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C1 Chapter 1


The whole place was in flames, with earthquakes swallowing house and the packhouse burning. She watched it all with grim eyes by the window in her room- which was also on the verge of collapsing.

“You’re here?” She spoke, her voice low. “They say people change, but look at you proving them otherwise.”

As she turned her back, the love of her life- the man she had spent a year with looked nothing like the man she had met before. Yet she thought that it was to be expected. For she had hurt everyone he cares about.

His hostile gaze met hers, his chest rising as blood dripped from his head. “What was the reason?”

She observed him as tears started to fall from his cheeks. She felt the bloodlust directed at her yet she couldn’t understand why he’d show such an expression after everything that happened.

“Is it not obvious enough?”

“I’m done with playing hide and seek with you. Tell me the goddamn reason.”

“Everyone says that one should destroy what destroys you, but what if the one thing that’s destroying you is yourself?”

“What are you talking about?”

She couldn’t feel anything. The numbness covered her whole being, and she accepted every bits of it. She strode towards him and placed a palm on his right cheek.

She snickers, “It was me. I killed her, Alpha Derek,”

“Why… Why did you do it?” He replies, a look of anguish crossing his face.

And just as she anticipated. His fingers slowly made their way on her neck, his hand shook in hesitance and his tears started to even flow harder.

He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t even try to hurt the person he loved the most in the world. And so she helped him. She placed his hand on top of her chest.

“I lost everything. I’ve always dreamed of living a normal life with you. But I couldn’t, I’m not allowed to.”

He cries, “I… could’ve done anything if it’s for you!”

“I’m sorry.” She says, not a pint of emotion in her eyes. “I guess I’ve spent my remaining time trying to fix things, and it ended up destroying me.”

She closed her eyes. There was nothing left for her. At the few seconds before her death, she couldn’t feel anything- just like how she spent her whole life. Blood started to drip from her mouth and she collapsed.

Death is near.

She says. “This time… please don’t revive me, i’m begging you.”



From the start of times, the moon goddess had always granted one wish for her creations.

It was a wish that portrayed the goddess's pity and love. Everyone was given a chance to wish for something; money, power, and love. There was no limit to where her powers extend, only that one must bear the consequences of the wish they must convey.

Some say it was a gift, but some assumed it was a curse given at the most desperate times.

And just like any other people, a Witch who fell in love with a werewolf had only one wish. And that wish was to produce a child despite disobeying the law of nature. They knew what was to come, yet they can only fear the consequences of wishing for the forbidden.

The consequences of her pregnancy rooted after she gave birth, she became ill and lost all her powers to her daughter. Fearing for the future, the couple consulted an oracle.

And the oracle predicted a dim future ahead. Their child, Venus was fated to lose her emotions on the first fall of snow on her 6th birthday.

"What do we do? Can this be prevented?"

The oracle shook her head, "No one can stop fate."

As years passed by, the day that Venus loses her emotions finally comes. Unfortunately, as soon as the first snow fell, the witch who wished for her daughter's happiness stumbles down hard on the ground. Her eyes locked to her daughter's small figure at the corner, a purple scarf wrapped around her neck.


"C..Come here, my child." She smiles.

Steadily, Venus made her way to her sick mother who was lying down on the ground. Although Venus could heal others, he can only heal physical wounds, chronic illness was not within her capabilities at that moment.

She looked sideways trying to look for her father, but he was nowhere to be found.

"Don't lie on the ground, it's cold you'll get sick again."

A tear falls from the witch's face. The witch reached for her daughter's hand and wore the ring on her daughter's small fingertips.

"No matter what, promise me you'll live. Even without a purpose, you must live your life...okay? promise me that."

"If i promise, would you be okay?" Venus sobs. "I'm sorry mom, i can only heal physical wounds."

"Don't worry. Mommy would be at peace. If you promise me, i'll promise you i'll always watch over you."

Venus nods, not knowing what those words actually meant.

"Okay, i promise."

Everything became blurry. As soon as her mother said those last words, she finally saw her father running towards them, yet it was too late. The witch had already passed. Unable to accept the fact, the werewolf carried the witch out of the house, leaving Venus all alone.

'Where are they going? is mom going to be alright?' She thought.

Venus felt the cold breeze as he left the door open. Slowly, she made her way out of the house, hoping that she can catch up to her parents. But, sadly, they were still out of her sight. Not even a silhouette remained on the vast forest.

Only a whimper that made her ears perk up.

Her eyes widened when she saw a wounded boy lying on the grass field, tears of blood flowing down his face. He was exhaustedly panting hard as he fought to live.

She came beside him and sat down.

"Who's there?!" The boy panics, sensing another person beside him.

