The Alpha's Concubine/C1 Masha's Mistake
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The Alpha's Concubine/C1 Masha's Mistake
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C1 Masha's Mistake

The party drums were rolling in the distance. The feasty balminess was circulating in the air. Giggles, laughter, and hurried footsteps from busy servants could be heard, adding a natural flavour to the atmosphere.

It was the most important day for the Night Nation's Coven; the most beautiful day.

Colorful ribbons were floating in the streets, some dignitaries could be seen riding in on their horses, the theater was packed and full already and everything was screaming life.

Lady Masha could hear the rolling drums and the sound of it alone rattled her. As she walked down the hallway with her bestfriend, adorned in her red silk dress and long befitting hair that relaxed in equal length on her back, she kept hearing her stomach grumble and her her heart beating heavily.

This was meant to be a normal day for her. She was supposed to be like everyone else - having fun at the collaboration party her father had organized - but unfortunately, she could only think of the doom before her. The terrible mistake she had made that was sure to come knocking on her door soon enough.

Her bestfriend - Terra - could effortlessly read the fear on her face. Few of the servants they came across had bowed in courtesy, but Masha did not even notice them. It was getting out of hand, Terra had to stop walking and pull her to a corner.

"Masha", she called, standing at a close distance.

Masha already had a hint of the topic about to brew. She stared at the floor and blinked her eyes to relive the sting.

"You cannot continue acting this way, Masha. You have been paranoid and rude to everyone. How long do you think it would take before someone realizes something is wrong?" Terra cooed, holding her hand.

"Well, what am I supposed to do, Terra?" Masha whispered, even tho the hallway was empty at the moment. "After... After what we did last night, you really expect me to act normal?"

"Well, I expect you to be worried. But not in this way. You are tormenting yourself, Masha. You have been starving yourself since last night".

Masha shut her eyes and exhaled deeply - for a few seconds.

"You really expect me to eat knowing I just committed a grave mistake? What we did last night - what I DID last night - was the biggest mistake of my life. And if anyone ever gets to know, I will be dead, Terra. Do you realize that? I will be dead. And to think the wolves are here today. Do you know what they would do to me the moment they discover what I did? My father worked so hard to make this peace collaboration with the wolves work. But, if my mistake gets discovered, it would ruin everything! The wolves would do something crazy - especially the Alpha's son. Remember you told me how dangerous he was and how he hated..."

"Masha, Masha, please...!" Terra rolled her eyes. Although, she looked very worried.

"Sweetheart, I understand how you feel. I would feel the same way. But the thing is - what happened last night was a mistake. You never did it intentionally. And thankfully, nobody knows about it yet. I was the only one there with you, and I swear with my life, I am never going to reveal it to anyone".

"But... how long do you think it would take before they find out?" Her voice cracked. "I am...I am scared, Terra".

Now, that was the first time Terra was hearing her friend use those words. She had never been so scared before. Never.

She was about pulling her to a hug when suddenly, they heard loud footsteps behind them.

"And what are my girls doing here, looking so beautiful?" "Masha!" The chief servant who was in her early fifties beamed.

She looked all sweaty, worn out and busy. Even her apron had some stains on it. She had been leading some servants who had drinks with them. But upon seeing the VampLord's daughter who she loved so much, she signaled the servants to proceed.

"Greetings, Amber", Masha forced a smile. She was so hard to bury every trace of sadness in her eyes.

"Greetings, to you, Amber", Terra did same.

"My sweethearts. How are you doing? Are you just leaving for the party?" The chief servant asked.

Even her words echoed how busy she was and how badly she wanted to resume duties.

"Yes. Something came up. So, we needed to..."

"I understand. I understand", she cut Terra off.

"By the way, Masha; I was waiting for you last night. You had told me you would help me out in the kitchen, but you never showed up".

Masha tensed so fast, she didn't have time to blink.

"Erm... I apologize for keeping you waiting, Amber. It was nothing of my intentions. I was just uhm... very tired by the time I got home", she applauded herself for not stuttering.

