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C15 Xu Zhou

Divine Arms Tower, points exchange point.

When Xiao Mu took out the ten over Rank 2 Vicious Beasts and Grade Three Vicious Beast's bones, the elders who wanted to exchange for points were still in a state of shock. Even the inner sect disciples who picked out weapons were stunned.

"These are all... You hunted it all by yourself? " The points elder said in disbelief as he regained his senses.

Xiao Mu frowned, "These won't be enough to exchange for 4000 points?"

"Enough, enough!" The points elder quickly nodded his head. It was more than enough, just the bones of the Lion of Chaos was enough to exchange for 3000 points.

A moment later, with six thousand points in his account, Xiao Mu left in satisfaction, leaving behind a floor full of shocked inner disciples.

"Who is this guy? He's so awesome!"

"These few days I have often seen him use the skin and bones of a rank 2 beast to exchange for points. I'm good, if I'm not wrong, he has already killed over 20 berserk beasts, right?"

"I think I have a good impression of this person. He was not long ago number one in the Inner Disciple Selection. His name was Xiao Mu!"

Xiao Mu!

Hearing this, the eyes of the elder who exchanged points lit up, he remembered this name.

Xiao Mu arrived in front of the elder guarding the Divine Arms Tower. The guard elder was currently reading a letter, glanced at Xiao Mu and said indifferently: "Pick a weapon and come here ?"


Xiao Mu immediately took the Dragon Mark Black Gold Sword from his back and placed it on the table, and said: I want to buy this sword!

The Guardian Elder raised his head and looked at Xiao Mu with confidence. He remembered that this was the inner disciple who rented the Seven Days Sword Rent, and he revealed a shocked expression: "You have five thousand points!?"

5000 contribution points was not a small amount. For a disciple who had just entered the inner court, he wouldn't be able to gather it in a short period of time.

Xiao Mu nodded, and transferred the five thousand points out. The Guardian Elder received it, and the look of shock on his face became heavier and heavier.

Once again carrying the Dragon Mark Black Gold Sword, Xiao Mu left the Divine Arms Tower.

When he returned to his own residence, Xiao Mu saw from far away that outside of his wall, there was a large group of inner disciples discussing animatedly.

Xiao Mu frowned, with a face full of suspicion.

"It's time for Xiao Mu to come back. I suggest that you quickly hide." In the distance, Ye Fei saw Xiao Mu from afar and quietly ran over, "You're in big trouble!"

Xiao Mu frowned.

"Have you offended someone?" Ye Fei asked anxiously.

Xiao Mu thought about it carefully. He had never gotten involved with any of the inner sect disciples before.

"The Xu Zhou who is ranked 30th in the inner sect has come up today, and threatened to cripple you!" Ye Fei saw that Xiao Mu had an indifferent expression, looking like an emperor who was not anxious at all, "This Xu Zhou is a cultivator with Fighter 3-dan, he has already reached the large success stage of the third stage!"

Xiao Mu remained indifferent, as though the sky was falling in front of him, his expression did not change.

So what if you have Fighter 3-dan?

It's not like we haven't killed Grade Three Vicious Beast before!

Xiao Mu swaggered towards his own residence, his face expressionless. When the nearby inner disciples saw that the main character had returned, they automatically opened up a path.

"This is Xiao Mu, I heard that he is this year's first place candidate in the inner sect selection. Tsk tsk, as expected of a newborn calf that isn't afraid of a tiger!"

"Hehe, what an ignorant fellow. The smarter ones, when Xu Zhou comes looking for them, they should avoid them!"

"Who cares, we're just here to watch the show."

As he mocked and ridiculed them, Xiao Mu frowned and fixed his gaze on the courtyard in front of him. A green-gowned youth was leisurely drinking tea with his legs crossed, as if this place was not Xiao Mu's place of residence.

A touch of coldness surfaced on Xiao Mu's face.

"Get up!" Xiao Mu said coldly.

Xu Zhou glanced at Xiao Mu, then said with a face full of disdain: "Yo, you're calling me to get up?"

"Get up!" Xiao Mu's words were even colder, a chilling intent burst forth.

Xu Zhou narrowed his eyes, the hand behind his back was gathering spirit energy, and came over to ask: "What do you want to say?"

"I'll wake you up!" The third time, Xiao Mu directly went to grab a chair.

Unexpectedly, Xu Zhou's hand exploded with a strong spirit force, fiercely pressing down.

Xiao Mu seemed to have already expected it, his body pressing against the palm, dodging the incoming spirit force, he turned around and indifferently sat on the chair.

Xu Zhou's pupils constricted as he said in shock: "You really have some skills."

Xiao Mu glanced at him and said coldly: "This is my lodging. According to the sect rules, those who force their way in without any valid reason will be punished by thirty sticks!"

"Sect rule?" As if he had heard a joke as big as the sky, Xu Zhou laughed out loud, "Inner sect, you better listen to the rules, I'm afraid you don't know who Inner Sect Manager is?"

"The Inner Sect, I am the rule!"

What tyrannical words!

A hint of anger emerged from the depths of Xiao Mu's eyes, and surged like a tidal wave.

The Inner Sect Manager was in charge of all matters within the inner sect. He even had the power to decide the fate of the inner sect disciples and some rules. Xu Zhou had to curry favor with the son of the Inner Sect Manager in order to dare be unbridled in the inner sect.

Many inner disciples, who were ranked higher and stronger than him, dared not to say anything.

Xu Zhou was secretly pleased with himself, but the words Inner Sect Manager was enough to suppress Xiao Mu.

However, he was wrong.

Xiao Mu was not one of those inner disciples who endured, but a person who had just cultivated the Ten-Thousand Corpse Mantra.

"Tell me, why did you barge into my room?" Xiao Mu sneered.

Even disciples who were ranked higher than him had to be polite and speak kindly to me, so why would Xiao Mu speak to him in such a manner?

"My reason... If I am the one who is happy about this, what can you do to me? " Xu Zhou provoked.

Xiao Mu's eyes twitched. "Oh, it's just me ?"


Halfway through his words, Xiao Mu suddenly disappeared from the spot, his palm swept out instantly, fiercely slapping Xu Zhou in the face. The sound was loud, causing all the inner disciples who were watching the show to be stupefied.

"The reason why I slapped you is also because I'm happy. What can you do to me?" Xiao Mu returned to his original position, rubbed his palms, and said coldly.

Everyone collectively became stupefied. This was truly intrepid and powerful!

"Am I seeing things, Xiao Mu actually dared to slap Xu Zhou?" An inner court disciple was flabbergasted.

Amongst the crowd, Ye Fei had a dejected look on his face. "We're finished, we're finished. We've completely offended Xu Zhou this time, he won't be able to continue living in the inner court."

Xu Zhou covered his burning face, bared his teeth and glared: "How dare you..."


With another slap, the speed was so fast that Xu Zhou was unable to dodge in time, and the other half of his face was forcibly swollen from Xiao Mu's slap, with blood flowing out of it.

Everyone present could no longer describe Xiao Mu as strong. This Xiao Mu was just like a tiger, he actually dared to spank him, and even spanked him twice.

Xu Zhou was a popular man to the side of the son of the Inner Sect Manager, Zhao Zhu.

Many people looked at Xiao Mu, shook their heads, and felt that it was a pity.

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