The Alpha's Mysterious Daughter/C13 Balancing the team
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The Alpha's Mysterious Daughter/C13 Balancing the team
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C13 Balancing the team

"Can someone please just start explaining?." Charlotte ranted out of frustration.

Yeah, she was right anyway.

"Umm, dearie, allow Hazel to bear all the blames first, before we all start talking," Ava said to Charlotte and gave her a warm smile, and that smile changed to a cold glare when she looked at me. "Hazel, explain to me in three words, why you would go to a coven stead?."

"To find Flint." I said expressionless.

And just then Ava burst out laughing. We were all stunned seeing Ava laughing like that, as she looked so furious, minutes ago.

"I know y'all so surprised, but I'd say that y'all meeting here today is by Divine arrangement, but the team is not yet complete. There are three girls and so we need three boys, we have one already which is Flint. So, I'll just issue out your mission for ya." She said and flashed us a smile.

Kayla looked at Charlotte, and Charlotte looked at me, and i transfered the gaze to Flint, who as well gave it to Ava.

"Guys....guys....guys....i don't understand, Divine arrangement!!!! Team!!!!! Mission. What's all this?." Kayla and Charlotte screamed out simultaneously, and looked at each other.

"I've heard of missions, teams, divine arrangement, and all that, and I'll really love to be part of y'all than going back to my mother, but before that, can someone explain the kind of mission." Flint spoke up for the first time in a while.

We all looked at him, and Ava chuckled a little.

"Fine, I'll tell you what i know, but i must say that Kayla and Flint are in big trouble now, and only joining the team can save you." She said and sighed.

"Trouble!!!!!! Curse the stars!!! What's all this? Which kind of trouble?." Kayla said visibly worried.

"I've always loved trouble all my life." Flint said nonchalantly, like he never cared for anything in this world.

"It's not really trouble though, but Flint, you know you can't go back to the coven stead or temple as you call it, because your mother has labeled you as a traitor." Ava said staring intently at Flint.

"I'm not thinking of returning." He said and chuckled a bit.

"Kayla, your Alpha has forced everyone to move to the pack house, which means you now have restricted movements, but, i can get you inside the pack house for today, and after today it's all up to you." Ava said and stared at Kayla as well.

"Well, if you can get me in, I'll figure out any other thing. Now can you explain what's really going on." Kayla said seemingly restless.

"Inquisitiveness!!!!! The problem i have with Hazel....But I'll explain, when I'm done addressing," Ava replied Kayla, and then continued. " Charlotte and Hazel, don't think you are free or anything, because henceforth, you can't go to school, because Alpha Xander has changed it to an all wolf school. And there's nothing you can do about it." Ava explained and winked at us.

"Woah...seems like we are all destined for some kind of bad luck huh?." He questioned and chuckled yet again

Damn this boy, looking as though, nothing is really going on. If he chuckles one more time I'll have to punch him in the face.

"Ok, so I'll just start explaining. Each of you here have a very great destiny, but you must find out for yourselves what your destiny is. It's in your hands, and for each of you to succeed, you have to stick together. See, there are a lot of evil in your world, or I'll say your different worlds. And each of you has to win and conquer in your own world first. Now that leads me to telling you your mission. Flint, you have to go back to the coven stead but no one must know you're there. You must find the Book Of Holy Secrets and bring it to me, else your mum will use it to defeat you all. Understood?." Ava said or i would say commanded with that great sense of Authority.

"Understood. But how do I get into the temple, without getting noticed?." Flint asked determined to do as instructed.

"Well you'll have to figure that out yourself, and then for you Hazel, yours is quite an easy task but you have to convince Axel and Rowan to join the team." Ava instructed again.

"You know, i don't think that's quite an easy task. I mean for Axel, yes, but Rowan would be hell for you Hazel." Charlotte said and burst out laughing.

"Ok, ok. Kayla i got an information that kids disappear from the pack house without traces, but for sure, there must be one trace and you have to find out that trace. Now don't get me wrong, i didn't say you should find the kids, just some trace, and informations ok." Ava said and Kayla nodded her head I'm the affirmative.

"And now you, Charlotte, you are to build a hideout or some kind of hidden tower or something, just some place we can all assemble. Got it?." Ava said rounding up.

"No, please. I don't get it. I'm supposed to build, a girl should build huh?." Charlotte said and chuckled.

"Would you like to swap mission with Flint then?." Kayla asked and smirked.

"No, thank you for your kind offer." Charlotte said adopting a British accent.

"Charlotte, I'm not saying that you have to build it all by yourself. I'm saying that, if we all return and the house isn't ready. We'll have to question you about it?." Ava said with an evil smile.

"Ok, so i can hire a few workers then?." Charlotte asked amidst smiles.

"Your choice, miss. Now everyone get to work." She said with a clap.

"Remember, Team work is key."

Ava then immediately teleported with Kayla, and we all set to work immediately.

{Axel's Pov}

I haven't heard from Hazel or Charlotte, since Hazel got discharged, and that was quite strange.

I had to visit Rowan immediately.

New chapter is coming soon
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