The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C2 Return of the King
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The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C2 Return of the King
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C2 Return of the King

One month later ?

Flowing Moon Sect welcomed the grand event that happened once every four years, the inner disciple selection.

Compared to the outer sect disciples that were responsible for the sect's chores, the inner sect disciples were the main targets for the sect's training. They were also the sect's core strength. They naturally received better resources for cultivation techniques and pills.

There was a saying among the outer sect disciples that once they entered the inner sect, they would bring glory to their ancestors. Only by leaping over the dragon gate, reborn, could they be considered qualified to pursue martial arts.

All the outer sect disciples wanted to enter the inner sect. Every time, there would be at least hundreds of people participating in the selection, but those who could enter the inner sect without a hitch were but a drop in the bucket.

Even so, it was still unable to extinguish the fiery heart of a warrior who pursued strength.

At that moment, the examination grounds at the bottom of the cliff were already filled with people.

Zhu Heming looked up at the sky and shouted: "The inner sect disciple selection is about to begin, open up the array door!"

Following Zhu Heming's command, the stone cave's door in front of the group of people suddenly opened, revealing a dark color that seemed to be able to swallow everything.

Over a thousand outer court disciples gathered at the entrance to the cave and rubbed their fists and palms together.

"The champion of this selection will be rewarded with a fourth rank cultivation technique." Zhu Heming's voice travelled throughout the plaza.

"What?" "He actually received a reward of a fourth rank cultivation technique!"

One had to know that as an outer sect disciple, there was no way for him to come into contact with the top cultivation techniques of the sect. There were only a few people who had the support of their clan to practice some mysterious cultivation techniques, but they were at most grade seven cultivation techniques.

There were already many level two Martial Disciples who were eager to give it a try.

As for the newbies of the first step, they were gloomy and silent. Many of them were regretting that they did not work hard enough to compete for this skill.

At this moment, a person walked out from the crowd. This person was clad in an embroidered robe and had an outstanding appearance.

"Look, it's Zhu Heng! "It seems like he is determined to get the first place in this selection."

"So that rank 4 cultivation technique was prepared for him." The crowd of disciples immediately understood why the rewards were so generous this time around.

Zhu Heng was Zhu Heming's only son. Although he was only 15 years old, he already had the strength of a half-step into the third stage.

Seeing that his son was so magnanimous, Zhu Heming nodded his head in satisfaction. Then, he turned to the dignified man and respectfully said, "Elder Qin, that is my son."

The dignified man's name was Qin Yi.

The outer court disciples that were in charge of the inner court elders had practically no opportunity to come into contact with the inner court elders that were in charge of this test.

At the moment, Qin Yi saw Zhu Heng's imposing manner, and only raised his eyelids, he did not seem to be interested, but he nodded his head: "En, not bad."

Hearing this, Zhu Heming finally revealed a smile. Being able to receive a single comment from the inner sect elder Qin Yi was already enough to make him feel proud for his son.

It could be seen that the difference between the Flowing Moon Sect, outer sect, and inner sect was like heaven and earth!

Beside Zhu Heng, another person stood up. It was Zhang Xuan, the person who killed Xiao Mu that day.

Although he was an expert of Level 2, he was still slightly weaker than Zhu Heng who was half a step into Level 3. However, his ruthless methods that day still made people want to avoid him.

Zhu Heng glanced at Zhang Xuan in disdain and snorted: "Although you are my father's prized disciple, to be able to compete with me is still overestimating yourself."

"Hoh, let's see who's stronger and who's weaker." Zhang Xuan smiled indifferently.

Immediately, the gongs and drums rang out and the exam rules were announced, "Immediately enter the cave. There are a total of a hundred berserk beasts. Among them, there are ninety first level beasts, nine second level beasts, and one third level berserk beast. Every beast has a beast plate, and whoever obtains the beast plate will be promoted, and those who kill Level 2 beasts will be given an extra Spirit Recovery Pill, and if someone can kill Level 3 beasts, they can be directly promoted to the finals! "

The Spirit Replenishing Pill could instantly restore a martial artist's strength and was often used to replenish strength during battle. Although it was only a low rank pill, it was still worth a few dozen silvers, which was already extremely difficult for the outer sect disciples.

