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C1 Episode 1


I sighed deeply still thinking of when the class will come to an end. Mrs. Hurdy, our chemistry teacher has been going on and on since the beginning of the class, the boys and I had plans after today’s lecture, but this woman in front of me is just dulling us up.

Jasper stares at me for a bit and cocks his eyebrows, he didn’t need to do it twice for me to understand what he meant, I gave him a grin and nodded as I positioned my eyes towards Mrs. Hurdy who has abandoned teaching and started rattling about her teenage age, I pointed two of my fingers at her red-heeled shoe and moved my hands to the opposite direction, immediately, Mrs. Hurdy lost her balance and her a*s landed hardly on the floor, everyone burst into uncontrollable laughter as Jasper, Daniel and Billy stared at me smiling and smirking, they knew it was my handwork.

“How dare you!” Mrs. Hurdy’s angry eyes flashed across the room, I gave her a stern face and she loosened up immediately, she knows better than to run her mouth to the Alpha, after some seconds, the bell went off and everyone got up from their seats, Mrs. Hurdy hurried off with her bag and the chemistry textbooks in her arm.

“Good job Karl” Jasper gives me a high five as we both laugh

“I felt like I was going to pass out soon if someone didn’t stop her from nagging” Billy chipped in

“I think she might report to the principal Draven” Daniel states packing his textbooks into his backpack

“She wouldn’t dare” I gave him a warning look, I am the Alpha of my pack and no one can defile me unless the person is ready for death.

“Calm down tiger” Daniel surrendered immediately

“I was just saying, besides weren’t we supposed to meet with the girls at the janitor’s office today?” He asked and I nodded

Billy, Jasper, and Daniel are my best friends, also considering the fact that we have been friends since childhood and our parents had this special connection, plus their parents were also members of the high court, but of course, that didn’t change the fact that I was still the leader.

We strolled towards the hallway, everyone kept making space for us to pass and admiring us from behind, boys and girls included, they worshipped us, they worshipped ME!

We stopped at our locker in the locker room to exchange books and put back the chemistry textbook, Lydia and Winter approached us in a se*y manner, Winter held unto my back seductively, her sl*tty little hands hovering around it, while Lydia had her ways with the other guys.

“Y’all ready for us to move?” Jasper asked in between moans, he already had a bulge in his di*k area, seems like Lydia’s touch was having a really good effect on him.

“Let’s go” I commanded as we all headed for the janitor’s office, that place was free for now because the janitor is on two weeks' leave and not available for the main time.


“Are you sure you’ve got this?” Aunt Annie raised a brow staring at me in disbelief, I know she was worried, I mean, I am too, staring at the big school building which has a big signboard with the name on top of the building, it reads “KING’S BURY ACADEMY”. It still didn’t change, the color was still the same, white and blue, maybe the parking lot has changed a little but it still felt the same, I thought ten years away from this place would change a lot, but I guess I was wrong.

I felt my Aunt’s hand stroking my back

“Remember no one recognizes you here, no matter what happened in the past, that was then, and this is now”

I turned over and gave her a wide smile before stepping out of the car, she is right, it’s not like anyone could recognize me here either, after what happened 10 years ago, I left this place and traveled with my aunt to Chicago, this place was a nightmare, the students, the teachers, every one of them are all monsters.

I took in a deep breath and gave Aunt Annie a reassuring smile before walking into the lion’s den again, this time, it was different, maybe because then I was a weak human girl but this time, everything about me has changed, my looks, eyes, hair color, and my fu*king mindset, ain’t no idi*t is gonna step on me this time around.

Although I spent my elementary school here before traveling, not a lot has changed, funny enough, I think they were rounding up their first period because the hallway was filled up with students, it felt odd of course, I mean, I was with just a black jogger and white sneakers, it was obvious I was a new kid, everyone in the hallway was dressed so elegantly, the girls on high waist plaited skirts and a white shirt which had a red bow tie on top, wow, looks so cool on them.

“You look lost” a brown-haired guy stood in front of me crossing his arms, he was way taller than me that I had to look up to get his face, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t short or anything I’m actually 6 inches

“I’m not lost mister, as a matter of fact I know exactly where I’m going” I frowned raising my eyebrows at him and crossed my arms, height or no height, I shall not be intimidated.

