The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C1 Ten Thousand Corpses Dark Formula
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The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C1 Ten Thousand Corpses Dark Formula
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C1 Ten Thousand Corpses Dark Formula

The Skypiercing Continent was a vast region that spanned tens of millions of miles.

In the Divine State, warriors were revered, and strength was the most important.

If a mortal could sense the spirit energy of the world and cultivate through breathing, they could be reborn and step into the martial way. At that time, they could be called a martial artist.

Seven steps in the Martial Dao: Master, Master, Wang, Zong, Emperor, Emperor, and Saint.

It was said that the strongest person that could be heard at the moment was only at the Martial King Realm. As for that legendary realm of the king level and above, there were no historical records at all.

In the Divine Province, as long as one's strength reached the Martial Master Realm, they would have the qualifications to establish a sect and recruit a lot of disciples.

Therefore, in the Divine Province and beyond it, there were countless small sects. In an instant, it could be said that flowers bloomed in unison.

Divine State Extreme North, Mist Country, Flowing Moon Sect.

Today was the first month's "arena competition" for the outer disciples of Flowing Moon Sect. According to tradition, it would last for five whole days.

The so-called arena competition was an assessment of points based on the number of battles between outer court disciples and their strength. Only the top fifty with the highest points would have the qualifications to compete for the Flowing Moon Sect's inner disciple selection test that happened once every four years.

Fifty people taking the top three places to be promoted to inner disciples.

The sect's cultivation technique, pills, spiritual force, and almost all of its resources were poured into the inner sect disciples because only they were the backbone of the entire Flowing Moon Sect.

At this moment, the challenge platform at the center of the outer sect plaza was completely surrounded by outer court disciples. Looking at it, there were at least ten thousand people!

Everyone was pointing at the arena, laughing and cursing.

"Xiao Mu, oh Xiao Mu, why have your cultivation still been stuck at the first stage of the Fighter realm for the past three years, unable to progress at all. It's truly a pity."

Below the arena, a green-clothed youth shook his head and sighed.

Junior brother Nan Feng, just speak your mind if you want to say that Xiao Mu is trash. It's not like everyone doesn't know. A sturdy looking youth took over the conversation, showing no mercy at all.

"Yes, this kind of trash is not worthy to stay in the Flowing Moon Sect. If not for the fact that his father had disappeared as a former elder, he would have been kicked out of the outer sect long ago and go down the mountain to be a mortal."

"What do you mean disappeared for no reason? I think he's probably scared of death and ran away. Heh, this old man didn't even want his son in order to avoid the mission given to him by the authorities, haha."

At that moment, on the huge battle stage, there was a person lying down. It was Xiao Mu.

His eyes were scarlet, his hair was disheveled, his clothes were soaked in blood, and his face was twisted in extreme pain. He glared at the person in front of him who was approaching him step by step. His mouth was filled with blood as it became blurry, "You want to kill ? "Me!"

Compared to his miserable appearance, the person who walked in steadily was dressed in a bright yellow robe, without a speck of dust on his face. His face was filled with a carefree and relaxed expression.

His name was Zhang Xuan, the prized disciple of the current outer sect elder, Zhu Heming.

When he arrived in front of Xiao Mu, he raised his leg and stepped on his back fiercely.


A clear sound of bone cracking could be heard. It was extremely clear even in this sea of people.

"Pfft ~"

Xiao Mu spat out a mouthful of blood, which dyed the stage red.

The extreme pain caused him to instantly become numb, as if the surrounding time had slowed down.

The spectators were surrounded by cold, mocking, and disdainful faces. In this world where the strong preyed on the weak, no one pitied him at all.

A useless trash, this was exactly what he deserved.

On the stage not far away, outer sect elder Zhu Heming was looking at the scene, although his face was expressionless, his mouth revealed a slight smile of satisfaction.

The difference in Level Nine Fighter and strength was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Zhang Xuan was at the peak of the second level of the Fighter, a full level higher than Xiao Mu!

The plan made his favorite student take action, and the result made him very satisfied.

Zhu Heming's goal this time was for Zhang Xuan to cripple the former outer court elder who had disappeared for three years, Zhu Heming's sworn enemy, Xiao Fenglin's son, Xiao Mu!

According to usual conventions, no one was allowed to hurt the life of a fellow clan member in a sect competition, but Xiao Mu was just a trash, and now that his father had disappeared, everyone knew that Zhu Heming was the strongest in the outer sect.

Xiao Mu had already expected all of this.

In these three years, he cultivated bitterly day and night, but because of his father's disappearance, his state of mind became unstable, which resulted in his cultivation not improving at all.

He knew that Zhu Heming didn't like him, but he never expected that would actually have the heart to kill him!

If he could make a comeback in this life, how great would that be? He would definitely go all out in cultivation and kill everyone who wanted to kill him!

"Creak ~"

Zhang Xuan emphasized the strength in his legs as they twisted on Xiao Mu's back. She felt that she should immediately trample Xiao Mu to death.

"If you beg me to kowtow, maybe I will consider letting you die a decent death." Zhang Xuan's face was full of malice and indifference.

"Zhang..." Xuan, even if it's me ? He had become a ghost ? and I'll definitely come back and take your dog life! "

Xiao Mu was extremely weak, but he still clenched his teeth and said those words. He was Xiao Fenglin's son, and he could lose his life, but he could not.

Zhang Xuan seemed to have heard an enormous joke, "A trash of the first rank dares to speak so arrogantly? I'm afraid that twenty years won't be enough for you! "

With that, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and with a whip kick, he struck Xiao Mu in the waist, and actually directly sent him flying.

