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C3 Episode 3


I glared at her, she might be immune to my powers but the locker was certainly not.

“Snap out of it” she jerked at me with her eyes wide open, I only smirked at her, she was shocked because when she looked back at the locker and it was all cleared, she sighed as she placed her textbooks on her locker, I could feel the heat of her fear, she was scared but was trying so hard to hide it, silly little doll.

“Are you sure about your powers not working on her?” Jasper asked staring at her weirdly, the rest of the boys were confused too, it was not normal in any way.

“But Sir Draven already made it clear that there weren’t any more creatures other than the witches, humans, and wolves, if you are right, she is indeed a strange being, then that might be a problem” Daniel sighed, it was going to be hectic if it actually turned out there were more spiritual being other than wolves, witches and humans, as they might be a huge threat or even set up a war.

“Let’s find out what she really is” I frowned.


I keep on taking deep breathes, why the hell was other guys staring at me that way, and what were they talking about? The teacher who had already introduced herself as Mrs. Wendy had started the Literature class, definitely, she saw them talking but decided to mind her business, I can’t blame her though, the poor woman is scared for her life, these boys are monsters.

I prayed silently for the bell to go off, although they were far away from me, I could feel the burning sensation of their eyes on me, I took out my phone and quietly texted Heedah to pick me up after class, only God knows what these motherf**kers were planning and I didn’t want to be their scapegoat they were going to test it on, she replied almost immediately as the bell went off for the closing of the class, she said to meet her up at the locker room and that she had something to take care of first.

I sighed and stood up from my seat, literally, everyone else was now packing their books into their bags and were all ready to leave, some already started departing from the class, maybe when I get blended with the crowd they’d not have a chance to approach me, I smiled at my idea. I am a freaking genius, a hand clasped my wrist as I tried pulling my backpack over my shoulder, my heartbeat increased its pace as I stare at him, Karl had an evil smirk on the corner of his lips as he held my wrist with all power and force that it’s almost hurtful, okay maybe the plan didn’t work and he didn’t forget about me.

“Where are you running off to little doll?” He pulled me back so I was relaxing on my locker and he was right in front of me, I will say almost inside due to how close he was, I could feel his body heat.

“What do you want from me?” I glared at him in between gritted teeth, the last thing I needed was for other students to think I was weak or being bullied, actually, that was too late already, everyone was already giving me pity looks, the one I hated so much.

“You know exactly what I want doll” his expression changed almost immediately, he stared at me but this time around, his eyes showed anger, not sure why exactly.

I forcefully pushed him off…, okay that’s wrong, I tried to I mean, but have you seen this guy, he’s f**kkng big, he didn’t move an inch.

“My name is Annabella you fool!, and I don’t know what you are thinking or whatever theory you and you're f**ked up friends are having about me but you are wrong!” I glared at him and his friends who exchanged giggles at the back.

“Funny how you run those lips of yours so good” he giggled placing his index finger on my lower lip, I tried to push him off, he should not be touching me in any way

“I wanna see what those lips can do” this time around he caged both of my hands into one of his and held it tight, so I wasn’t able to move.

And just like someone heard my prayers Mrs. Wendy came back to class, she forgot her marker, but then when she saw what Karl was doing, she gave him a weird look and he rolled his eyes and spaced me.

“Meet me in the school parking lot in ten minutes” he ordered almost so certain I was going to obey him just because he said so.

“Yeah, you wish so a**hole!” I rolled my eyes as he let me go, I pushed him off and dusted my cloth, I was still shivering but there is no way I was going to show them, weakness just makes them stronger. He exited the classroom with his hand in his pocket and his three friends followed in suit giving me flirty looks as they walked past, the last one leaned over to me

“See you there doll face” he winked, I considered punching that wink back into his big eyes but reconsidered, those his maniac friends were still around the corner.


“What took you so much time?” Heedah asked when she sighted me coming into the locker room

“It’s a long story, trust me you don’t wanna know” I sighed tiredly

“My parent will be out for a dinner meeting, would you like to come over and study at my place? maybe we can even get to know each other better” she offered and I smiled, she was trying to be friends with me, it was amazing. Luckily she came in a car so I didn’t have to use the bus or call mom, both would be super stressful.

We entered her car and she drove off, my mind went back to Karl and his order, well f**k him, it might just be empty threats, for all we know.


I checked my watch again, two hours had already gone, still no sight of Annabella, she must think I’m bluffing, silly little girl. I chuckled out before going into my Lamborghini, I could feel the rage coming up, the heat was too much, my wolf was crying to be out, no one has ever disrespected me and no one will, Anna!, it’s game on, I will break you and I’d enjoy doing it.

I opened our Elite group chat where the boys and I have our general discussion and I typed a message

{Meeting at my house by 9:00}

My wolf wanted to be let out but due to the strict school rule that no wolves are permitted to change to their wolf form, I’d respect that but as for Anna, she’s dead meat.


“Make yourself at home, you feel tensed” Heedah giggles a little as I relaxed on her bed, her parent were out of the town in the meantime and her brother was quite welcoming, I was relaxed, or just trying to, Karl wasn’t going to do anything, deep down I know I just made things worst for myself, the Karl I knew when I was smaller had anger issues and if he still does, then I’m as good as dead, way to go Anna, way to go.

“Anna!” Heedah snapped her finger in my face, I was so lost in thought, I gasped out and laughed to cover everything up.

“So sorry, was so deep in thoughts” I sighed

“Wanna share?” She asked narrowing her brows

“Not really but I have few questions, you know I’m human, right?” I crossed my arms, it seemed like they were now accommodating with humans because when I was younger, I got bullied for being different.

“Yeah, we have humans at school too but it’s not really that common, were you worried about that?” She chuckled a little and I nodded, I lied actually, I wasn’t bothered by it one bit

“Can I ask you a question about Karl?” I asked

“What about Karl?” Her reaction was a bit changed in some seconds, it was almost unnoticeable, did they have some kind of ugly past together too?

“You get worked up whenever I ask about him, did something happen?” I tried to sound less like I was trying to exceed my boundaries

“No, not that, sorry about my reaction Anna” she sighed heavily

“It’s just that his name is bad news and I hate hearing it” she gave me a puppy face and I nodded, I wasn’t going to bring it up anymore, I still had a feeling she was hiding something but I wasn’t going to push it.

After some minutes of awkward silence, my phone vibrated, it was a text from mum, she wanted me back home.

“Umm… Heedah, thanks so much for your help today but I need to get going” I smiled at her and she nodded as she picked her car keys.


Mom laid on the living room couch tiredly, she gets sick a lot whenever we move, I walked to her side to check for her temperature, Heedah dropped me off and returned to her house, it’s late already.

I helped mom get into bed, I washed up and changed into a short skirt and a crop top, I had to get some drugs for mom to reduce her fever, there is a clinic nearby, hopefully, they have not closed.

“Mum” I called out from the living room

“Will be back soon, wanna get some drugs” I informed her before pulling the doorknob and I went out.

The night was cold and quiet, almost like a graveyard, thankfully the clinic wasn’t far from our apartment, after walking for a while, I sighted the drugstore, it was 08:50 and they close by 9:00 according to what Heedah said, I sighed in relief, I got the drug and walked back home.

Goosebumps filled my skin as the night breeze caressed it, the place was d*mn quiet, you’d think no one actually lives here, I felt a presence near, it may be not really a presence, just the howl of a wolf, I almost forget it was a wolf town, suddenly a strong hand pulled me to a dark corner and pressed against my mouth resisting me from talking.

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