It was clear to her that he couldn't open his eyes, so she inspected how injured the boy was first. As soon as she touches his skin, she felt a strange spark inside her heart.

She gasps, letting out a small voice.

"A girl?" The boy grabs her wrist unknowingly.

"Let go of me!"

He lets go, "Are you an angel?"

Venus was in shock for a moment, she realized that when he touched her the pain around her heart didn't occur. So it must've been an accident, she thought.

"What's an angel?"

He chuckles, "Cheryl said angels would appear when you're on the verge of death."

"You're young and you're already talking about dying?" Venus tilts her head in confusion.

"Am i not dying?"

"You're badly injured, but i can help you. Mom always told me to save people if it's within my capabilities."

"You sound younger than me." He laughs. "You can't carry me anywhere."

"Who says i'm carrying you?" Venus scoffs.

Placing both of her hands above his body, she started to heal his body piece by piece yet the area around his eyes was somewhere her spells couldn't reach.

She huffs in fatigue.

"That's enough. You've done enough." The boy shrugs her away. He could sense that the girl was at her limit, it was already enough for him that she healed his body, so he didn't want to bother her anymore.

"Wait!" Venus holds on to him. "Where are you going? are you going to leave? you can't! you're blind!"

"I have my six senses."

"But how about me! i'm lost! how can you be ungrateful!"

He couldn't just leave her alone by then, so he took her with him as they traveled. He tried to retrace his steps back but the pain around his eyes was overwhelming his senses.

He groans in pain, kneeling on the soil.

"It's painful, i can't focus." He pants.

Though his body was healed, the pain weakened him to the point that he stumbled on the ground once again. Venus panics and rushed to his side.

"Get up!"

"I want to sleep." He chuckles bitterly, "You should leave me here, i'm sure you'll find someone just like you found me."

She shook her head, she tried casting spells again but the result was the same. She still couldn't heal his eyes no matter what she did.

Her hand shook in fear as she remembered how her mother had a similar experience a while ago. Even though he was a stranger, Venus was oddly attached to him for some reason. She knew she can't let anything happen to him.

So without knowing, she used the most dangerous mana flowing in her body.

Her heart essence.

Every witch had this, but they couldn't use it for some reason, so it remained as useless mana that stayed on a witch's body even on the day they die. But for Venus, who was a half-witch, she was able to unseal her own heart essence in hopes to save the boy.

Little did she know the outcome of emptying a witch's heart's essence.

As she healed his eyes back, a smile crept across her face as she remembers his golden eyes for a split second. She fell down beside him and noticed that he had fallen asleep. At that moment, she couldn't feel anything. All the emotions that she had felt until now vanished into thin air.

As the snow continued to fall, she looked to the skies, that was when she heard a voice of a woman echoing around her, calling her name through the gust of snow.

Someone was telling her to make a wish, and there was only one thing on her mind at that moment.

"I want.. to go home."

12 years later -


It's been years after i lost both of my parents. After my mother had passed away, i couldn't even shed a single tear and my father cursed me for it.

I couldn't blame him, i even cursed at myself at that time. My father couldn't handle my mother's death so he sent me to SunDale pack and left me alone, i just stood there with a blank expression as he walks away.

Since then, i've lived an empty life.

In a cafe where i liked spending most of my free time, I looked up to the skies and noticed it was the exact same day that i had lost everything. The first snow of the year was the same date the snow would fall, as if the moon goddess made it that way.

I chuckled at the thought. "Like the goddess ever cares anyway."

"Look who topped the ranks once again."

I turned around and saw Ryan walking towards my table. He leans on it and winks.

"What? Jealous?" I smiled.

"You don't need to smile, there's no one here beside me anyway," he said and sat down.


Not many people know my situation. But since Ryan and i grew up training together, it was unavoidable when he realized that i was hiding under a thick mask of emotions. He was the only person i could be comfortable with till this day.

"I told you to stop drowning yourself in work, if you didn't attend the last evaluation, then i would be ranked first. It's your birthday today but you'll be sent away in a mission again." He complains.

"Whatever, but if i hadn't did that then you'll be sent away in a dangerous mission and your worried mate would come crying in my door once again."

He sighs, "Lara and i talked about this before but she just can't let go of it."

"You know what she wants Ryan, why won't you give it to her?"

"It's not that easy." He says, "I grew up in this pack, all of my ancestors did. But i'm really considering it, since we may have a pup soon."

"A pup? that sounds dangerous. Have you told Shaka?"

"Nope, i just got there and i didn't have the balls to say it." He groans in annoyance, "Anyway, he sent me here to call for you, he wants both of us to see him right now."

"What? why didn't he just mindlink us?"

He shrugged his shoulder.

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