The Alpha's Mate/C4 His competition
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The Alpha's Mate/C4 His competition
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C4 His competition

After finishing up with the meeting, Annex went back to Terrick's office. He told him what they said and what their worriers were.

"they want to know how you plan to handle this new competitor" said Annex unveiling what they said to Terrick.

"I don't see the need of sharing what I have in mind with them. I'll just do what I have to do and they can thank me later when this competition is no more". Annex looked at him as if he is joking. As in who takes action without informing the BODS of his company?

"Terrick they are your BODS, its their right to know your plans and how you run the company". Annex said reprimanding him, his voice went high a little. Forgetting the fact that he is talking to his alpha.

Terrick raised his brows looking at Annex as if reminding him that he is talking to his alpha.

"Am sorry alpha I didn't mean to raise my voice, I just got carried away" Annex said apologizing while bowing his head down and showing his neck as a sigh of respect and submissiveness. "Hmmm" Terrick hum nodding his head accepting his apology.

Actually to be honest, Terrick will do nothing to Annex if he disrespects him. Forget the fact that he is his alpha and Annex is his beta. They are childhood friends and best friends. They know each other very well. Their relationship with each other go way back to the forth generation. Their great grand fathers were friends, their grand fathers were friends as well and even their fathers were friends. And they all died together trying to protect their people from danger and that's why they are all legends in the eyes of the supernatural world.

Annex knows this fact, but he just want to show him respect as the supreme alpha. I mean if he doesn't show him respect as his beta then how will Terrick's subjects respect him?

"Okay then let's do something about the competitor. You can go tell those chicken heart BODs what we discuss." Said Terrick to Annex who just nods his head.

"We will get rid of the wrong customers. There's no point in doing business with the wrong customers who will no help to lift up the company.. Will offer our customers something that our competition can't offer.. The company is a new company and it has less revenue than us. Why don't we adjust our pricing?" Ask Terrick.

"And if that doesn't work in bringing them down?" Ask Annex.

"If that doesn't work then we find a new target audience, we can release a new product or service. We could step up customer service. Create a new loyalty or reward program. We can equally experiment with new marketing campaign"

"That sounds good" said Annex approvingly to Terrick's suggestions.

"How I wish they weren't humans. I would have snap their necks for going up against me" Terrick said with a dangerous smile on his lips. Annex just shook his head. His alpha is just so vicious.

"You can go and tell them what my plan is and let them choose what they want to do. Since as their opinions count" Terrick said the last part with a little sarcasm in his voice.

Annex just shook his head and left the office to go inform the Board members of Terrick's plan..........

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