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C7 Chapter 7


It was weird really. The moment when he kissed me, i felt a sudden surge of energy enter my body. I've watched people do these intimate things to their partner but being in the exact position as them now, i never thought it would feel this good, though it was only me who had this ability to suck out energy from others.

I could already tell that this ability was related to me being a half-witch.

Since i noticed that i get more energy when i touch some of his sensitive spots, i randomly decided to get nasty. I told him i'd suck him dry but i don't exactly know how.

I pulled down his pants and his dick sprung up.

I glanced at him and noticed how flushed his face has gotten, was he bothered that i was so shameless to pull down his pants? Well doesn't matter to me anyways.

When i grabbed his thing, i felt all his energy get sucked towards me in an instant. Then he fell unconscious.

I blinked.

"What.. that's it?"


I gave one last look to him while he was sound asleep on the bed, his upper body exposed- well of course i covered his pants again, i'm not that shameful to leave him naked.

Then i left the small house and inspected the area.

I realized that i was in the border between Crescent and Dark Moon Territory, which was to be expected. I had no problem going on with the mission, only that it was still odd to me that the man earlier could sniff my true identity.

I've been living by hiding my identity all my life, i naturally thought it has something to do with me being a half-witch yet everything got exposed suddenly, why was it?

My eyes widened.

"Wait-" I placed my hand on my upper chest. "Was it the ring?"

Now that i think about it, i've never taken the ring off my body in the past. if the ring was indeed a witch artifact given by my mother i would've known yet it wasn't giving off any mana aura so i couldn't tell before.

Was it also covering its true origin? There's only one way to know.

"I have to retrieve it." I nodded to myself.

The morning had already come, the birds chirping as they hummed to tell that it was the day that the Arena Tournament would be held in Crescent Moon Pack. Since i've failed with the assassination attempt last night, i knew i had no choice but to follow the mission for now- though the objective had gone to a 360-degree turn.

Nevertheless, it was something i had to do to live for another year.

I ran fast as i could, not minding the alarm system. My memory was perfect, so i had no problem retrieving the item back to my hands. I quickly picked up the necklace and wore it.

Then i heard it, the patrol unit started to surround me.

"Stop, who are you? Do you know you've trespassed Crescent Moon Territory?" One of them growls.

Did it work?

Well i guess it did. They're only displaying a given amount of hostility, if they could smell my witch scent then they woud've easily tried to lunge at me.

Let's calm down for now.

"Oh?" I turned to face them and plastered my best smile. "I think I'm lost. I plan on participating in the arena competition."

"The arena is on the opposite side. You're more than lost."

I remained to smile, "Really? I'm sorry then. I'm terrible at directions. Would you mind escorting me to the place?"

At that moment, i was relieved that i left my things in the cabin. It would've made me more suspicious if i had appeared with a bag with me. But there was still one thing i haven't realized until now. Not until one of them pointed it out.

"I don't know about that miss," He chuckled. "You're telling me to believe you that you're participating in that get up?"

What get up? I looked down and finally realized that i was wearing a nightgown. My thoughts wandered at the time when the bastard from earlier said the nightgown hugged my body. I've been too unbothered to noticed my clothes at all!

Ugh, i want to kill that psychopath!

I coughed awkwardly, "Is there any rules that i can't wear this?"

"There isn't, but looking at you is distracting, woman." A deep voice emerges from nowhere.

The air around us changed when he finally entered. The dark, omitting cold aura surrounded his body as we all felt the chill run dun our spine. It was no other than Alpha Derek.

Why was he here?

He stares at me, his eyes slightly reflecting the sun's color behind him. The tone of his eyes started to shift due to irritation.

"Wait a minute, i know you. Aren't you that weird woman at the festival?"

Hah, So the ring works after all. He can't sense my true identity anymore. I was still irked that he almost rejected me at his room last night so i decided to get back at him somehow.

"Pleasure to meet you Alpha Derek, do forgive me for my rudeness at the festival. If i knew you were an alpha, then i wouldn't have kicked you down on purpose." I smirked.

The guys behind him started to glance at one another. It only took one look for Alpha Derek to silence them immediately. His killing intent rose in just seconds, his pride hurt after what i said.

His eyebrow furrowed, "What did you say?"

Let's not anger him too much Venus, i thought.

"Was it a secret? I'm just apologizing anyway. Though i'm not just here to say sorry. You know right? I want to join the tournament."

"After insulting me, you have guts to be asking me this. I don't know if you're smart or just plain stupid."

"Isn't that something you can judge after you allow me to join?"

He crosses his arm. "Usually there'd be an evaluation for every participant who wants to join, but since we're already here. Should I just ask you a few questions then?"


I nod.


"Venus of SunDale Pack."

"Sundale Pack? isn't that too far to be wandering in a nightgown at this hour?" He says irked.

I chuckled, "Am i too distracting Alpha?"

He eyes me up and down, even the guys behind him started to realize my beauty that they had to turn their heads away as soon as they heard their alpha growl.

"Pft." I snort, "I'm sorry then, i had a bit of emergency so I couldn't dress appropriately in time."

Even i am convinced i look too distracting with how my cleavage was poking out and my long legs greatly exposed to these unmated werewolves.

What i didn't expect was when Alpha Derek took off his shirt suddenly and walked towards me in a suspicious calm manner. His forehead knitted as he shoved me his shirt at my chest.

"Wear it. It's big enough to cover your whole body."

"Thank you." I smiled.

Well, this is odd.

"My men would bring you proper clothes for the competition, make sure to sign up at the right place formally, don't do this again. You're lucky you trespassed on the day of the tournament or else i'd send you straight to jail time." He glares at me.

"I'll take note of that."

His nose scrunched in disgust, he said before he left. "Make sure to take a shower, you smell bad."

What?! I smell bad?! I was too shocked that my anger was late to come. He was already gone when my veins started to pop from frustration.

Ugh, he's such a cold bastard.

Awkwardly though, i tried to sniff myself. "What the hell is wrong with him? i don't smell bad at all."

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