"Tired? I thought you only took a ride with Terra? How did you end up getting tired?" Amber's eyes flashed with curiousity and swiftly, Masha became nervous.

She wasn't an expert at lying or pretending. And Terra quickly noticed her friend might spill the beans.

"We played some games. That is the reason we got tired", she chipped in, her smile so perfect, it looked genuine.

"I see", Amber gave a nod. "Well, there is no problem with that. But you know, considering how you loved cooking, I was really expecting you would use all the opportunity yester-night".

"I know. Me too", Masha chuckled. "I am sorry for disappointing you, but I believe we will have more time".

"Of course, my dear. My kitchen is always yours. the way, Terra. It's a good thing I bumped into you. Could you come help me out with something? It would really go a long way".

Terra glanced at Masha. Oh no; she wasn't done impacting all the confidence she needed to impact in her.

"Um...okay, Amber", she turned to Masha. "Just be happy, okay? I will see you when I can".


And feebly, Masha watched them leave.

She sighed wistfully and continued down the hallway alone. In order to keep her mind off her fears, she decided to think of the collaboration party taking place - the collaboration party between them and the wolves.

Originally, the Wolves and Vampires were known to be sworn enemies. They do not dare trespass on each other's territory as the trespasser would have himself to blame. Their enemity was so severe, their names sounded like venom and it got to a point where a war had broken out.

The war was the height of it. And was the most horrific ever recorded in history. It happened six years ago. The Wolves and Vampires had unleashed themselves on each other. Lives were lost, properties were destroyed, peace was taken. Masha had actually lost a friend from it. Baski. She used to be her bestfriend and it was after her death that Terra became her bestfriend.

A lot of people lost their wives, husbands and children. And for the wolves, most of them lost their mates. There were actually ten covens before, but after the war, it dropped to seven. And the Wolves also dropped from eleven packs to nine.

It was so terrible, the bloodshed was extreme. And when the war ended, the hatred among them increased.

Tho, there was never a war between them again, but the wolves still attacked vampires whenever they saw them. And vice versa.

But a year ago, Masha's father decided to bring an end to the hate. An end to the prolonged bloodshed. He thought of having a collaboration with the Vampires so they could start working as one and have no more reason to kill themselves. He proposed the idea to the other VampLords, but they rebuffed it at once and even got angry at him for bringing up the suggestion. None of them was on his side, even when he persuaded. But Masha's father was not ready to give up.

He took the offer to the Wolves by going through their Supreme King. And after a lot of work, the offer was accepted. But since the other Covens were still adamant on their decision, Masha's coven was the only one that participated.

When the other covens heard of their involvement in the collaboration, they sent warnings and threats to Masha's father, telling him to quit. But Lord Galadriel was a stubborn man and his coven was the largest and strongest amongst the seven. He proceeded with the collaboration, hence, marking himself and his coven as friends to the Wolves. But same way he became friends with the wolves, he also became enemies with the remaining six covens. They cut off ties with him and considered him a friend to their enemies.

It was nasty and going to be tough as even some of the wolves did not like the collaboration. The reason they had to agree was because the Supreme King had approved of it. That was the reason only four Alphas were present at the party. The rest had given excuses not to attend. Well, the main collaboration had already been done. The party was just a means to mingle and know each other more.


Finally, Masha came out to the big open theater where the party was fully taking place. It was filled with so much people and noise, the whole thing was making her nauseous.

She had her gaze on the ground as she walked through the walkway, headed for her family's VIP table. She was not looking and was not paying attention. But when she heard the close neigh of a horse, she snapped up her head to take a look. There was a horse coming in front of her. But by then, it was too late as the rider could not control the horse in time.

"Arghhh....!" She shrieked as the hoof of the horse pushed her down but luckily did not climb on her.

The party drums stopped immediately, light gasps escaped the crowd and all eyes turned on them.

Crashed to the ground, Masha's breath came in deep ones as she looked up at the horse and it's rider. It was a young man on it, one who's face was not familiar but looked like them - the wolves.

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