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C8 Chapter 8


In the far area behind the Arena, I was busy inspecting the competitors that came in. Carefully, I observed any movements that may look suspicious. And so far, none of them have surfaced yet.

It was just last night that an assassin tried to kill me again, but this time- she was my mate. It was that fact that made everything complicated. Even when they searched for her until dawn, she just completely disappeared.

I closed my eyes in frustration. I can still remember how vague the connection felt through my bones.

It's more powerful than I thought.

"Alpha," Easton calls out.

"Easton, did you get enough information?"

"You mean?"

"Venus, the competitor."

"Yes, Alpha. From what we gathered, Venus is indeed one of the SunDale's wolves. Her original profile coincides with what she wrote in the registration form. Though she is the right henchman on Alpha Shaka, she's strangely absent in every important gathering. We also tried asking some SunDale wolves, but they didn't know much about her, other than being the adopted daughter of the alpha."

My eyebrow furrowed. It's the fact that she doesn't have enough information that makes her suspicious. She has a rare talent, so I can't get why I've never heard of her before. Although female warriors are common, her technique and skills can level an alpha's raw power.

She's the first she-wolf to display such monstrous strength.

"What do you think? Do you think she really came here to join the ranks?" I asked.

"Hmm, I still can't tell. It's too early to say that she's a spy. Her profile checks out, and her pack record proves her identity."

"I doubt that."

We can't trust SunDale Pack. Though it's a famous pack for being a neutral community. People always wondered why the best warriors from that pack started to disappear after a period of time. Even the previous alphas disappear in the middle of their succession.

If you ask me, the pack is just way too suspicious to trust. Maybe that's why they never got involved in pack wars.

Speaking of the devil.

Venus finally got out of the tent. This time she was wearing proper clothes on, leggings that reached her ankles, and a black crop top that stopped on the top of her belly button.

When our eyes met from afar, she waved towards us childishly.

"..." - Easton.

"I take it back, you're right. It's too early to tell." I sighed.

I just glared at her, expecting that she'd stop acting so stupid but instead, she just blew a kiss towards me. Easton holds his laughter while I fought the urge to scold her from this distance.

Just what the hell is with this woman?

"Shut up." I hissed at him after I rubbed my temples in frustration.

Easton closes his mouth, "Yes, Alpha. But aren't you gonna return that-"

I growled.

"-Sorry i was just joking. Anyway Alpha, you shouldn't judge by a book by its cover. You should try to watch her close too. You won't know, maybe she's a spy or just someone you can have a close connection with."

This again?

"I love Cheryl, i don't plan on meeting some weird she-wolf, especially not that hobo one."

"Hobo?" He chuckles. "She looks interested in you, why not give her a chance?"

Give her a chance? I looked at her once again. This time she locked her eyes on me while she waited in line. It was at that moment that I noticed her beautiful purple iris again.

Damn it, what's wrong with me?

I abruptly looked away.

"She's just here to join Crescent Moon's ranks. Whether she gets the chance or not, it's up to her."

"What if she gets accepted?"

I smirked. "Then, I'll formally welcome her to our hell. We've never had a woman in our ranks before, so every training regimen is focused on men. Though she is strong, I can tell her stamina isn't that high."

"I'm not talking about that, I'm asking what you'll do if she continues to flirt with you like this?" Easton's eyebrow rose.

"Do I look fickle? I won't cheat on Cheryl."

He sighs, "I don't know if your loyalty applies to your relationship with her. I mean, didn't she clarify that she just wanted to be friends with you? Alpha, I don't like her. That woman has been leading you on for 10 years already. She knows you like her but she-"

"Enough Easton. Just how many times do you have to complain about my business? This is the last time, if I hear this one more time, I'll dismiss you." I growled.


After i took a shower and changed just like he wanted. I took some time in the tent to practice limiting my recent ability to weaken men. Though it was hard to comprehend at first, i realized that the ability was something I could control. I would just have to restrain my inner mana to pull energy.

Since my mother taught me the basics of mana control at a young age, it was a piece of cake to control now.Now I won't have to worry about random men having a boner whenever I touch them.

When I got out, a guy outside guided me to the Arena's reception. It was packed with wolves from different packs, mostly rogues at that. Usually, rogues aren't the ideal type to recruit but since we're talking about Crescent Moon here, they are the law I guess.

When I sniffed the air, I quickly caught his scent. I turned in his direction and saw him looking at me. Since I was desperate to get close to him to lengthen my life, I swallowed my damn pride and waved at him.

He ignores me.

Then I tried again, but he ignores me again! yet this time he glared at me.

For the last 15 minutes, I've been trying to get his attention. But all he did was ignore me and talk to the guy beside him. They looked like they were talking about me. I wanted to hear what they were saying but my senses were too dull even to hear it at this distance.

He must be shit-talking me!

"Rude bastard, you'll fall for me soon." I grinned.

With this new ability, I'm sure it'll be a piece of cake.

As soon as every competitor was formally signed in. We were gathered inside the arena's stadium, the roof reached three trees in height and about every werewolf was as tall as my mate.

I looked like a total munchkin.

There was an oval stage in the center, a guy with a mic on started to introduce the event and the mechanics overall. He explained that there were only three stages in the event.

The first one being Mass Raid, which focused on every single one of us at the same time. Basically, it was a test for survival since we would be going inside the notorious Arndon woods. What's left from the 3000 would proceed to the next level.

Whilst level 2 was a test relying on one's intellect. We would be given a hard situation inside an illusion, and a panel would choose whether you pass or not.

Lastly, it's the man vs man duel. The last stage where we would be standing at the same location in front of us. The numbers would have greatly decreased by then, but the death toll would increase as well.

"If you have any questions, you can ask now. This might be your last time asking. You never know, you might survive if you ask something important." The guy laughs on stage.

Rather than being curious, everyone was plastered with fear in their eyes. All of them were seriously taken back at the event mechanics that was way too abnormal to comprehend. Even I was a bit shocked that the Crescent moon would go so far like this. All of us signed a consent form regarding our lives at stake. We thought it was related to duels but seeing that Arndon woods was only just level 1. The other two levels must be living hell.

I grinned.

A guy raised his hand, "C-Can I back out?"

"Back out? You signed the forms dude. Didn't you read that once you enter the arena, there is no backing out? Either you die here or you succeed. That's all there is to it." He smiles.

Everyone gasps in fear.

Well, that was a normal reaction since werewolves aren't the type even to read the long-ass consent form in the first place.

What kind of sick arrangement is this?

They just made Mass murder legal.

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