The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C12 Sword Monument
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The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C12 Sword Monument
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C12 Sword Monument

The lady was wrapped in a bathrobe and when she wore her clothes, her almond-shaped eyes were filled with killing intent as she looked straight at Xiao Mu.

"Miss, I really didn't mean it. This is a huge misunderstanding." Xiao Mu hurriedly explained.

He never would have thought that there would be a woman bathing in this remote hot spring. Otherwise, Xiao Mu would never have come here.

The lady looked at Xiao Mu coldly, and asked: "Who are you?"

"I am an inner disciple of the Flowing Moon Sect, Xiao Mu!" Xiao Mu said loudly.

The lady raised her eyebrow and said coldly: "Xiao Mu..."


The lady waved her hand, and a long sword appeared out of nowhere and pierced under Xiao Mu's feet, causing rocks to fly everywhere.

"Do it yourself and blind yourself!" The woman said with an evil tone.

Xiao Mu glared and said indifferently: "Miss, I accidentally saw your body. I'll just apologize, but on what grounds do you need me to poke my eyes out?"

Who knew that these words would cause the girl to clench her teeth and wave her hand down. Instinctively, Xiao Mu felt that something was wrong. He reached out to grab the sword at his feet, but he was still a step too slow.

A surge of spirit power appeared out of nowhere and sent the long sword flying into the woman's hand.

The sword tip slightly swung, when it flew past Xiao Mu's line of sight, in the air, a sharp Sword Qi shot out, causing Xiao Mu's scalp to go numb.

After dodging the Sword Qi, Xiao Mu turned around and left.

However, the woman's attack was fast enough to close in on Xiao Mu, sealing his escape route. Following which, a piercing sound was heard as the tip of the blade was pierced straight into the other party's eyes. Xiao Mu's eyes congealed, and when he retreated, he flicked his finger on the sword.


A sword wave exploded over. A thin line of blood wound appeared on Xiao Mu's chest. He stood ten meters away with narrowed eyes.

The woman was also startled. Although she had only used thirty percent of her power in her sword just now, it was enough to heavily injure a level two martial artist. She did not expect Xiao Mu to only have a line of blood on his chest.

Suddenly, the lady gripped the long sword tightly, the spirit energy around her became stronger, causing Xiao Mu's pupils to constrict.

Weng ~

The air rippled, following the lady's agile movements, a touch of Sword Qi suddenly shot out, exploding the thousand jin boulder around Xiao Mu.

His body spinning, facing the Sword Qi, Xiao Mu's palm was the first one that collided with the attack. The spirit energy of heaven and earth surged like a tidal wave, surging unceasingly into this palm.

The sword qi was instantly destroyed!

The lady looked startled, but at the same time, Xiao Mu took the initiative to attack, using his Mountain Splitting Palm to slash at her.


Spirit energy surged and exploded in all directions!

The woman's clothes fluttered about like a fairy that had ascended the throne. She took a step back and had a serious expression on her face. The power contained within this palm strike that could split mountains and shatter rocks caused her to be greatly shocked. This inner disciple who only seemed to be a Level 2 Warrior seemed to be somewhat extraordinary.

However ?

The moment she thought of the scene just now, the coldness in the woman's eyes became even heavier. She had already used forty percent of her strength, and with a humming sound, like an arrow that had shot out explosively, the longsword turned into a streak of light. With a speed as fast as a gust of wind, it instantly shot towards Xiao Mu.

Shrinking his eyes, Xiao Mu stuck close to the sword body and grabbed onto the sword hilt. However, he was sent flying by an irresistible force, and his arm was immediately torn to shreds as a wound appeared on it. After smashing into a tree, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Just as the woman was about to walk toward Xiao Mu, she raised her head slightly and looked towards the ground which was trembling slightly in the distance.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The tremors became more and more intense. It was as if a heavenly god had used a gigantic hammer to smash the earth. A terrifying and fearsome might began to spread throughout the area.

It was the aura of a Sixth level vicious beast!

The woman clenched her teeth, looked at Xiao Mu, and said: "I'll forgive you today!"

With that, she disappeared from where she stood. also quickly escaped from this place. Sixth level vicious beast s, with just a single breath, could cause a bloody hole to appear in his flesh and blood, causing him to die a violent death.

After escaping for five kilometers, Xiao Mu turned his head around and looked at the terrifying and fearsome might displayed by the sea of trees in the distance. He could not help but tremble with fear.

He wanted to become stronger!

After two hours, Xiao Mu who had returned to his room, meditated and entered into a state of cultivation. In an instant, the nearby spiritual energy was attracted by him and entered his body. If there was anyone nearby, they would be shocked by this commotion.

The cold looking woman came to the June Faction and headed straight for Herb Mountain. This was a place only the elders of the June Faction had the right to enter, but this woman could actually enter.

Along the way, all the apprentice alchemists had respectful postures.

"Hehe! Junior sister Dai Jin, who made you unhappy? I'll help you take care of him." Within Herb Mountain, an elegant youth wearing a gold-threaded robe lightly smiled as he spoke to the young woman who had returned in anger.

Dai Jin glanced at the youth, and a trace of conflict flashed in the depths of her eyes.

"Nothing much, just an inner court disciple." Dai Jin's tone was cold.

"Hehe, I'm curious though. Which lecher can make you angry?"

"That lecher ? Even though he was only at the second level of the Fighter realm, he was actually able to unleash power that far surpassed his peers. The power of the cultivation technique he uses is extremely tyrannical, it seems to be a type of cultivation technique like the Mountain Splitting Palm. "

Dai Jin said a long string of words, but felt that she was saying a little too much, so she just snorted and did not continue.

"Where is father?" Dai Jin frowned.

The youth smiled and said: "The Sect Leader has just broken through to Martial Master Stage 2 and just came out of seclusion ?"

Before he even finished speaking, a sweet fragrance drifted over, and Dai Jin directly left the place.

Looking at the direction that Dai Jin left in, she narrowed her eyes and said, "Junior sister, there will be a day when you're my woman. No matter how much you try to reject me, it won't change the fact that something is about to happen."

With that, his expression gradually darkened.

"A cultivation method like the Mountain Splitting Palm, this is the Level Four Cultivation Method, ordinary inner sect disciples cannot access it, unless..."

If he remembered correctly, in this year's inner disciple selection, the reward for the first place winner was Mountain Splitting Palm.

The hostility in his eyes flared up and he summoned an apprentice alchemist. He ordered: "Go call Xu Zhou."

The apprentice alchemist lowered his head and immediately went to call for his subordinates.

The lodging of the inner court disciples.

After consuming more than twenty Rank 2 ferocious beasts and the corpse aura of a Grade Three Vicious Beast, Xiao Mu had reached the great perfection of a Level 2 Warrior. In another step, he would be at the peak of Level 3.

However, there was still a barrier that seemed to imprison him, preventing him from advancing to a martial practitioner at the third step.

After a few breakthroughs, Xiao Mu stopped cultivating.

He knew this principle, he couldn't be too hasty in his cultivation, or else he would just stay put.

He stopped cultivating and went out to get familiar with the environment inside the inner sect.

After exiting the door, Xiao Mu came before a Sword Monument. What an imposing Sword Monument, all the words were carved out of sword energy and every single stroke was filled with a terrifying sword intent.

It was as if he was in a world where sword beams were everywhere and corpses were everywhere.

Xiao Mu's heart suddenly shook!

This was the sword intent left behind by the Martial Master Expert!

In the entire Flowing Moon Sect, there were only three people, and each one of them was the object of admiration for thousands of warriors. Many martial artists could not even reach the Martial Master realm in their entire lives.

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