However, the conditions for the first stage of the selection were also extremely harsh. Due to the berserk instinct of the berserk beast, its strength was slightly stronger than its peers.

The participants this time were mostly first stage warriors, if they wanted to kill the first stage beasts, it would be very difficult, but as for the most high level third stage beasts in the cave, even outer sect elder Zhu Heming, a mature third stage warrior, would not dare to provoke them, let alone the likes of them.

At this moment, there were already a few people who wanted to leave. They were still young and wanted to give it a try. The difficulty of the first stage was already beyond their imagination, let alone the later part.

"Retreat without a fight. You are not allowed to participate in the advancement selection again for twenty years." Zhu Heming's cold voice struck the hearts of these disciples who had the idea of retreating.

"What?" Twenty years! "

"F * ck, I'll give it my all. If I don't succeed, I'll die!"

"Right, let's go all out, what's there to be afraid of!"

On the stage, Qin Yi shook his head, it seemed like all of these outer sect disciples were simple fools, all of them were hot-blooded, compared to the promotion selection, living was much more important, if he did not have the ability, he would not have to throw his life away.

Afterwards, he simply closed his eyes, feeling somewhat bored.

Just as everyone was about to enter the cave.

"Woosh ~ ~ ~"

A figure rapidly approached from the foot of the mountain with astonishing power!

Zhu Heming raised his eyebrows, his heart suspicious, who would dare come to Flowing Moon Sect to cause trouble at this time?

Qin Yi, who was at the side, opened his eyes.

In just a few breaths of time, the figure had already arrived at a place not too far away from the crowd. He then leaped high into the air and rolled a few times in the air before smashing into the stone cave in front of the crowd like a meteor.


After the figure landed on the ground, the aftermath immediately forced the surrounding level one disciples a few dozen feet away!

How awe-inspiring!

Who was this person? What was he going to do?

Everyone was puzzled.

"Xiao Mu! You're still alive? " Zhang Xuan was the first to let out a low roar, and his expression quickly darkened. He was clear that he had indeed destroyed Xiao Mu's last breath of life at that time, and there was no possibility of him surviving!

"What?! He's that trash?!" Didn't he die a month ago? "

Yeah, I heard that he was beaten to death by Zhang Xuan and even threw into the Forbidden Ridge, how did he get out?

Xiao Mu simply did not care about the shock of the crowd. He only looked coldly at Zhang Xuan with eyes that were ten thousand kilometers cold and emotionless.

When Zhang Xuan met his gaze, the bottom of her heart actually faintly gave birth to fear! Even though Xiao Mu was safe and sound, he was still a piece of trash that couldn't even take a single punch from him.

"Trash, you must survive and not run away. This time, you won't have any good luck. I will tear you apart." Zhang Xuan's face was terrifyingly gloomy.

"Rip your grandpa." Xiao Mu suddenly laughed softly.

"You're courting death!" Zhang Xuan was startled by the voice, and then she immediately took action.

As soon as she finished speaking, Zhang Xuan had already rushed towards Xiao Mu with lightning speed. Her pair of thick fists were filled with anger and momentum, as she roared: "Unparalleled Tyrant Fist!"

Zhang Xuan's fist had already arrived and was about to land on Xiao Mu's face, yet she still stood there indifferently, with no intention of defending at all.

"Haha, why would I do that? The result is still the same. I was scared silly."

"Ai, if I had survived such a disaster, I would have definitely left this place and wouldn't have come back to die!"

Everyone could already foresee Xiao Mu's miserable state, but they all opened their eyes wide in joy at the sight, while Zhu Heming, on the other hand, saw the scene and secretly nodded, his favorite disciple, naturally wouldn't lose face.

Boom ? ?

After the loud noise, the surroundings quieted down, and there was no more sound.

The outer sect disciples were all dumbstruck.

Not far away, Zhang Xuan lowered her head and miserably knelt on the ground, staring at her hands in a daze.

He didn't even know how he lost. He only saw Xiao Mu casually raise his fist at the last moment and then, he felt an irresistible force fly straight out.

"Zhang Xuan... Defeated? "

"A punch?"

