The Alpha's Mate/C1 First Transition
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The Alpha's Mate/C1 First Transition
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C1 First Transition

"Ahhhhh dad it hurts I can't do it. I won't be able to pull it through" Terrick is going through his first transition. And like everyone else it hurts. His bones are shattering and bending in the wrong direction. This is a world fill with supernatural creatures such as witches, vampires and wolfs. And the humans who are here are ignorant of the existence of these supernatural creatures.

Terrick is the alpha's son and soon to be alpha. His father Marcus Clarkson rule the moon pack with integrity, equality and strictness. He us the supreme Alpha, the ruler of all other alphas.

Back to present

"Don't touch him" Marcus warn his wife who was about to touch their son 18 years old son Terrick. "Cone on Terrick, you can do it, I know you can. You are a Clarkson and all Clarksons are survivers" Marcus encourages and coax his son. With a final yell "ahhhhhhhhhhh" Terrick transit to a beautiful white wolf. (Good job) his dad said to him through mind link. A thing common to all wolfs ( am proud of you) his mom said too through mind link.

Terrick runs to the wood to test his wolf ability. Running through the thick bush in the forest jumping over tree trunks. He stopped by a river, diving into it.

Terrick ran and howl for hours before shifting into his human form. He is a tall guy with firm cheekbones, with ocean blue eyes, having a muscular body. His like every girls dream guy.

He shift back to his human form with his cloths. He walks to were his parents are. His mom gave him a proud hug and Hus dad gave him a manly shake. The first transition for wolfs is not easy as some don't go through and die halfway. The process is so painful. Your bones twist and turn facing the wrong direction. That sounds Unbearable. There were five wolf ling's who transited today but as things have it, not all survived. Two families lost their offspring. Jasmine James daughter of Maximums James didn't make it, she died on the final stage of the transition. Maxwell Benson son of Lancelot Benson didn't make it as well. He couldn't pass through the first stage.

Terrick went inside their pack house and was greeted by many people. He was congratulated for making it through his first transition. Terrick walks looking for someone and when he finally sees him he sigh in relief. He walks up to Anneximander, Annex for short. His best friend. He was among the five wildlings who transited today, he is a big Greg wolf but not ad big as Terrick's. Terrick has the alpha's blood in his vein so it is only fair that his wolf is bigger. Annex wolf is bigger than the size of normal wolves in the pack and this is because he is a born beta who is suppose to stand by Terrick when he is crown the supreme alpha. If Annex had died during his transition, Terrick's wolf would have picked another wolf from the pack.

Terrick and Annex hugged each other other and are proud of themselves. Sapphire Annex's father congratulates his friend the supreme alpha..........

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