“Oh, alright then” he gave me a confused look and wandered away, wow I scared the poor boy away and now I’m totally lost, the bell went off again and the students started disappearing yo their various classes, I need to find the principal’s office so I could be assigned a locker and also complete my registration, and I had to do that fast before all the students would return and I’d have no one at all to help me, st*pid me blindly rejected the kind help request from Mr tall and brown earlier, I rolled my eyes.


“Fu*k!” I moaned out in pleasure as Winter’s cold tongue worked on my di*k, she had a long tongue and that was one of the reasons I kept her for myself, I pushed her blonde hair deeper to my di*k, she choked a little, but who cares anyways, she sucked on me like a sl*t she is, I was about to c*m, I could feel it, the wave coming through, I could also hear Jasper and Billy’s moans, not sure what Daniel was doing, I was so deep in pleasure that I couldn’t open my eyes

“Just one last time” I groaned almost at the edge of letting out my entire liquid into her mouth

My eyes flew wide open when the doorknob clicked and someone actually came in

“Karl I’m so sorry to interrupt, the principal requested for your presence urgently, he said he’d end my education if I don’t call you immediately” the boy who just walked in said shivering, rage covered up my mind.

“Are you crazy? Do you want to d*ie so bad?” I barked angrily pushing Winter off me and walking up to him with my fist folded, I could ki*ll this guy right here and bury him

Tears rushed down his eyes, not minding the fact that he was crying, I hate weak men, it only aggravate me more, I didn’t care that my di*k was still hanging around my trouser, this guy was so fu*king lucky that I was not gay, he would have done the rest.

“I’m so sorry Karl” he shivered falling miserably to the ground, I rolled my eyes and walked away pushing my di*k back inside my trouser and walking angrily to the principal’s office, Daniel and the rest could continue the fun, my mood was already ruined and I was still ho*ny considering the fact that I didn’t get to c*m.

Don’t ask me what happened because I certainly don’t know, all I know is I’m currently on the ground and my a*s hurts so bad due to the force I fell with

“Awww” a female voice screeched in front of me, she was on the ground too, this tadpole pushed me?

“Hey!” I pointed angrily at her

“Are you fu*king blind?” I screamed angrily at her while standing up, I’ve had enough bullsh*t today

“I should be asking you that, you fool!” She fired back after getting her balance, I stood shocked, too stunned to speak, who gave her such audacity? I had to look at her, she wasn’t in our school uniform, that means she’s new here, maybe I should teach her some manners

“Me? A fool?” I raised a brow at her and she pulled her hair behind her ear and crossed her arms.

I smirked and pulled my hand in the opposite direction trying to use my powers but it was blocked like I couldn’t use it on her

“If you’d excuse me fool, I have better places to be” she rolled her eyes and walked past me, I wanted to drag her back and ask her who the fu*k she was talking to, but the fact that my powers had ceased completely got me quiet

I ran to her and dragged her roughly by the shoulder, with or without powers, I am still the Alpha here

“Get your fu*king hands off me!” She struggled to get free of my grudge on her but I was still stronger, as it should be.

“Seems like you know how to run those lips of yours so perfectly” I smirked placing my finger on her lower lip and drawing a thin line on it, she tried escaping my hold on her but to no avail

“Want to see what else those lips can do?” I stared at her icy blue eyes, she was enraged and afraid at the same time, exactly how it should be, she should be scared of me, everyone should.

“You are a lun*atic” she screamed using her knee to hit my balls, I was forced to let her go as I groaned in pain, she ran as fast as she could, I couldn’t even chase her, but she was going to pay, surely.

Anna’s Pov

I had to stop at a corner of the empty locker room to catch my breath, I looked backward to be hundred percent sure he was not following me, was he drunk?

I rolled my eyes sarcastically and continued my search to the principal’s office, I pray deep down I’d never cross paths with that motherfu*ker, ever again!

After a series and minutes of entering wrong rooms, I finally got to a room that has the principal’s tag on the door, a huge breath of relieve escaped my mouth, I could report that idi*ot and make sure he never bothers me again.

It felt like there was a war going on inside there already, two male voices were coming through in an argument, it’s seems they are in a hot argument, I took in a deep breath and knocked on the door

“Come in” a soft voice responded after some minutes, I clicked the doorknob and walked in, closing the door behind me, there was a guy who was already sitting opposite the principal, I couldn’t see his face because he was backing me

“Good day sir,” I said smiling, the guy sitting turned to me quickly and our eyes both widen in surprise

“You!” we both screamed.

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