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C4 Chapter 4


What was that?

I was left shocked for the first time in 12 years because of what happened. The spark that i had long forgotten creeps itself way back into my skin. I knew it was the same feeling i felt when i used my heart essence back then.

I looked over to my palm and noticed it trembling a bit.

"What's wrong?" He says with sarcasm. "Do you not want to do it?"

For some reason, i felt something boiling inside of me. I couldn't explain it, but it felt like i wanted to slap this guy's face. His golden eyes, strangely making my stomach turn at the sight of it.

I don't know what i felt at that moment, but i knew others called this feeling as.. anger!

"You must be kidding," I scoffed. "Your hand just felt weak among others, so i thought i can give you a chance to back out."

"Oh? we'll see about that."

He taunts me by wiggling his finger as he positioned his elbow on the table. He was mocking me just like the other guys who went ahead before him, but something was different about him. His aura was cold and domineering, not the kind of aura you'll see at a festival for citizens.

I glared at him before i locked hands. As soon as the vendor ques the initiation call. For the first time since the begginning of the game, i was actually having a hard time winning.

We were pinned on the middle spot as we fought against each other strengths. It wasn't easy for me, and i somehow felt that he also had a bit of a hard time.

"Having a hard time defeating a she-wolf?"

He chuckles, "I just don't want it to get boring, i'm giving you a chance. You're strong, but not so strong that i can't defeat you."

I rolled my eyes. "Prove it."

Before i knew it, my hand was already on the right side of the table. I gasped, and everybody does too.

What the fuck?! he's not a normal citizen!

Realizing that he practically played me made me angrier, i stood up and brushed his hand away from mine."You! You're a warrior, aren't you!"

"So what if i am? how about you? Aren't you also a trained warrior? Participating in games for citizens, do you have no shame?"

"What?" I gasped in disbelief.

This guy is deliberately angering me on purpose! My anger was out of proportion since i just retrieved it back. Controlling it right now was harder than anything i've experienced before.

I can't even control my mouth.

"Who says i can't participate?" I lowly growled. "You don't own the festival so get the fuck out of my sight!"

"You lost, and you're telling me to get lost?"


I couldn't hold it back anymore. The next thing i knew, the table in front of us was already in pieces and i swung my feet to kick his abdomen. He receives it and flies sidewards from the stage, the props around us blowing up to pieces.

I gasped when i realized what i had just done.

And just like every year on my birthday, the first snowfall comes.

The snow made me feel a strange sense of relief. But my anger was too intense that it was starting to get out of hand so i just decided to flee from the scene. People began to run from the spot and i did so too.

"You won't get away from this!"


I intentionally received her kick since i wanted to test out her raw power. For a she-wolf, her strength defied the charts, she had the same power from men that trained for years already. Unfortunately, I flew sidewards and crashed to the stage props, making me unable to get up easily.

"You won't get away from this!"

When i got up, she was running away with the crowd, she even walked passed Seff, but Seff just laughed at the situation and gazed back at me.

"Get her!"

"Don't do it man, why are you so hung up on her anyway? She's just an outsider, there's no need for you to worry about it." Seff says and he stood beside me.

"Shut up, she's suspicious," I grumbled as i removed dust all over my body. "She has a raw power that could defeat 3 men at the same time."

"It was that powerful?"

I nodded.

The reason why i also said she was suspicious was because of her lack of presence. For werewolves, sniffing others' presence was easy, but even when i memorized her scent, it still didn't leave an impression on me.

As if she doesn't exist at all.

"Damn it, i can't sense her anymore."

"Do you want me to find her? I can find her for you-"

"No." I growled, it was odd how i was feeling somehow bothered just by the thought that he'll try to meet her. I just knew that i didn't want him anywhere near her.

Fuck why am i even thinking like this?

"Nevermind, i'll let her go. You're right, she's just an oustider. I won't find her anymore so don't try to track her, okay?"

He raises his hands up in surrender and walks away.


Retrieving my first emotion back was harder than i thought, of all emotions why is it that anger has to be it?! I sat down exhaustedly when i realized i was finally out of range from any danger. I didn't even realize that night had already came, it only dawned on me when the moonlight flashed on my face.