"I'm not dreaming, right? How could Zhang Xuan be knocked flying by a piece of trash?"

Zhang Xuan's face was at a loss. The confidence and smooth path of cultivation that she had cultivated since she was young had completely collapsed at this moment, and she could not react at all!

He was a prized outer sect elder's prided disciple, and was always worshipped by the outer sect disciples. When had he ever received such humiliation?

"Zhang Xuan, you call me trash. Now, I want to ask you, who is the trash?" Xiao Mu didn't have the slightest expression on her face as she looked down at him from above.

At the same time, Xiao Mu was extremely excited. The power of the Ten-Thousand Corpse Mantra had far exceeded his expectations, and had made him even more determined to walk on an unusual path of strong warriors.

Back then, Zhang Xuan crippled his Dantian, severed his veins, tortured his flesh, and humiliated him thoroughly today, killing him one after another. These stumps, one after another, even if Xiao Mu killed him ten times, it wouldn't be enough for him to kill him now.

Xiao Mu walked towards Zhang Xuan step by step, as if the rhythm had stepped on his heart.

Zhang Xuan felt a strong aura gushing towards him. This kind of pressure seemed to only be felt on her master, Zhu Heming.

For the first time, he felt that he was on the verge of death, but there was nothing he could do.

"Impudent!" Xiao Mu, what is your intention for you to be so ruthless to your own disciples? It's impossible to rebel! "

Although Zhu Heming was also shocked by Xiao Mu's improvement, in his eyes, Xiao Mu was still like an ant, not really worth mentioning.

If Qin Yi was not present, he would have personally killed Xiao Mu.

Xiao Mu straightened his posture and slowly said: "That strike of Zhang Xuan's just now did not hold back, I was merely fighting him fair and square. Skypiercing Continent, the strong are revered, and if you are from the same sect, then you should go all out, and lose face at home, it is better than losing your life outside, what do you think, Elder Zhu?"

"This... Is this still the Xiao Mu that we know? "

"Hiss ~ This Xiao Mu, not only did he defeat Senior Brother Zhang Xuan in one move, he even dared to challenge Elder Zhu?"

"This person can't be crazy, right?"

The crowd of outer court disciples on the square were completely stupefied, as they never imagined that such a scene would appear.

Although he gave it his all, Xiao Mu had only used 30% of his power just now. He was a Ten-Thousand Corpse Mantra cultivator, and according to the ancient records, he had reached the first level of the second level of the Elementary Stage. It was comparable to Zhang Xuan's realm of cultivation, but Corpse cultivators were invincible in the same realm, so he could fight across borders!

Zhang Xuan's defeat was inevitable, but the reason he could win so easily was also because Zhang Xuan was careless and underestimated her opponent.

Zhu Heming didn't think that Xiao Mu would actually be so bold as to face him, and was actually a little taken aback. However, as an outer sect elder, how could he be scared by a little soldier? Hence, he said majestically, "Evil creature, you went missing for a month without reason, and then injured your own sect members after that.

As soon as his voice fell, Xiao Mu laughed unrestrainedly. He knew that this old dog had deliberately hurt him, but he was no longer the Xiao Mu who was at the mercy of others.

"I've been recuperating from my injuries for the past month, so how could I go missing? It's even more ridiculous for me to injure a fellow sect member. His skills are inferior, so who can you blame."

"Vile spawn, your mouth is full of nonsense. I'll give you one last chance to leave, or else you'll be punished by the sect rules!" Zhu Heming squinted his eyes, a trace of killing intent flashed past his eyes.

Xiao Mu stood with his hands behind his back, not the slightest bit of fear. Not guilty. "

The entire venue was in an uproar.

Amongst the crowd, a pair of charming eyes flashed with surprise, and her expression was filled with astonishment.

Zhu Heng looked at Zhen Tingting, who was standing beside him with a slightly distracted look, and his face revealed displeasure. Zhen Tingting was originally together with Xiao Mu, but it took him a lot of effort to find the heart of a beauty.

's gaze stopped at Xiao Mu's body, he felt unhappiness in his heart.

"Even if he can defeat Zhang Xuan, he's still nothing but trash in front of me."

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