"Unparalleled Tyrant Fist!"

Zhang Xuan roared out explosively, and with a leap, she chased after Xiao Mu, launching another fatal blow.

Level two martial artist, one punch weighed six hundred kilograms, and Xiao Mu's body had already been smashed into pieces, his skin and flesh was caved in, but this was not the end!

Zhang Xuan's strike had pierced through Xiao Mu's abdomen, crippling his weak cultivation, and even destroyed his dantian, destroying her last bit of life force!

Xiao Mu's body then smashed onto the stage heavily.

Looking at the pile of mud in front of him, Zhang Xuan spat lightly before turning around and walking down the stage, "Trash, your hands are dirty."

"Victory has been decided, Zhang Xuan is victorious!" Zhu Heming smiled slightly.

Then, he quietly whispered to the disciples beside him: "Throw Xiao Mu to the Forbidden Ridge, clean your limbs."

"Yes, elder!"

The people around could not help but take in a breath of cold air, there was a Forbidden Ridge near the Sky Cloud Martial School, it was extremely dangerous, if ordinary warriors entered, they would not even have a corpse, not to mention the dying Xiao Mu.

When Xiao Mu was thrown into Forbidden Ridge like trash, it was already noon.

As for the inside of the Forbidden Ridge, it was still as dark as ever and the ground was filled with eerie white bones. When Xiao Mu's wound completely bled blood, he spat out the last breath he had left and his chest was no longer heaving.

Suddenly, a strong wind rose from within the Forbidden Ridge, a ray of light shot out like lightning from the fresh blood on the ground, after searching for a while, it floated above Xiao Mu's forehead, after a long period of rotation, it seemed to have a will of its own, as though it was suspicious.

But after a moment, it suddenly entered Xiao Mu's forehead.

After which, his body began to transform, emitting a faint black light.

What was even more astonishing was that the wounds and depressions on Xiao Mu's body were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.


Xiao Mu suddenly sat up, holding his forehead, he was in extreme pain.

"Buzz!" A soft hum rang out.

A huge amount of information rushed into Xiao Mu's mind, and when he opened his eyes again, the sky and earth had already changed color.

At this moment, he was standing in a world of gold and black. The war here was unimaginable.

The black blood dyed the ground black as it flowed everywhere. Golden Armored Goddesses continued to fall from the sky! Battle songs and chants rose and fell one after another! The godly man's golden blood rained down on the earth.

This was like a battle between gods and devils. It was extremely magnificent!

In front of him, the remaining mountainous figure of the man with white hair moved without any wind. It was as though he was unmoved even when facing the golden-armored god that was as vast as the clouds in the sky.

Just where were they? Who were they?

Xiao Mu stared blankly at everything in front of him, the longing and reverence in his heart filling the youth's chest.

The man seemed to sense something. He turned his head slightly and smiled, then turned back.

This action caused Xiao Mu's heart to rise to his throat.

With a sudden explosion, the man disappeared from his original spot. At the same time, an even more magnificent golden rain of blood exploded in the distant sky!

In the blink of an eye, the white-haired man had destroyed a large part of the golden-armored Goddess of War's defenses. How terrifying was this battle power?

The golden clouds in the sky quickly coiled around the man, turning him into a giant golden cocoon.

Following that, even more intense explosions occurred. Golden blood filled the air as if it was the most splendid firework.

Xiao Mu clenched his fists. Even though he was deeply shocked by the scene in front of him, he felt more of a desire! A thirst for power!

"If I had such power, who in this world would dare harm me? Who dares to bully me? Who dares to insult me!? " The youth's eyes were bloodshot.

Just then, the scene suddenly disappeared and Xiao Mu fainted.

When he woke up from the Forbidden Ridge once again, an ancient mystical book had appeared in his mind, the Ten-Thousand Corpse Mantra.

Could this be the cultivation technique he left behind?

Xiao Mu was so excited that his body started to tremble. It was an uncontrollable excitement!

It was like a lion seeing the desire of an antelope!

The ancient book seemed to sense Xiao Mu's emotions and started to tremble violently. Then, with a "Hua" sound, it slowly flipped to the first page.

"Corpse, absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, death aura, resentment, yin aura and strengthens the body. Corpses have saints, their names become the Roar Sage, and in the span of a breath, they can destroy the heavens and earth, and in the blink of an eye, shatter the sun, moon, and stars ?"

Xiao Mu looked at the book that he seemed to be born with, and closed his eyes as he muttered to himself.

Afterwards, he seemed to have entered a wonderful state, but he was completely oblivious to it.

His lower abdomen began to emit a faint glow!

The Dantian that was originally crippled actually gave birth to a pitch-black black pearl. The entire body of the black pearl radiated with light and gradually recovered his veins and muscles.

In just a moment, he could feel that his cultivation had returned to how it was before, even going further than that!

He opened his eyes and clenched his fists. He had never felt that kind of power before and he also discovered that the death aura from the Forbidden Ridge was continuously seeping into his body.

This kind of devouring aura, which was extremely terrifying for the warriors outside, was the best nourishment for Xiao Mu!

Xiao Mu slowly stood up, his aura had undergone a tremendous change!

"The past Xiao Mu died in Forbidden Ridge, from today onwards, I, Xiao Mu, will step onto a grand path that opens to the heavens. I will make those who bully and humiliate me kneel at my feet, trembling in submission!"

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