eating over a hundred thousand taels of meat in one meal? That should be unprecedented, right?

Bai Xiaoli nodded his head.


Seeing that he had agreed, Long Lan rushed forward and stood in front of Bai Xiaoli.

"You are Gu Wu? "Right, right?"

Bai Xiaoli thought, Gu Wu... It should be, right?

Thus, he nodded.

"That's great! I want to become your disciple, can you teach me, Gu Wu? I am just a battle-ready scum, and my stellar force only has been cultivated to this extent. I feel that there is no hope for my life, that if I do not increase my strength, I will not be able to enter Tianjing Academy, and there is only a year and a half left until my university entrance exams. If I continue to work hard now, there might still be hope. "

Bai Xiaoli thought for a while, "Do you know how to eat meat everyday?"

Long Lan's eyes lit up, "Enter the Tianjing Academy!"

After you graduate from the Tianjing Academy, you will definitely have a good way out. Once you have a way out, you will be able to earn money, and once you have money you will be able to buy a lot of meat. You can even eat meat everyday!

Bai Xiaoli's eyes were sparkling as well. In his heart, he had already equated "entering the Tianjing Academy" to "being able to eat meat everyday".

Bai Xiaoli: "I also want to enter the Tianjing Academy!"

Long Lan laughed out loud, "Alright, let's work hard together. We'll eat meat everyday in the future!"

Tianjing Academy.

Long Lan and Bai Xiaoli leisurely stood at the school entrance as they looked at the school that they had been looking forward to for a long time. Long Lan's eyes were filled with tears.

It was really not easy to get admitted here.

To be able to bring Bai Xiaoli to the exam, it was even more difficult.

Long Lan thought about how he treated Bai Xiaoli as his son and raised him up from scratch. His identity, school, all had been entrusted to him by his mother, and everything was done one by one. Although Bai Xiaoli was always able to make his teacher so angry that his brain bled every time he took the exams, wishing that he could push him back into his mother's womb to recreate him, the results were fortunately good.

Long Lan's cultural and fighting results were all on the low altitude, so he was barely able to get admitted into the Tianjing Academy.

As for Bai Xiaoli, with 13 points for Chinese Language, 5 points for Mathematics, 0 points for the popularization of the Federation, 9 points for the history of human development, 3 points for the history of rune, 100 points for the practical test, 60 Matho.

Bai Xiaoli created a miracle. Since the establishment of Tianjing Academy, his lowest score was 500 points, and he was specially admitted with a total of 30 points. When Long Lan found out about this news, he revealed a smile like an old father.

After a year and a half of hard work, Bai Xiaoli had already understood some of the basic rules of human society. He now knew that the "Enhanced Spiritual Energy" that he had taken out from the Beast Pill was actually a kind of energy called "stellar force", which had the same meaning as the Spiritual Energy that he had cultivated in the past.

However, the stellar force was an energy that was even higher than the Spiritual Energy. When the stellar force existed in the vast universe, it was much more profound and mysterious than the spiritual energy of heaven and earth in an entire world.

Facing this kind of higher level stellar force, Bai Xiaoli was very happy, he thought that the stellar force was a "Enhanced Spiritual Energy", and was not wrong, in Bai Xiaoli's opinion, the stellar force was definitely something that was recorded in the clan. The cultivation energy that was rumored to exist in other planes, was a place that only gods and divine beasts could go to, yet unexpectedly coming to this place, was truly too lucky.

60 Matho's stellar force, was indeed Bai Xiaoli's true achievement. He tried his best to convert the Spiritual Energy from the Beast Pill into fragments within this year and a half. Unfortunately, the fragments were too small, and the speed at which they were converted was too slow.

Long Lan had once told him that he shouldn't eat so much meat at once.

In order to not get cut and studied, besides studying hard, Bai Xiaoli was also studying hard to become a qualified human. He would never allow himself to act, and this was the price he had to pay if he wanted to remain in human society and eat delicious meat everyday.

Thus, during the exam, he was very honest and did not use the Spiritual Sense to cheat. He wanted to become a qualified "human", relying on his own hard work.

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