The Alpha's Rejected Heir/C3 The Alpha's Rejected Heir
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The Alpha's Rejected Heir/C3 The Alpha's Rejected Heir
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C3 The Alpha's Rejected Heir

Rosalyn POV


I could feel the entire house shaking beneath my feet from the power of the alpha tone in Alessandro's voice

"young man don't you dare raise your voice at me!!"

His facial expression changed from anger to regret within seconds

"I'm sorry mom I didn't mean to shout at you but you know what those people did to you I can't allow you to go back there and if you go I'll have to come with you and I don't think I'll be able to control my anger around them" he said

"I know dear but I'll be fine and it's not gonna be that long we'll just be there for a month besides I haven't seen my brother in 17 years I can't not go to his wedding plus you need to meet your uncle you guys only communicate over the phone, it's not like we're going to live ok, besides I'll have Mi bambino ( my baby) by my side every step of the way I'll be fine." I coaxed

"And what about him?"

Alessandro asked with disgust in his voice I knew he was referring to his father

"what about him?" I asked

"isn't he gonna be there after all it is his pack and uncle Michael is his beta you guys are bound to run into each other at some point you think you can handle that and what if he finds out am his son it's not exactly easy to hide, from the way you talk it seems like I could pass as his twin one look and he'll know I'm his not that I care but i know he's gonna want answers"

I thought about what Alessandro said and he's right he could pass as ke'shaun's twin he was the splitting image of his father only thing he got from me was the skin colour and I know the moment I arrive everyone else is gonna see it.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there sweetheart don't worry about that just get your stuff together we'll be leaving on Monday, I'll speak with the alpha and the luna after the party Saturday to get permission to leave."

"Ok, Voglio bene alla tua mamma (I love you mom)" he said kissing my forehead before making his way up the stairs

"Ti amo anche il mio prezioso ragazzo(I love you too my precious boy) I replied with a sigh, I had my work cut out for me.

The next couple of days went by uneventful with the same daily routine it was now Saturday evening and Alessandro and i was getting ready for the Luna's party. I had called earlier in the week requesting a meeting with them after to ask permission to go to California for my brother's wedding. Now I'm on the couch in the living room waiting for Alessandro to come down stairs so we can leave.

"Alessandro hurry up we're gonna be late to the party what's taking so long?" I shouted

"Mom have you seen my coat I can't find it anywhere"

"it's in the closet by the door now hurry and get down stairs so we can go you know how I feel about punctuality."

"Alright I'll be there in a minute"

I got up to pull the car out of the garage by the time I was out of the drive way Alessandro was closing the front door and making his way to the car. The drive to the pack house was very short as it was just a 10 minutes drive or 25 minutes by foot, when we got there the shower had already started and the house was filled with people. I parked the car and went inside. Alessandro left to go talk to his friends and I went to place our gifts down on the table, little after luna Gabriella came up to me pulling me in a bone crushing hug I congratulated her on the pregnancy again and we went around talking to people and enjoying the party.

It was now 10:00pm, the shower was over and I was making my way to the alpha's office for our meeting along with Alessandro. The luna had gone to bed because she was complaining about her swollen feet and feeling tired. I knocked on the door to the alpha's office and entered when I heard him say "come in" he was sitting around his desk doing some paper work, a genuine smile made its way on his face when he looked up and saw us

"ah Rosalyn and Alessandro come in have a seat how are you doing?"

"We're doing good" I replied

"so you requested a meeting with me is anything wrong? are you guys having any issues with pack members or other super naturals or is it the business?"

"No no nothing like that alpha everything is fine I just wanted to ask your permission to go to California on Monday my brother is getting married in a month and his mate asked if I could help her plan the wedding."

"Oh ok I see well you have my permission to go however rose you know your like a daughter to me and I know your history with your old pack so I want you to be careful ok and if anything at all goes wrong you call me and I'll be there in an instant to bring you home ok?"

"Yes" I replied

"Good" he said

"take care of your mother for me ok son" he said turning to Alessandro

"yes uncle" Alessandro replied.

After talking a bit more Alessandro and i left the pack house and headed back home so we could rest up and finish preparing for our trip. I sighed as I drove away from the pack house California here i come.

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