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C5 Episode 5


“You really think that will stop me?” Karl furrows his brow as a smirk appears on the corner of his lip

“W...what?” I stammer, my entire body shaking

Karl doesn’t hesitate one bit, his hand dives straight to my buttons, I only got back my senses when he had undone the first one.

“Are you f**king stupid?” I glared at him so hard as I pushed his hand away

“Are you going to give me the phone?” His dark mysterious eyes shine bright with the help of the moonlight hovering above us, d*mn wolves.

“N..no.., no way” I stammered still trying to catch my breath.

He sighs and continues his play on my buttons, I feel my breath stop, I push him away with all my might but he wouldn’t budge, his chest is just so stiff and strong.

“Stop!” I scream at him as I start hitting him hard on his chest, or so I thought because he didn’t seem like someone was hitting him but Karl needed to get his freaking hands off me, and he needed to do it now!.

My bra was now visible to him, he stopped then stare at it, I used that opportunity to push him away and turn away to fix my shirt button back in place, he was there, behind me, I could feel the intensity of his gaze and his breath on my neck.

Once I was done buttoning the shirt, I reached for my phone and put on the sound recorder, I was going to report this b*stard to the police tomorrow for se*ual assault, I was sure he didn’t see me, I tugged in my shirt, my bra relaxing in-between my br**st.

“Jasper comes over” Karl called out, oh no! two against one?

“That’s an unfair fight you know?” I glared at him, trust me, if my eyes could shoot lasers he’d be on the ground dead by now.

“We’d see about that” he winks at me as Jasper walks over to where we were standing

“Need help with her?” He folded his arms as he stares at me, it wasn’t pitying in his eyes, his eyes show that whatever his friend is doing, he was in full support of it.

“She is recording us,” Karl said, his face was straight as f*ck, no emotions just like the devil he was, how did he know? I’m dead meat now.

“What?, I’m not” I argued glaring at him hard.

“Let’s see then?” Jasper brought his palm for me to place the phone on it, he must be out of his fr**king mind.

“F*ck you” I screamed angrily at him and he rolled his eyes.

“How about you hold her for me?” Karl’s eyes stare at my br**st, I crossed my arms protectively over my chest, Jasper giggles a little as he walks behind me and yanks both of my arms behind my back, he’s so strong that he held both my wrist in one hand, these wolves are idi*ts.

My chest pushes forward with force. Karl doesn’t say a word, he just stares at them with crossed arms, he’s dark back, heartless eyes, I wasn’t going to show these two idi*ts fear, maybe if they see how bold I am they’d leave me alone, I tried to release myself from Jasper’s hold but his hands are too strong on me, for God’s sake, what type of workout do these motherf***kers do?.

“What do you think you are doing? This is ass*ult” I screamed at him trying to wriggle myself from his hold on me, Karl doesn’t say a thing, his eyes go from my breast up to my eyes, he stares at me with so much curiosity, his eyes filled with both lust and revenge, his eyes are still focused on me as he rips the entire button from my cloth, it opens weakly, I gasped as my bra becomes exposed.

“I will call the cops and report all these!” I warned, I knew they didn’t care, they had connections, if I did that I’d only be looked upon with pity, I don’t want anyone pitying me but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, the same fear that I had for Karl some years ago, it was still there, it just tripled, he let’s go of the hair strands and brushes his hand over my bottom lip, honestly that sent shivers down to my core.

“Doll, tell me….." he pauses a while as he lets go of my face. "What’s the big secret you are hiding? What’s so different about you?” He asked in a more serious but low tone.

I swallowed hard, he couldn’t find out I was the girl from his childhood, no, that will make everything worse, my entire body trembles as his hand went back to my face, but he was holding my jaw tightly now.

“Tell me” his soft but deep voice came again, this was the worst, him being soft was the worst because he was f**cking hard to read, I didn’t know if he was getting pissed off or angry or annoyed, I had no idea.

When I couldn’t say anything, he rolls his eyes and lounges for my b*ra, I shiver

“I’d call the cops!!” my breath cuts him

“I love the cops, you can call them” Jasper whispers, I feel a thump in my tummy, what the actual f**ck!!!.

Maybe this is all my fault, I should have just shown up at the parking lot, I shouldn’t have kicked his balls, maybe I should have just apologized to him, all these are my fault, my st*pid fault.

“Do as you wish” I sighed and take out a deep breath, Karl tilts his head to the side and gave me a weird look, he must be happy he won.

“You really thought you could run from us? Or get away with disobeying me?” He said as he pulls a strand of my jet black hair which is tied into a ponytail, he wraps it around his fingers, the look in his eyes as he stared down at me is that of pure lust and anger, I hold my breath and my tummy twitches again.

I know I’ve trained myself to be the bold, brave girl who didn’t always have to meltdown while being bullied, or who always needed someone to come running to save them.

