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At the age of 21, one is meant to have found one's mate. In two years, I can finally ascend the throne with Mira as my mate. I know you would be wondering how I know Mira is my mate. You see in the fictional tale of the Garden of Eden, Eve was formed from the rib of Adam, and Mira is my Eve.

"Xavier to my office now" " my Father called through the mind link, looking at the clock beside the bed. It was just 5:30 am, damn it's morning already. Lying beside me is Mira. I can't help but smile. I can't wait to officially claim her. Being the next in line is fun until you only sleep for five hours every day. With a grunt, I got up from bed and rushed into the shower to prepare for the day. Before I left the room, I kissed Mira on the head, and humming a happy tune, I strutted to meet my father the Alpha.

"Morning Father". I greeted him, I could see the tired lines on his forehead, and from the look, I understood it was the rogue problem again. For some months now, a group of rogues have been trying to break through the patrol team. It is crazy how they think they can fight us. I mean not to brag, but we are the largest pack in the south-east zone, with one of the deadliest and most ruthless warriors. I would like to see them break in.

"Xavier, I need you to handle the patrol today. Delta Dante's mate just went into labour, he has to be by her side today," Dad announced. Delta Dante has been like an uncle to me, he and Dad have been friends right from their youthful ages, and his mate, Aunt Silver, is the most loving and gentle woman I've ever known. She is kind and has always been there for me, plus she is my mom's best friend. I felt giddy with the news because I knew their son Fabian, one of my best friends, and my Delta, when I became Alpha, would be ecstatic to have another young pup in the house.

"Sure Dad, I'll call my team, Trust me, Dad," I said to my father, and with a nod from him I walked out of the office and headed to Beaumont's house. Beaumont, Beta Maximus' son and my Beta when I ascend, is my second best friend. The gang of three, as we are called, are best friends for generations and, hopefully, to the next generation.

I knocked on the door and Beta Maximus opened, "Good morning Uncle". I greeted him. Yes, I call them Uncle, they have been in my life right from birth. "Xavier, Beaumont is upstairs." I guess Father already told him I'd be coming. With a nod, I ran up the stairs to my best friend's room. I knocked and waited for a reply before walking in. Seeing your best friend doing the horizontal dance with his girlfriend has scarred me enough, we always knock before entering each other's room.

Beaumont's girlfriend is in the bathroom as I see Beaumont dressing. With a few pleasantries exchanged, we headed out to Fabian's bungalow. Beaumont tells his girlfriend bye and, with a kiss, we are out to start the day. Fabian is already waiting outside for us. You can tell he is excited about the new family addition. With a quick handshake, we headed to the border to start our patrol with a few warriors with us.

Today is going to be a beautiful day.



I have been on my own for years. I guess my parents took a look at me and knew I wasn't good enough, dumped me in front of a crumbling orphanage, and drove off, at least that's what sister Anges says. She doesn't like me very much. I could tell she was waiting for me to turn 18 and then she could kick me out.

The orphanage is filled with kids but I've always been alone, no one wanted to talk to me, I learned to read, write, and play on my own, but I hated it here, I hated my parents for leaving me, Why couldn't they love me, why wasn't I enough?

It's my birthday today. They never remember. Sometimes I wonder if my parents even remember this day. Do they even know what I look like? I guess I'll never find out. It's 6:00 am now. If I want to have something to eat, I had better hurry before the good bread is finished. I'm sure sister Agnes will be glad to see me starve.

With a rush, I'm done showering and rushing down the stairs for breakfast. Lucky me, today must be a beautiful day. I get good bread, and I can't help but feel happy. Yes, I celebrate little wins. This to me is a good win. After prayers are said, we all start eating. The sisters are all busy today, even the other kids looked excited. I felt anxious.

Mother Superior comes in, she only comes when she has an important announcement. I hope it is good news, Lord knows I need that today. "Good morning children," she says with a smile on her face, " Today I have good news", she continues without waiting for a reply. The dining hall was quiet and she said with a bigger smile, "We are moving, our new orphanage has been completed and we have to move in today" With a clap, we all celebrated the news.

"Enjoy your meal," she said and right before she departed she called for me to see her in her office. I hope I don't get in trouble. I rushed down to her office because she despises tardiness. Mother Superior was already seated when I walked in, she beaconed on me to sit.

"Elena," she said. I could see it in her eyes. It was bad news. I hope my parents are okay. I found myself thinking, " I'm sorry my child, but we don't have enough space for all the kids and, since you are the eldest here, we have to leave you behind, except you want us to drop one of the kids and pick you instead of them, I'm sure you won't be that selfish, right Elena? She said in a rush.

"I understand Mother Superior, I'm grown now, and I can handle myself, but can I still stay here until I find a place to stay? I retorted. With a smile, she told me I had a week to find a place to stay.

As I walked out of her office, Sister Agnes was by the door with a smile on her face. I'm sure she made this suggestion. Standing beside her was a huge, gruff-looking man. He looked at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

As I scurried down the hallway, I could still feel his eyes on me, he was dangerous, and I had a nagging feeling about avoiding him. I hurried to the woods behind the orphanage home. The woods have never been scary to me.

Today has been horrible and it's just 7:30 am.

Happy Birthday to me then.

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