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C88 Dungeon Masters

The beastmen doesn't have cities but they do have a capital where many dungeons reside. They called it the City of Dungeons. In that city, there are many beastmen from different tribes that are staying there. There are also humans, elves, and dwarves that are living there but they are only few in numbers.

If one wanted to be a Dungeon Master they have to register as one in the Dungeon Union. The Dungeon Union is the one that manages the dungeons in the capital, and they are also the one who gives access to those dungeons. They will then be able to enter each dungeons for free. They will only need to give 10% of the materials they got inside the dungeon to the Dungeon Union.

The Dungeon Union gives ranking to the Dungeon Master. They are divided by Dark Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Dark Red. Dark Blue being the lowest rank, and the Dark Red being the highest rank. The Dark Red Dungeon Masters are very respected inside the beastmen. There are currently 12 individuals who has such ranks, and those 12 individuals are grouped into 4 teams. This happened because each dungeon can only let three individuals in a dungeon. So when entering a dungeon, one must have three people in it.

The Dungeon Union then made a rule that one can only register as a Dungeon Master when one has a team of three. So, Rem's clone must find another two people who can join him in dungeon diving.

Rem's choice was needed in this situation so the clone teleported back inside the Pocket Dimension when he found a secluded place. Rem then went inside the Pocket Dimension, and made his choice. He picked Reva and Ruby since he wanted the two to have combat experience.

Rem then called the two of them using the cellphones inside the Pocket Dimension. Soon enough, they both arrived.

"Why did you call me, master?" Reva asked.

"Why did you call me, Rem?" Ruby asked.

They both asked at the same time.

"I want both of you to go join my clone to the City of Dungeons. You'll be forming a team, and clear some dungeons there. Your goal there is to raise your rank of being a Dungeon Master, and I also want to give both of you to have some actual combat experience there. Can you both do it?" Rem asked.

"Of course, master. But I don't know if it is necessary to bring the other one since she'll only be a burden." Reva answered.

"I can do it, Rem! But I don't know if Reva can do it since she's a muscle head." Ruby replied, and insulted Reva back.

"I believe that both of you are suitable for this mission. Also, please do cooperate with each other there. Don't always fight, and you should both remember that you're allies outside." Rem said to the both of them. Rem can only wish that the two girls become more friendly with each other in the future.

"I'll try my best, master." Reva replied.

"I'll do my best, Rem." Ruby replied at the same time.

Rem then proceeded to pass most of the inherent skills he has to the two. He did this to make sure that both of them are extra safe. He also did this to the other slaves he has that went outside the Pocket Dimension.

Reva and Ruby was then shocked by the power boost they felt when Rem passed some skills to them.

"You're amazing, master!" Reva said praising Rem.

"Thank you, Rem!" Ruby said at the same time.

"You both go now, and be careful out there." Rem said, and then went teleported out of the Pocket Dimension.

The clone then left the Pocket Dimension with the two girls.

Rem's clone then decided to go to the City of Dungeons immediately with the two girls following him. They might arrive at the capital by 3 to 4 days with there speed of travel.

On the way towards the capital, the two girls were bickering at each other every minute. They looked like two incompatible animals that will always hate each other with no apparent reason. The clone can only sigh with a frown.


Days passed, and soon the clone and the two girls arrived at the gate of the City of Dungeons. The walls of the city was made of earth. It looked like a wall that was made by the use of earth spells.

The trio then went inside the city after there races where checked. The two girls was about to be jailed by the guards because they aren't from the ally races but Rem's clone immediately showed them the slave mark.

The guards then stopped, and let them inside the city.

“I thought you'll be caught by the guards, and that would've be better if you did.” Ruby said to Reva.

“As if you're much better. You would have been caught too even if you have some elven blood inside your body.” Reva replied back.

“You two be quiet! Won't you give me some peace and quiet even for a minute! You two have been fighting already for days!” Rem's clone scolded the two since it was already fed up with the two's bickering.

“Sorry.” Reva and Ruby said at the same time.

“Just quietly follow me for now. Don't speak or else I'll let someone else come along with me.” The clone said, and the two didn't speak anymore but they are still both looking at each other with hate and annoyance.

‘This is all this half-elf's fault!’ Reva thought while looking at Ruby with dagger eyes.

‘This half-dragon breed is really getting on my nerves! I'll make sure you perform poorly when we go inside the dungeon!’ Ruby thought while smiling at Reva. Reva shivered when she saw the demonic smile Ruby has. Reva then threw back a demonic smile to Ruby too.

The clone was smiling when she noticed how quite the two girls are. The clone also saw the two girls smiling at each other.

'At least they are somehow being friendlier with each other now. What was the main body thinking when he made this team composition?' The clone thought.

New chapter is coming soon
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