"You... you can take the phone" I stammered as if I forced the words out of my mouth

“No, I don’t need the stupid phone anymore, you had your chance”

I stare at him in fear as he reach for the lace of my bra, I shrink into Jasper begging him to protect me from his friend, Karl’s mind was already made up because he didn’t look like someone that was backing out anytime soon.

His skin brushed against my breast caressing it slowly, he’s not even taking the phone, no, he watches me, we didn’t cut the eye contact, I was shivering but I didn’t want to cut it off either, I was not going to drop the only thing that gave me boldness now.

A car honk came across, my heart was inside my belly, maybe I can scream and they’d hear me, I stared at Karl and just like he knew what I was about to do, he covered my mouth tightly, real tight, I used my entire energy to bite on his hand, with which he doesn’t budge although it put him in pain a little, he didn’t let me go.

The car stopped in the middle of the hallway like it came for me.

“Daniel check who that is” he commanded

“Umm Karl I think we need to go” Daniel replied in a hushed tone as he moved back towards us, Karl rolled his eyes as he dug out the phone from my bra, my legs and core responded to his touch and I hated myself so much for it.

He signaled Jasper to let me go, when he did, I fell on the floor and tried to catch my breath, they were gone, all three of them, and my phone too.

“Anna, are you alright?” That voice sounded familiar, it was Heedah, she rushed to help me get up

“How did you….” I stare at her surprised

“Will explain in the car” she gave me a puppy face and helped me get back to my feet.


“Yeah, you can only imagine” I smiled back at her happily, Heedah and I had the same class which was chemistry, my worst, by the way, I only enjoyed it for a bit because of Heedah’s presence, as for yesterday, mom technically called Heedah, I had stayed out long, then Heedah used my scent to trace where I was, I didn’t tell her who exactly it was, I just told her some thug members attacked me.

I don’t know why but I couldn’t tell her the truth, thankfully she didn’t ask more questions.

Two girls kept staring at us from across the room, at me to be precise, like they wanted to rip my head off, Heedah explained them to be Karl’s dogs, Lydia and Winter, I paid no attention to either of them, I had more things on my mind like how the f*ck I was going to survive literature class, those f**ols were going to be there, Jasper, Karl, and Daniel.

The bell went off almost immediately, I took in a deep breath, I haven’t seen either of them all day, or maybe I was avoiding them and places that could lead me to them.

“You’re sure you don’t wanna skip?” Heedah cocked her brow, I gave her a fake smile

“I can handle it”

She nods as we exit the chemistry class, I can’t help but giggle at Lydia and Winter, the intensity of their gaze on me, if only they knew their boyfriends are girl kidnapping psychop*ths.

Heedah had a different class as she dropped me off at the entrance of the literature class, there was no sign of Karl, neither Jasper nor Daniel, I sat beside a guy, there were other empty seats far away, Karl won’t get close to me.

Or so I thought because he walked in almost immediately with his crew, he scanned across the room, a smile came to his lip when he sighted me, he walked towards my direction, I tried not to look at him, it didn’t matter anyway because he was right in front of me, he gave a dea*th stare to the guy next to me and he crawled away, my heartbeat increased.

“What the h*ll are you doing?” I whispered to him because the literature teacher came in almost immediately, Jasper and Daniel did the same to those occupying seats around me and took their seats instead.

“I hope you are all comfortable where you are seated?” Mrs. Davis faced the class with her eyes scanning around.

“Because your current seatmate will be your seat partner for the rest of this semester” she completed, my eyes free wide open.

“What??.. I screeched

You gotta be kidding me” I turned over, Karl was actually smiling.

That motherf**ker!!!.


(Next Morning)

I smooth my hands down my plaited school skirt with a smile on my face as my reflection stares back at me from across the mirror.

A chuckle slips through my lips at the fact that my school uniform fits perfectly. The first time I'm putting this on, and I'm so glad I was worried for nothing.

Another morning to get to school, and make sure to avoid that asshole of a so-called alpha.

The memories of what Karl did to me that night float through my mind, but I'm quick to shake them off; knowing going down that lane will be of no importance.

With a few strokes of my hand down my jet black hair, and being satisfied with my appearance; I grab my backpack, and move to grab my phone.

Walking towards the exit of my room; I furrow my brows as the echoes of voices bounce off the wall.

It's strange because there's no one in this house except my mom and me, and the voice sounds weirdly familiar.

"Anna!" Mom's voice pulls me out of my thoughts, "You have someone waiting for you, dear!"

I smile at that, realizing the strange voice must be Heedah's.

She did say she was going to pick me up.

Shutting my door behind me, I head down the hallway that leads down the stairs, and the first image I see is that of my mom with a smile on her face.

Smiling, my gaze moves to the figure on the couch, and my frown disappears to be replaced by a frown; a gasp slipping through my parted lips as the figure stares back at me with a smirk etched to his face.

My mouth hangs open as I stare at the devil himself, grinning at me with a mug in hand.

Karl fu**king Wolverine.

You've got to be fu**king kidding me!

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