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Elena's pov

" Which path leads to the orphanage?"

I was lost. I couldn't believe I walked this far into the forest. I don't think I'll get to the orphanage in time before they leave.

"Why did I go this far" I asked myself.

Looking around me, the trees looked the same, it felt like I was walking in a circle, every path I took brought me to this exact spot. I couldn't shake off the feeling of being watched. I could feel eyes on me, but I couldn't see anyone.

"You look lost," a voice said. Looking closer, it was a man. I watched as he stepped out of the shadows.

"The forest isn't a place for little girls," he declared, walking closer to me with a weird smile on his face, he looked vicious.

"No, I am waiting for my friend" I lied, he smiled as he whistled a tone and two other men stepped out. Looking closer at them, I could see the same tattoo I noticed on the strange man at the orphanage.

With each step I took, they seemed to do the same, walking closer to me. I came to a stop as I felt someone behind me.

"Don't scare her guys" he said to his friends, as they laughed at his words, and in their moment of distraction, I started running.

I couldn't get far, as I felt my body being lifted off the ground. I screamed as I elbowed him in the eye, and he grunted, dropping me. Scrambling to my feet, I tried running again but I was surrounded.

"That wasn't so nice of you little girl," the black-eyed man said.

"Please, I'm sorry, I just want to go home" I cried out.

"Grab her" he commanded.

Picking up a stone, I threw it at him, hitting him square on his chest. That didn't seem to distract him, instead, it made him look angrier.

"You shouldn't have done that," the black-eyed man announced, sharing a look with his friends. I watched as they began ripping off their clothes.

My eyes widened in disbelief as the men in front of me began to change shape. Their bodies contorted and stretched, their limbs lengthening, and their faces elongating.

Fur sprouted from their skin, covering them in a thick layer of hair. They howled in unison. Their eyes were yellow, I stood frozen in shock as I watched them.

My mind was racing as I tried to process what just happened. It can't be real. Men don't turn into wolves.

The smaller wolf in the group launched at me. I duck as its nails slice through my clothes, tearing both my skin and dress shirt. My once-pink shirt turned red.

He seemed satisfied with the damage he did. I got the message too. If I tried anything stupid, I'd be gone.

"We need her alive," the black-eyed man declared, as he watched the wolves stalk closer to me.

"Please save me" I pleaded to him, tears rolling down my cheeks.

The wolves sniffed the air, their eyes shifted from me as they growled at something in the forest.

More wolves stepped out from the tree line and a large black wolf seemed to be leading the pack of wolves running towards us.

The black-eyed man looked frightened as he ran into the woods, leaving his friends behind. I don't think his friends noticed his absence.

The black wolf growled, he seemed to be barking out orders as the other wolves bowed, before attacking the wolves that had me trapped. The black wolf stalked towards me, his eyes gentle as he approached me.

He approached gently as though trying to portray it meant me no harm, and its gentle demeanour comforted me slightly. It nuzzled my hand and I felt a surge of warmth and affection from the wolf. With its large body, it shielded me from seeing what was happening with the other wolves. I could hear growls and howls.

Xavier's Pov

Rojo my wolf was apprehensive as we approached the northern border. "Stay alert guys", mind-linking my team. "Calm down Rojo, we'll go on a run soon". I tried to calm him down. It has been 2 days since he last went on a run, and work has gotten me occupied.

I could smell them, rogues my guess, six of them. I signaled my team and we charged towards them. It looks like they are trapping a tiny being. Rojo is enraged. He leaps, standing right in the middle and protecting the little human girl.

Her little dress was torn, and I could smell her blood, she looked like she could pass out at any time, "Keep one alive". I mind-linked Fabian. Using my large wolf form, I shielded the little one from seeing the massacre that was about to happen.

With just one kept alive, the warriors dragged him for interrogation. I'll worry about the rogue later, but now I need to be sure the little one is okay. I ran behind a tree to shift to my human form. Rojo was still unstable because of how he saw them gang up on her. Now dressed in shorts and a singlet, I approached the little angel.

I knew she was scared so I told Beaumont and Fabian to go back and alert the pack doctor. I needed her calm before bringing her to the pack house, and with a nod, they ran to the house. "Hi, little one" I whispered, "can you look at me, please? I tried coaxing. She slowly raised her head, and I was gutted.

Her eyes were almond-shaped with green streaks in her pupils, and her pointed buttoned nose, with her full lips, she was too pretty for this world, with her long flowing red hair. Her beauty made it feel like the world stopped for a moment. I was lost in her eyes.

I couldn't guess her age. With how she was sitting, I knew there and then that I'd rather die than let any harm come to her. "Look at her hair", Rojo snickered in my mind. I couldn't help but smile. Rojo means red and she has red hair.

Kneeling to her level, "What's your name angel? I asked, " Elena" she whispered, sneezing, "Shoot, she must be cold," I thought. "I'm Xavier, can you stand up for me? I asked. She shook her head no, " I'll take you to see the doctor, okay? I said as I picked her up.

She looked malnourished, she was as light as a feather. With her in my arms, I started the slow walk home. She rested her head on my chest, I listened as her breathing evened out, and she passed out in my arms, "I'll protect you Elena", I vowed.

When I got to the clinic, Elena was still sleeping. I stood in the corner and watched as the doctors took care of her wounds and dressed her. "She's exhausted, we can't say much until she wakes up," the doctor said. With a nod, I left the clinic to meet my dad, not before telling the nurses to alert me when she was up.

After a brief meeting with my father, I decided to take a shower. When I was done with the shower, I headed downstairs to the dining room for lunch. With the stress of today, I had a great appetite. "Xavier, please come quick, she's panicking and screaming, she'll hurt herself" the nurse mind-linked me. I rushed to the clinic to see the little one screaming, rushing to her "Calm down angel". I said, She jumped and held onto my shirt, not letting go.

Today has sure been a day.

New chapter is coming soon
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