The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C8 The score of 13 is already very high
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C8 The score of 13 is already very high
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C8 The score of 13 is already very high

Before Bai Xiaoli had even entered the school, his name had already spread throughout all of the freshmen. Even the senior Senior sister s were filled with curiosity towards this Junior who had entered the school with a total of 30 points in cultural scores.

To be able to score a total of 500 points and score 30 points was already considered illiterate, alright? There were so many multiple choice questions in the exam paper. Even if he closed his eyes blindly, it shouldn't be easy for him to get 30 points, right?

Just like that, the Tianjing Academy was able to recruit him, showing that he was worthy of being specially recruited.

His most outstanding points were undoubtedly his actual combat and stellar force results.

Bai Xiaoli had scored a full 100 points in actual combat and a high score of 60 Matho s in the stellar force. One must know, Tianjing Academy's stellar force was already qualified when it reached 10, and many people did not manage to pass the Tianjing Academy's test, hence a large portion of them did not manage to pass.

Even if they passed, very few people would be able to reach the level of F-Class Crimson Star Stage Two right after entering the school. Unless they were geniuses from a top family or were able to gather together all sorts of resources, such a situation wouldn't happen to ordinary people.

Long Lan had been personally trained by Bai Xiaoli for around a year and a half, before finally reaching Matho 11.

In a short year and a half, Long Lan had already been satisfied with raising his Matho from three to eleven.

The living quarters in Tianjing Academy were very good. There was a standard for single rooms, double rooms, and four rooms, all being suites. Even if there were many people living quarters, each of them had a room, it was spacious and comfortable.

Of course, choosing to stay in different dormitories would mean different expenses for the accommodation. Until now, Bai Xiaoli had never worried about money, as it had always been Long Lan who supported him, and all of Long Lan's expenses and resources were derived from his daily living. He didn't ask his mother for an extra penny just because of Bai Xiaoli.

Long Lan chose to live together with his without even thinking. He and Bai Xiaoli must definitely live together.

At this moment, Long Lan was sitting cross-legged on the sofa in the living room, using a comm to brush the school net.

"Little fencing, you're really popular. There's a legend about you in the entire Tianjing Academy, haha." Long Lan was obviously very excited.

"Look, look at this." Long Lan passed the comm in front of Bai Xiaoli.

Bai Xiaoli was currently nestling on the sofa, eating jerky s. Hearing what was said, he looked up and stared at the screen for a long time before pointing out, "What word is this?"

Long Lan, "..."

Long Lan's face was in a mess, "Little fence, I think that your Chinese Literature test score is already very high, so 13 points."

Bai Xiaoli was excited, "Really?"

Long Lan said with a wooden face, "It's fake."

Bai Xiaoli was disappointed, "Oh."

Bai Xiaoli: "I will try my best."

Long Lan "knew" that Bai Xiaoli had lost his memory, so he did not suspect anything abnormal about Bai Xiaoli.

As for how he "knew" it, it was of course something that came from Bai Xiaoli's brain. Bai Xiaoli said that he was severely injured and was recuperating in the mountains outside the city. A vicious rhinoceros was chasing after him and killing him, then he fled to the city.

Bai Xiaoli did not want to be cut up for research, and did not want to lie, so he could only choose to tell his the truth.

Long Lan had gone out to hunt with the hunting team, it could be that he had met a high level mutated beast, or a foreign race, or even Variant, but in short, the hunting team was completely annihilated, only Bai Xiaoli was severely injured, had no choice but to hide in the mountains to recuperate, was helplessly chased by a rhinoceros, and escaped back to Tianjing City alone. He should have lost his basic human knowledge because he had injured his head.

Long Lan's mother had already investigated the matter of Bai Xiaoli's return to Tianjing City alone, fully clothed in blood. As such, Long Lan was even more convinced of his guess, and so he could accept all of Bai Xiaoli's abnormal actions.

"This means that among this year's freshmen of the commander and combat divisions, there are a total of three people who scored a perfect score. Other than you, there are two more people, one is called Ma Nan, and the other is called Kaiyin Lin. They are both very powerful people."

Every year, there would be a few students who had a perfect score in actual combat, and this year was the same as well.

The limitation of the combat exam was very big. It was to let the student enter the OR system cabin, and then carry out the exam in the Emptiness World. There would be several stages set in the system, and all of them would be passed.

The higher the stellar force, the better the actual results would be.

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