"Of all emotions, why anger is my first emotion!" I yelled in frustration.

I took deep breaths and closed my eyes. Thinking that i have no time to be resting, i hurriedly got up and headed back to my pack. But, just as expected, i noticed several men on my place once i set foot on the dormitory grounds.

Shaka must've sent them after hearing the news that i beat Ryan half-dead.

"Heh." I snorted.

I sneakily went behind each of them and knocked them out, specifically targeting the nerve behind their neck. I was a bit sorry when i realized i still couldn't control my anger properly that their necks were bruised badly from the hit.

"Oops..Sorry." I said in respect.

I kick the door open and immediately pick up the bag that i've long prepared in case of emergencies like this. It contained; clothes, food, potions, knife, and my mother's portrait. As i walked past a mirror, I noticed the ring on my neck.

I can somehow still remember when she gave me a ring that perfectly fit through my finger, but because I grew inches tall, i had to make it into a pendant so i could wear it at all times.

This was the last thing she gave me before she died.

"I'm going mom, wish me luck." I whispered and kissed the ring softly.

With one last look, i left SunDale Pack.


Midnight was the best time to do my missions. It was the time of the day that all of my targets would be sleeping and it was easier to move since it still limits their senses though it doesn't completely erase my presence.

There was two choices that i often make when i do my mission, sometimes i do follow my mission just like what Shaka ordered me to do, but most of the times i go rogue and decide on impulse.

Either way, it benefits our pack anyway.

Having a slim figure made it easier for me to hide my presence anywhere. It was routine for a trained spy like me to act like a shadow, and i've always done it perfectly in any of my missions. As i noticed that i've reached a safe place close to Crescent moon, i put down my bag and started to groom myself.

I wore the purple scarf the i've always took with me and wrapped it around to cover my nose and mouth. Since i had a unique eye color, i had to wear contacts in every mission to hide my true identity. I took the knife out of the bag and placed it securely on my back.

And of course, i always go barefoot.

I've heard rumors about spies getting caught before reaching Crescent moon so i've been doing my own research for the past couple of months. Some of them get seen at the frontline because the whole forest near Crescent moon was covered with sound detection alarm.

They didn't station any werewolves at the borders since they had it perfectly covered. It was brilliant really, most people would prefer CCTV cameras but those are too noticeable so they rather used a sound alarm device that could be hidden anywhere in the forest, and who knows how many they planted?

Since the ground was filled with twigs that could set off an alarm in any minute, i decided to jump softly as i can to strong tree branches to avoid being heard. On my way there, a small twig caught my necklace and it fell down on the ground.

"Goddamn it..my necklace!" I muttered lowly.

Going down was suicide, so just thought that i could retrieve it later after i finish the mission once and for all. I sighed briefly and continued to move forward.

When i reached the second security that Crescent moon had, which was traditional stationed borders, i had to use one of my gas potions to force them to sleep as quiet as i can.

I walked passed them and headed to my final destination.

Alpha Derek's bedroom.

It was thanks to the journal of past spies that tried to infiltrate Crescent Moon, that i was able to get intel about the direction of his bedroom. Though they died before reaching him, at least they got to write about it.

I landed softly on the traget's balcony and noticed the door open. I was used to walking without a sound so it wasn't difficult as i finally stood beside his bed, his back facing me.

I glared at his body.

The mission was actually to participate in the arena competition. But seeing that Alpha Derek posed a huge threat to Shaka, i don't see any reason why this bastard should live?

He should die before he gets too strong in the future.

"Don't worry, i'll do this as quick as i can." I muttered under my breath.

Taking out the knife on my back, i was about to plunge it straight down to his heart but he catches my wrist on time. My eyes widened, when he turns, we locked eyes and i gasped in pain. He gripped my wrist too hard, that the knife fell down from my hands.

I jumped back and positioned myself in a fighting stance. As i finally saw his face, my jaw drops.

Wait.. isn't he the guy from the festival?!

I was expecting him to attack me but instead. I saw his eyes darkened, his chest rising up and down.

He growls loud. "MINE!"

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