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Sheila's point of view

As I scanned around the lone hallways that led outside the castle, there was not a single soul. My heart was pounding hard in my chest as I quickened my walking. I could feel the presence trailing behind me, drawing closer.

Fear jammed my heart. I swiveled around, and to my surprise, there was no one behind me. I turned around and instantly, my blue crystals fell on the figure before me.

"Who are you?" I asked, sending a hand to my chest. I really didn't know what I was thinking, or why I suddenly became too frightened, but a second ago, I swear it felt like I was being followed.

"I deeply apologize for startling you." The woman spoke softly as I took her in. She looked unfamiliar. I hadn't noticed her during the ceremony, because she would have stood out. She looked older, maybe in her thirties or so, wearing a grayish-colored dress with a black cloak worn over her body, allowing her ebony hair to fall to her side.

"I saw you leaving the hall, and I simply wanted to congratulate you." She smiled sweetly at me.

I managed to push out a smile. I told her genuinely, "Thank you. But, who are you?"

Her smile deepened on her lips. "I am Valerie." She sent a hand out to me, which I took, noticing the black tattoo that stood out on her wrist. It was an unusual tattoo, which seemed more like a runic symbol.

"I'm Sheila," I said, and she nodded knowingly with a smile, causing me to chuckle. "And you already know that. Nice to meet you, Valerie," I said, instantly liking her. It is funny how this night keeps getting weirder.

"The pleasure will always be mine, Luna."

My eyes fell on the tattoo on her wrist. A thought raced through my mind. I pulled my lips open to speak, but Brielle's protruding voice sounded.

"Oh my, Sheila. I have been looking for you everywhere. If the Alpha finds out you stepped out of the castle, it will be the end of me. " She rushed closer to us. I couldn't stop myself from rolling my eyes. I bet the asshole could care less whether I left the castle or not.

"I badly needed some air," I told Brielle, as she stopped beside me.

"Valerie," Brielle said, tilting her head slightly towards the woman. "I do apologize, but we have to head back to the party."

Valerie nodded, "I understand. We will meet again, Luna." With that, we left her and went back into the hall.

I spent the remaining hours of the party in complete boredom. The guests were the types that liked to party till dawn. Not even once did Killian return to the party. I tried not to care, but I couldn't shake off the image of Killian in bed with his lover.

The Elders had long left the party, and so had some guests from the castle. I sighed, holding one more faux smile, bidding farewell to some of the Alphas, then Brielle and I left the hall, heading to my chamber. I couldn't help but reflect on tonight's events. I was reminded of those deep hazel eyes of that stranger, Kaiser Black. He didn't seem like a bad person, even though it was as clear as day that he and Killian had some kind of history. I became curious. Too curious.

I turned to Brielle, who was beside me, accompanying me to my chamber. "Who was that man?"

Brielle folded her brows, questioningly.

"Kaiser Black," The instant I bit out his name, Brielle stiffened. Her eyes shot up to look at me.

She shifted her gaze away from me and said, "He's an Alpha of the Black Blood Pack."

"They both seemed angry at each other-" Before I could complete my words, Brielle stopped walking, turning to me. She seemed nervous.

"That's simply because the Black Blood Pack is an enemy pack," she answered quickly to me before we continued walking. There was something she wasn't saying. Deep down I knew it, but I didn't push further, so I decided to change the topic and we talked about something else.

As soon as Brielle left me in front of my chamber, I sauntered inside, and to my surprise, Killian's blazing amber eyes came into view. He was in my chamber, sitting at the edge of the bed. It looked like he had been waiting for me.

He was glaring at me, and I couldn't understand why. His penetrating gaze seemed to see right through me. More than ever, I wish I could hide away. I looked away from his biting glare, roving to the dressing table on my right, where I took out the hairpins that held my hair perfectly in a bun. Immediately, my long brown hair fell down my shoulders.

"How do you feel?" Killian's menacing voice echoed in the walls.

I turned to face him, glowering harder. The skin on my forehead folded confusingly. "About what exactly?"

Killian was on his feet, but he didn't take a step closer to me. He wasn't smiling at all. His thin cherry lips pressed against each other in a grimace, his thick black brows curled up in a rage, beneath his dirty blonde hair that fell on his face.

"Do you crave the attention of men so badly that you are willing to jump into bed with the first asshole you meet here in my castle?" His voice highlighted his last few words, making me flinch abruptly.

"No, I don't," I snapped in a similar rage. "And I don't appreciate the tone you are using on me."

"Don't lie to me, Sheila." He snapped back, swallowing the wide gap between us. He pressed my shoulders tightly against his chest. "If you don't crave the attention of men, tell me exactly what you were doing in the arms of that bloody asshole."

He was talking about Kaiser Black. My brain registered, but my eyes were round and unmoving from Killian. I had never seen him so angry like this, not even when he had the warriors lock me up in the dungeon. I admit that I had always done my best to frustrate him just as much as I was frustrated, but this wasn't my doing at all. Killian was literally on fire, and his flames were directed at me, threatening to burn me. I should have been scared, but insanely I wasn't. I had gone crazy. Killian had finally succeeded in driving me crazy.

"Kil–" On a fearful thought, my intended word was immediately replaced with "Alpha. I was only, no, Kaiser was only helping me," I had no idea why I felt the urge to explain. Killian didn't deserve any explanation when, in fact, he had a lover.

"You damned liar!" His hold on me tightened. A sweet sensation spread through my body. I felt the rapid beating of his heart thud against my chest while I inhaled more of his scent.

My senses clouded with stupidity, and I rested my eyes on his lips instead. I felt a growing urge building in the pit of my stomach, and I wanted nothing more than to press my lips on his and have that strong body of his have me pinned firmly on the bed while his lips and hands did wonders to my body. I felt myself turn on. This man's scent was capable of driving any woman crazy; he was simply desirable.

Killian's eyes darkened even more, his breathing became more labored. "Control yourself, Sheila." His voice was breathless and, in a whisper, with his lips at the surface of mine. "I can smell your arousal."

At his words, I broke free from the bubble of insanity that surrounded me, my cheeks coloring red from embarrassment. I managed to escape his grip, stalking the far end of the room.

"You know nothing about me to be accusing me of things like this. So, what if I do love the attention of other men? It shouldn't concern you since there is only one woman who matters in your life, and it's not me. Whatever I do or don't do shouldn't concern you." I yelled at his face, turning around and removing the earrings from my ears.

I said something that seemed to have angered him the more. I could hear his constant growls, almost as if he was having an inner fight with himself. I didn't turn to look at him. I couldn't trust myself at that moment not to do anything stupid, like kissing him.

I released a sharp gasp when Killian's large hands grabbed my waist possessively, slamming my back to his chest. I felt my body press against the hardness of his core, which only made me release another gasp. Killian's lips found my ears, his teeth grazing my earlobe.

"You are MINE, Sheila Callaso." He placed an indecent kiss on my ear while his large hands caressed my sides. I released a moan, feeling Killian's lips on the crook of my neck. He began to kiss it and suck it. My entire body trembled against his. "Say it," he ordered, breathless.

"Say what?" I couldn't recognize my voice. I felt intense pleasure in my body, and my need for this man kept growing.

"That you are mine," he commanded again, the hairs on my skin standing at his words, while his lips kept doing wonderful things to my skin.

I didn't hesitate a second before leaning into his arms. Without much of a warning, Killian spun me around to face him. His eyes were completely dark and deadly, and his lips came crashing down.

I couldn't believe it.

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